Fix various issues (or do cleanups) found by enabling certain MSVC warnings.
[oota-llvm.git] / lib / ExecutionEngine / RuntimeDyld / RuntimeDyldMachO.cpp
2012-02-13 Ahmed CharlesFix various issues (or do cleanups) found by enabling...
2012-02-07 Craig TopperConvert assert(0) to llvm_unreachable
2012-01-22 Eli BenderskySplit the lib/ExecutionEngine/RuntimeDyld/RuntimeDyldIm...
2012-01-21 Jim GrosbachRuntimeDyld alignment adjustment from MachO file.
2012-01-20 Jim GrosbachFix inverted condition.
2012-01-20 David BlaikieMore dead code removal (using -Wunreachable-code)
2012-01-16 Jim GrosbachTidy up.
2012-01-16 Jim GrosbachExecutionEngine interface to re-map addresses for engin...
2012-01-16 Jim GrosbachMCJIT handle a few more simple x86 relocations for...
2012-01-16 Jim GrosbachMCJIT support for non-function sections.
2012-01-06 Eli BenderskyFix typo in string
2011-11-01 Jim GrosbachIgnore MachO symbol flags in the upper nibble of n_desc.
2011-07-13 Danil MalyshevAdd to RuntimeDyld support different object formats