2014-02-28 Tudor BosmanHarden failure signal handler in the face of memory...
2014-02-28 Ben MaurerRandom number generator utilities for folly
2014-02-28 Tom ConerlyFix clang folly::to failure
2014-02-28 Nicholas OrmrodFix FBString's new includes
2014-02-28 Nicholas OrmrodRemove disallowed &* of FwdIterator
2014-02-28 Peter GriessTry again to fix hash<fbstring> namespacing
2014-02-21 Alexey SpiridonovPart 2: Crontab selector
2014-02-21 Tudor BosmanBetter support for folly::Range with non-const iterator...
2014-02-21 Alexey SpiridonovPart 1: Local time label <=> UTC timestamp conversion
2014-02-21 Omry Yadanallow folly Cursor to read and write floats
2014-02-21 Tudor BosmanMake IOBuf support 64-bit length and capacity
2014-02-21 Bo Liuadd clone() of stack allocated memory for folly::Cursor...
2014-02-21 Andrei AlexandrescuUse standard variadic macros instead of gcc-specific...
2014-02-21 Peter GriessUse #if rather than #ifdef for FOLLY_HAVE_WEAK_SYMBOLS
2014-02-21 Jim Meyeringfolly: avoid false-positive ASAN-abort from SignalHandl...
2014-02-21 Tom JacksonRemoving redirects
2014-02-21 Qingyuan Deng<Thrift perftest> folly: modify Histogram const, add...
2014-02-07 Sean CannellaFix OS X compilation
2014-02-07 Jim Meyeringfolly: ASAN-exempt scanHaystackBlock, to avoid an FP...
2014-02-07 Tudor BosmanCache open ELF files in Symbolizer
2014-02-06 Philip Proninfix missing change from D1156950
2014-02-06 Tom JacksonCodemod following promotion
2014-02-06 Tom JacksonPromoting out of experimental
2014-02-06 Yan Wuraise error when parsing object with NaN or INF to...
2014-02-06 Dhruv MataniReplace CHECK_GT with DCHECK_GT in folly::Range::operator[]
2014-02-06 Tudor BosmanFix rare corruption in StaticMeta::head_ list around...
2014-02-06 Nathan BronsonBaton - flushing of thread-local memory during a long...
2014-02-06 Nathan BronsonFB_LOG_EVERY_MS should use wall time instead of cpu...
2014-02-06 Philip Pronintune EF coding
2014-02-06 Peter GriessSpecialize hash<basic_fbstring> in correct namespaces
2014-02-06 Adam Simpkinsadd additional formatChecked() and vformatChecked(...
2014-02-06 Peter GriessUse C++11 unordered collections instead of libstdc...
2014-02-06 Peter GriessUpdate folly-config.h for iOS/Apple
2014-02-06 Louis BrandyCopyright 2013 -> 2014
2014-02-06 Peter GriessUse libc++ equivalent of std::__ostream_insert()
2014-02-06 Peter GriessChange paramter name to FB_STRINGIZE
2014-02-06 Marcelo Juchemsplit_step - tokenization make simple in folly::Range
2014-02-06 Peter GriessHandle platforms where off_t is not convertible to...
2014-02-06 Lucian Grijincufolly: File explicit ctor
2014-02-06 Adam Simpkinsadd formatChecked(), which does not crash on bad format...
2014-02-06 Adam Simpkinsrevert format()'s behavior of crashing on error
2014-02-06 Yasser Ganjisaffarbug fix when rallocm fails
2014-02-06 Philip ProninCHECK EliasFanoCompressedList::encode input is sorted
2014-02-06 Brian PaneAdd benchmark functions to the checksum unit tests
2014-02-06 Nicholas OrmrodRemoved duplicate #includes
2014-01-19 Brian PaneEnable the __builtin_ia32_crc* acceleration functions...
2014-01-19 Vladimir TkachevRemove byLine(const char*) method
2014-01-19 Adam Simpkinssupport stack-allocated IOBufs
2014-01-19 Nathan BronsonBaton - minimalist inter-thread notification
2014-01-19 Alexander Sidorovfolly json bug fix: overflow for -1LL<<63
2014-01-19 Andrei AlexandrescureadFile reads an entire file into a string, vector...
