2017-10-16 Andrew Kriegerconstexpr estimateSpaceNeeded for string literals. v2017.10.16.00
2017-10-15 Marc CelaniMove retrying method to separate header in folly/futures
2017-10-13 Yedidya FeldblumStyle fixes for folly/experimental/gdb/
2017-10-13 Neel GoyalAdd AsyncSocketException.cpp to build sources
2017-10-13 Vitaly BerovReplace ShutdownSocketSet to singleton
2017-10-13 Lucian Grijincufolly: AsyncSocketException: move implementation to...
2017-10-13 Yedidya FeldblumMove folly/Checksum.h into folly/hash/
2017-10-11 Miroslav CrnicAdd support for clang intrinsic constexpr
2017-10-10 Cameron PickettHandle nullptr from getTimekeeperSingleton
2017-10-09 Dan MelnicAdd SO_ZEROCOPY support v2017.10.09.00
2017-10-07 Yedidya FeldblumLet EventBase::runInEventBaseThreadAndWait consume...
2017-10-06 Stiopa Koltsovfuture.then() is identical to future.unit()
2017-10-06 Yedidya FeldblumRemove Executor::addPtr
2017-10-06 Jun QuWorkaround for a gcc crash
2017-10-06 Valeriy Khromovadd static makeFromPath to construct SocketAddress...
2017-10-06 Yedidya FeldblumUse fewer keep-alives in VirtualEventBase::keepAliveRelease
2017-10-05 Yedidya FeldblumMake keepAliveRelease consistent between EventBase...
2017-10-05 Yedidya FeldblumMove GlobalThreadPoolList.h into folly/concurrency/
2017-10-05 Andre PintoAdd an overload to use backlashify with StringPiece
2017-10-05 Lee HowesAdd SemiFuture class.
2017-10-04 Eric Nieblergive folly future's exceptions default visibility
2017-10-04 Yedidya FeldblumMove keepalive-acquire code into Executor::keepAliveAcq...
2017-10-04 Tom JacksonBenchmark comparison
2017-10-04 Yedidya FeldblumLet keep-alive tokens from VirtualEventBase be destroye...
2017-10-03 Maged MichaelDynamic MPMCQueue: Backout of last change as it may...
2017-10-03 Maged MichaelFixes: prevent compiler reporting UB, hazptr_array...
2017-10-03 Yedidya FeldblumLet keep-alive tokens be destroyed from any thread
2017-10-02 Igor Sugakfix -Wvexing-parse
2017-10-02 Yedidya FeldblumMove Merge.h into folly/algorithm/ v2017.10.02.00
2017-10-01 Maged MichaelOptimize local and bulk management of hazptr_holder-s
2017-09-29 Felix HandteShort-Circuit within() When Future Is Already Complete
2017-09-29 Igor Sugakdelete deprecated SSLContext::setSSLLockTypes
2017-09-27 Kyle NekritzAdd AsyncSocketExceptionType for early data rejection.
2017-09-27 Mohamed Amin... Fix unittest compile error on futures/test/RetryingTest...
2017-09-26 Michael LeeDelete conversion from Objective-C block to folly:...
2017-09-24 Yedidya FeldblumLet ProcessReturnCode be publicly constructible v2017.09.25.00
2017-09-23 Yedidya FeldblumAvoid tautological compare in folly/experimental/symbol...
2017-09-23 Matthew ToltonFix deadlock in TimedMutex
2017-09-22 Nathan Bronsonfix ASAN stl_tests:stl_vector_test
2017-09-21 Kyle NekritzUse unique_ptr rather than shared_ptr in MockReadCallback.
2017-09-20 Kenny YuAdd gdb deadlock detector script to new folly/experimen...
2017-09-19 Phil WilloughbyBenchmark a realistic common use
2017-09-19 Christopher... Enable -Wunused-variables
2017-09-19 Christopher... Fix hardware crc32 under MSVC
2017-09-19 Christopher... Set names in NamedThreadFactory in the new thread
2017-09-18 Eric Nieblerfix strange recursive std::is_constructible instantiati...
2017-09-15 Eric NieblerFix coroutine feature test macro on MSVC v2017.09.18.00
2017-09-15 Dylan YudakenAllow awaiting on a folly::Optional that returns a...
2017-09-15 Stella LauAllow getAutoUncompressionCodec() to have 1 terminal...
