2014-10-23 Peter CollingbourneMake llvm-go test dependency optional.
2014-10-23 Rafael EspindolaMake llvm-link behave a bit more like LTO.
2014-10-23 Kevin EnderbyUpdate llvm-objdump’s Mach-O symbolizer code for Object...
2014-10-23 Rafael EspindolaCleanup this test a bit.
2014-10-23 Rafael EspindolaCleanup this test a bit.
2014-10-23 David BlaikieDebugInfo: Simplify/tidy/correct global variable decl...
2014-10-23 Rafael EspindolaMake this test a bit stricter.
2014-10-23 Rafael EspindolaMake this test a bit stricter.
2014-10-23 Reid KlecknerRevert "Don't count inreg params when mangling fastcall...
2014-10-23 Chris BienemanAdding llvm-shlib to CMake build system with a few...
2014-10-23 David BlaikieRemove explicit (void) use of DwarfFile::DD that was...
2014-10-23 Renato GolinDo not emit intermediate register for zero FP immediate
2014-10-23 Rafael Espindolaclang-format two code snippets to make the next patch...
2014-10-23 Rafael EspindolaAdd unittest for extreme alignments.
2014-10-23 NAKAMURA TakumiHexagon/Disassembler/LLVMBuild.txt: Update libdeps.
2014-10-23 NAKAMURA TakumiHexagon/LLVMBuild.txt: Prune CRLF.
2014-10-23 NAKAMURA Takumi[CMake] Prune CRLF in CMakeLists.txt(s).
2014-10-23 NAKAMURA Takumi[CMake] Prune trailing whitespace.
2014-10-23 NAKAMURA TakumiRevert r220427, "[Hexagon] Adding encoding bits for...
2014-10-23 Zoran Jovanovic[mips][microMIPS] Implement ADDIUR1SP instruction
2014-10-23 Zoran Jovanovicps][microMIPS] Implement ADDIUR2 instruction
2014-10-23 Zoran Jovanovicps][microMIPS] Implement LI16 instruction
2014-10-23 Zoran Jovanovic[mips][microMIPS] Implement CodeGen support for SLL16...
2014-10-23 Oliver Stannard[Thumb2] Improve disassembly of memory hints
2014-10-23 Akira Hatanaka[ARM, stack protector] If supported, use armv7 instruct...
2014-10-23 Frederic RissAssert that ValueHandleBase::ValueIsRAUWd doesn't chang...
2014-10-23 Frederic RissModernize doxygen comments in Support/Dwarf.h
2014-10-23 Frederic Riss[dwarfdump] Dump DW_AT_ranges values inline in the...
2014-10-23 Peter CollingbourneAdd llvm-go tool.
2014-10-23 Evgeniy Stepanov[msan] Emit checks for constant shadow values under...
2014-10-23 David Blaikie[DebugInfo] Sink DwarfDebug::addCurrentFnArgument down...
2014-10-23 David Blaikie[DebugInfo] Add DwarfDebug& to DwarfFile.
2014-10-23 David Blaikie[DebugInfo] Remove LexicalScopes::isCurrentFunctionScop...
2014-10-22 Derek SchuffFix Mips nacl-mask test for new bundle-aligned label...
2014-10-22 Lang Hames[MCJIT] Make repeat calls to MCJIT::getPointerToFunctio...
2014-10-22 David MajnemerAttempt to fix the build after r220439
2014-10-22 Derek Schuff[MC] Attach labels to existing fragments instead of...
2014-10-22 Colin LeMahieu[Hexagon] Adding encoding bits for add opcode.
2014-10-22 Chad Rosier[AArch64] Add support for the .inst directive.
2014-10-22 Peter CollingbourneGo: add binding for LLVMSetUnnamedAddr.
2014-10-22 Benjamin KramerStrength reduce constant-sized vectors into arrays...
2014-10-22 Peter CollingbourneDo not add -gsplit-dwarf to LLVM_DEFINITIONS.
2014-10-22 Benjamin KramerLoopVectorize: Simplify code. No functionality change.
2014-10-22 Diego NovilloShorten auto iterators for function basic blocks.
2014-10-22 Matt ArsenaultFix number of operands in documentation for minnum...
2014-10-22 Justin Bognertest: Make this test runnable in directories with ...
2014-10-22 Hans WennborgFix VS2012 build; C++11 type aliases are not supported.
2014-10-22 Colin LeMahieuAmmending 220393 - Removing unused decoding tables.