2014-01-19 Marc Horowitzmove folly::detail::IsSomeString outside of folly:...
2014-01-16 Jordan DeLongRemove some files that should have been deleted in...
2014-01-16 Tudor Bosmanstack_trace_test was broken in debug mode
2014-01-16 Nathan Bronsoninclude guard name cleanup for IndexedMemPool
2014-01-16 Nathan BronsonIndexedMemPool - pool allocator tailored for lock-free...
2014-01-16 Lucian Grijincufolly: symbolizer: small terse write fix + colorize...
2014-01-16 Dario Russifix AtomicHashMap race condition
2014-01-16 Philip Proninadd FB_SINGLE_ARG macro
2014-01-06 Sara GolemonSome fixes for folly-oss repo.
2014-01-06 Ajit BanerjeeFix cursor insert inconsistency
2014-01-06 Nathan Bronsonwork around broken try_lock_for in gcc
2013-12-27 Peter GriessRemove FOLLY_NORETURN from definition.
2013-12-27 Brian PaneAdd new CRC-32C checksum functions to folly
2013-12-26 Jim Meyeringfolly: avoid ASAN-detected new[] vs "delete" mismatch
2013-12-26 Peter GriessDetect availability of cplus_demangle_v3_callback()
2013-12-26 Hitesh KhandelwalRevert "[Folly] Helper method to get exception type"
2013-12-20 Hitesh KhandelwalHelper method to get exception type
2013-12-20 Peter GriessHandle lack of <bits/c++config.h> and <bits/functexcept.h>
2013-12-20 Peter GriessDefine weak r?allocm symbols in Malloc.h
2013-12-20 Tudor BosmanFix name handling when baseDir and subDir are both...
2013-12-20 Tudor BosmanAdd startsWith, endsWith, removePrefix, removeSuffix...
2013-12-20 Tudor Bosmanunw_backtrace is not async-signal-safe
2013-12-20 Sarang MastiAdd futexTimedWait
2013-12-20 Nathan BronsonAtomicStruct<T> provides atomic ops on small trivial...
2013-12-20 Mark McDufffolly::json: allow skipping invalid UTF8
2013-12-20 Andrew Gallagherfolly/io:compression: add LZMA2 support
2013-12-20 Tudor BosmanFix test, also do not read from stack of another thread
2013-12-20 Alex MalyshevDon't forward declare ObjectMaker twice in dynamic
2013-12-20 Adam Simpkinsfix callPreviousSignalHandler()
2013-12-20 Tudor BosmanSeparate installFatalSignalCallbacks
2013-12-20 Tudor BosmanSwitch to folly symbolizer
2013-12-20 Andrei AlexandrescuSCOPE_SUCCESS should be able to throw, the others shouldn't
2013-12-20 Nathan Bronsoncentralize cache-line alignment goo into CacheLocality
2013-12-20 Nicholas OrmrodFBString iomanip fix.
2013-12-20 Tudor BosmanUse fixed size stack traces; unify getStackTrace
2013-12-20 Nathan Bronsondetail/CacheLocality.h - utilities for dynamic cache...
2013-12-20 Tudor BosmanRevert "Change exception tracer to use per-thread cachi...
2013-12-20 Tudor BosmanPrint (2 more) if stack trace truncated
2013-12-20 bsimmersFix asm constraints in folly::MicroSpinLock::cas
2013-12-20 Adam Simpkinsmake IOBuf::gather() safe
2013-12-20 Adam Simpkinsfix issues when compiling with clang
2013-12-20 Adam Simpkinschange the mechanism for "internal" buffer storage
2013-12-20 Tudor BosmanChange exception tracer to use per-thread caching in...
2013-12-20 Soren LassenMade File::release() return the released file descriptor.
2013-12-20 Tudor BosmanAsync-signal-safe symbolizer, fatal signal handler
2013-12-20 Tudor BosmanAdd async-signal-safe flavor of demangle
2013-12-20 Tudor BosmanSafeAssert: async-signal-safe CHECK, DCHECK
2013-12-20 Adam Simpkinsupdate moveToFbString()'s handling of flags_
2013-12-20 Adam Simpkinsfix IOBuf::reserve() when operating on a user-supplied...