2017-09-15 Pádraig Bradyfix usingJEMalloc() with LTO
2017-09-14 Martin MartinNoHeap small_vector's no longer require a move constructor.
2017-09-14 Tom JacksonWindow, mainly for futures
2017-09-14 Christopher... Workaround a bug in template instation in MSVC 2017...
2017-09-13 Christopher... Fix build without zlib compression enabled
2017-09-13 Stephen Chenfixing namespacing issue for the dummy non sse crc32c_hw
2017-09-13 Marcus Holland... Fix UB from signed integer overflow in RWSpinLock
2017-09-13 Jon Maltiel... Backed out changeset ea9041ce2280
2017-09-12 Michael LeeInclude glog/logging.h in SmallLocksTest for DCHECK
2017-09-12 Alberto SchiabelUpdate String.h
2017-09-12 Christopher... Don't use std::void_t
2017-09-12 Martin Martinconst -> constexpr in folly::small_vector
2017-09-12 Philip JamesonRemove unneeded parts of build script
2017-09-12 Martin Martinclang-format folly::small_vector. No functional change.
2017-09-12 Jon Maltiel... Make RequestContext provider overridable in order to...
2017-09-12 Christopher... Fix CMake build
2017-09-11 Phil WilloughbyDead shift in ConcurrentHashMapSegment
2017-09-11 Anirudh RamachandranMove SSL_CTX sessionContext initialization into main...
2017-09-10 Giuseppe OttavianoAdd convenience std::string overload for toLowerAscii v2017.09.11.00
2017-09-10 Giuseppe OttavianoFix typo in async/
2017-09-08 Benjamin JaegerOptional.h - make == operators constexprs
2017-09-08 Eric Nieblersupport using co_await with folly::Optional when it...
2017-09-08 Michael BolinGrammar fix: s/it's/its/
2017-09-07 Kenny YuFix data race in folly/executors/Codel.cpp exposed...
2017-09-06 James Sedgwickmove wangle/concurrent to folly/executors
2017-09-05 Stella LauCompress empty strings with underlying compressor
2017-09-02 Yedidya FeldblumFix constexpr_min after D5739715 v2017.09.04.00
2017-09-01 Igor Sugakincrease stack size when TSAN is enabled
2017-09-01 Kyle NekritzDeflake some AsyncSSLSocket tests.
2017-08-31 Aravind AnbuduraiAdd a comment on File.h
2017-08-31 Yedidya FeldblumExtract non-portability constexpr math functions to...
2017-08-31 Philip JamesonDon't use symbolizer on OSX
2017-08-30 Michael LeeInclude `<array>` for test
2017-08-30 Aaryaman SagarConditionally compiled for_each with constexpr
2017-08-30 Maged MichaelDynamic MPMCQueue: Eliminate cases of enqueue indefinit...
2017-08-30 Yedidya Feldblumconstexpr_log2
2017-08-30 Yedidya FeldblumShrink MicroSpinLock.h transitive includes and inline...
2017-08-30 Xiao Shirm old comment on HHWheelTimer::UniquePtr
2017-08-29 Richard MengUse weak_ptr to hold future context in timekeeper to...
2017-08-29 Andrew KriegerAllow forcing value for FOLLY_FUTURE_USING_FIBER in...
2017-08-29 Andrew KriegerFix potentially uninitialized struct used on MSVC
2017-08-29 Andrew KriegerFix portability opendir() behavior on paths without...
2017-08-29 Andrew KriegerImplement folly::launder for MSVC
2017-08-29 Yedidya FeldblumApply clang-format to folly/experimental/exception_tracer/
2017-08-29 Christopher... Revert D5714883: [Folly] Shrink MicroSpinLock.h transit...
2017-08-28 Christopher... Enable auto-deps in all of Folly
2017-08-28 Yedidya FeldblumShrink MicroSpinLock.h transitive includes and inline...
2017-08-28 Patryk ZaryjewskiMake cancelling and rescheduling of functions O(1) v2017.08.28.00
2017-08-25 Aaryaman Sagargcc 6.2 was not accepting the current definition of...
2017-08-25 Marko NovakovicAdded a flag FOLLY_FORCE_EXCEPTION_COUNT_USE_STD
2017-08-25 Stella LauEnforce forward progress with StreamCodec