2014-10-22 Colin LeMahieuAmmending 220393 - Removing unused functions.
2014-10-22 Bill Schmidt[PATCH] Support select-cc for VSFRC when VSX is enabled
2014-10-22 Diego NovilloUse auto iteration in lib/Transforms/Scalar/SampleProfi...
2014-10-22 Colin LeMahieu[Hexagon] Adding basic disassembler.
2014-10-22 Philip ReamesPreserving 'nonnull' metadata in SimplifyCFG
2014-10-22 Sanjay PatelShrinkify libcalls: use float versions of double libm...
2014-10-22 Rafael EspindolaMake two helper functions static.
2014-10-22 Diego NovilloChange error to warning when a profile cannot be found.
2014-10-22 Bill Schmidt[PowerPC] Support select-cc for VSX
2014-10-22 Aaron BallmanFixing a -Wsign-compare warning; NFC.
2014-10-22 Diego NovilloSupport using sample profiles with partial debug info.
2014-10-22 Arnaud A. de... [AArch64] Cleanup A57PBQPConstraints
2014-10-22 Bruno Cardoso... [InstSimplify] Support constant folding to vector of...
2014-10-22 Jyoti Allur[Thumb/Thumb2] Implement restrictions on SP in register...
2014-10-22 Peter Zotov[OCaml] Fix a typo in documentation.
2014-10-22 Matt ArsenaultR600/SI: Add another failing testcase for i1 copies
2014-10-22 Matt ArsenaultR600/SI: Add failing testcase reduced from OpenCV
2014-10-22 Rafael EspindolaHandle spaces and quotes in file names in MRI scripts.
2014-10-22 Rafael EspindolaFix a gcc warning.
2014-10-22 Filipe CabecinhasSilence gcc's -Wcomment
2014-10-22 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Fix Python-3 compatibility, patch by Dan Liew.
2014-10-22 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Bump version number.
2014-10-22 Daniel DunbarFix ShTest parsing error when a keyword line doesn...
2014-10-22 Matt ArsenaultFix typo
2014-10-22 Matt ArsenaultTry to fix documentation bot warning
2014-10-22 Evgeniy Stepanov[msan] Handle param-tls overflow.
2014-10-21 Hans WennborgRevert "Teach the load analysis to allow finding availa...
2014-10-21 Lang Hames[MCJIT] Defer application of AArch64 MachO GOT relocati...
2014-10-21 Rafael EspindolaMRI scripts: Add addlib support.
2014-10-21 JF BastienLTO: respect command-line options that disable vectoriz...
2014-10-21 Rafael EspindolaUse a range loop. NFC.
2014-10-21 Matt ArsenaultAdd minnum / maxnum codegen
2014-10-21 Matt ArsenaultAdd minnum / maxnum intrinsics
2014-10-21 Duncan P. N... IR: Reorder metadata bitcode serialization, NFC
2014-10-21 Matt ArsenaultR600/SI: Add missing parameter to div_fmas intrinsic
2014-10-21 Duncan P. N... IR: Remove dead code in metadata bitcode writing, NFC
2014-10-21 Rafael EspindolaOverwrite instead of adding to archives when creating...
2014-10-21 Arnaud A. de... Pacify bots and simplify r220321
2014-10-21 Rafael EspindolaConvert a few std::string with StringRef. NFC.
2014-10-21 Reid KlecknerGCC has supported C++11 ref-qualifiers since 4.8.1
2014-10-21 Matt ArsenaultR600: Use default GlobalDirective
2014-10-21 Rafael EspindolaUse a StringRef. No functionality change.
2014-10-21 Philip ReamesTeach combineMetadata how to merge 'nonnull' metadata.
2014-10-21 Philip ReamesPreserve 'nonnull' when changing type of the load.
2014-10-21 Philip ReamesExtend the verifier to check usage of 'nonnull' metadata.
2014-10-21 Arnaud A. de... [PBQP] Teach PassConfig to tell if the default register...
2014-10-21 Rafael EspindolaMove code a bit to avoid a few declarations. NFC.
2014-10-21 Arnaud A. de... [PBQP] Add a testcase for r220302: Fix coalescing benefits
2014-10-21 David MajnemerInstCombine: Simplify FoldICmpCstShrCst
2014-10-21 Rafael EspindolaDrop support for an old version of ld64 (from darwin 9).
2014-10-21 Sanjay Patelremove function names from comments; NFC
2014-10-21 Rafael EspindolaConvert two tests to use llvm-readobj.