Expected coroutines support
[folly.git] / CMakeLists.txt
2017-10-23 James Sedgwickmove Iterator, Enumerate, EvictingCacheMap, Foreach...
2017-10-23 James Sedgwickmove Arena, ThreadCachedArena, and Malloc to memory/
2017-10-22 James Sedgwickmove futures/test/ExecutorTest.cpp to executors/ v2017.10.23.00
2017-10-21 James Sedgwickmove MemoryMapping, Shell, ThreadId, ThreadName, and...
2017-10-21 James Sedgwickmove io/Compression and io/compression/* to compression/
2017-10-19 James Sedgwickmove CallOnce to synchronization/
2017-10-19 James Sedgwickmove ApplyTuple to functional/
2017-09-12 Christopher DykesFix CMake build
2017-09-06 James Sedgwickmove wangle/concurrent to folly/executors
2017-07-18 Christopher DykesSupport if_indextoname in the socket portability header v2017.07.17.01
2017-07-18 Christopher DykesAdd support for tagging a test as BROKEN in the CMake...
2017-07-17 Christopher DykesDon't build the async signal handler test on Windows
2017-07-04 Christopher DykesFix tests in CMake build
2017-07-01 Christopher DykesEnable a missing test in the CMake build
2017-06-29 Ankit ShahRemoving memory leaks in rsa setter test
2017-06-28 Giuseppe OttavianoMove CacheLocality out of detail/ and into concurrency/
2017-06-27 Adam Simpkinsallow AsyncSignalHandler to attach and detach from...
2017-06-25 Christopher DykesExclude experimental/logging/example from the main...
2017-06-25 Christopher DykesSplit the futures and logging tests in the CMake build
2017-06-19 Christopher DykesFix the CMake build with tests enabled
2017-06-15 Adam Simpkinslogging: add GlogStyleFormatter
2017-06-15 Adam Simpkinslogging: add AsyncFileWriter
2017-06-15 Adam Simpkinslogging: add ImmediateFileWriter
2017-06-15 Adam Simpkinslogging: add new RateLimiter helper class
2017-06-15 Adam Simpkinslogging: add LogFormatter and LogWriter interfaces
2017-06-15 Adam Simpkinslogging: add XLOG() and XLOGF() logging macros
2017-06-13 Adam Simpkinslogging: add support for streaming operators
2017-06-13 Adam Simpkinsadd a new logging library
2017-06-07 Christopher DykesExclude experimental/hazptr/bench from the globs used...
2017-06-06 Adam Simpkinsadd missing include to ThreadId.h
2017-05-31 Christopher DykesRefactor the CMake file to work with CMake 3.8.2
2017-05-28 Maxim GeorgievMoving DestructorCheck from proxygen library to folly.
2017-05-26 Christopher DykesFix build with Ninja generator
2017-05-20 Christopher DykesFix the linking of various tests against GMock
2017-05-03 Christopher DykesFix a couple of issues with the CMake script
2017-04-14 Christopher DykesAdd support for building without PThread to the CMake...
2017-04-13 Christopher DykesAdd CMake build system