2017-05-02 Christopher... Fix FBString under MSVC
2017-05-01 Andrii GrynenkoFix a race in Observable context destruction
2017-05-01 Anirudh RamachandranMore OpenSSL 1.1.0 compatibility fixes
2017-04-30 Ted PercivalRemove unused `constexpr strlen` check v2017.05.01.00
2017-04-28 Alexey SpiridonovSimplify BackgroundThreads, move them to folly/experime...
2017-04-27 Giuseppe OttavianoFix a comment
2017-04-27 Philipp Unterbrunnerfolly::rvalue_reference_wrapper for store&forward of...
2017-04-27 Philip Proninfix silent eax clobbering in CpuId ctor
2017-04-27 Otto EbelingDon't return a nullptr from IOBufQueue::split(0)
2017-04-27 Maged MichaelFlat combining: Add lock holder with deferred option...
2017-04-27 Yedidya FeldblumCasing consistency for exception_wrapper::throw_exception
2017-04-26 Pavel Aslanovfolly::overload and folly::variant_match
2017-04-26 Nick Terrellsmall_vector improvements
2017-04-26 Dave WatsonMake folly pass TSAN checks
2017-04-26 Dave WatsonFix virtual struct bug
2017-04-26 Christopher... Delete the non-char integeral forms of fbstring::operator=
2017-04-25 Neel GoyalGuard SSLContext lock checks with init mutex and add...
2017-04-25 Andrii GrynenkoRemove thread-safety comment from EventBaseLocal
2017-04-25 Christopher... Shift the implementation of setThreadName out of the...
2017-04-24 Michael LeeProperly gate the wchar tests in FBStringTest
2017-04-22 Neel GoyalIgnore setSSLLockTypes() calls after SSLContext is... v2017.04.24.00
2017-04-22 Michael LeeAlso exclude the wstring test
2017-04-21 Michael LeeTurn off failing FBString test for Android
2017-04-21 Christopher... Use std::nullptr_t in dynamic
2017-04-21 Cameron PickettFix issue where compiler cannot determine address of...
2017-04-20 Andrii GrynenkoEventBaseLocal cleanup
2017-04-20 Nicholas OrmrodRemove unpackHack from smallVector
2017-04-19 MaximAdded pkg-config as required dependency
2017-04-19 Phil WilloughbyImprove string comparisons
2017-04-19 Andrew KriegerInclude <strings.h> in portability/String.h
2017-04-18 Marc HorowitzFail on implicit convert from BOOL on ObjC in folly...
2017-04-18 Angelo FaillaFix ASAN reported bug
2017-04-18 Tianjiao Yinfix incorrect usage of FOLLY_DISABLE_UNDEFINED_BEHAVIOR...
2017-04-18 Maged MichaelFlat combining: Update statistics.
2017-04-18 Christopher... Refactor setThreadName to have the std::thread::id...
2017-04-17 Christopher... Don't invoke undefined behavior when getting the pthrea...
2017-04-17 Maxim GeorgievAllow error message callback cancellation regardless...
2017-04-16 Angelo Failla`IPVAddressV(46)::fromInverseArpaName` static methods v2017.04.17.00
2017-04-15 Eric Nieblerreplace #include <ios> in FBString.h with lighter ...
2017-04-15 Tudor BosmanAdd exception_tracer to OSS build
2017-04-15 Christopher... Add portability support for PThread's TLS API
2017-04-15 Christopher... Remove unused local in OpenSSLCertUtils
2017-04-14 Andrew KriegerSuppress more warnings for MSVC
2017-04-14 Christopher... Use folly::getCurrentThreadId() in SSLContext
2017-04-14 Christopher... Make folly::getCurrentThreadId() return a thread ID...
2017-04-14 Christopher... Add FOLLY_HAVE_PTRHEAD
2017-04-14 Christopher... Add support for building without PThread to the CMake...
2017-04-14 Christopher... Remove the old SpinLock implementations
2017-04-14 Mark WilliamsRevert D4805628: [folly] Suppress more warnings for...
2017-04-14 Yedidya FeldblumInitialize the singleton-vault early in init()
2017-04-14 Andrew KriegerSuppress more warnings for MSVC
2017-04-14 Andrew KriegerRemove pthread dependency from CacheLocality.h
2017-04-14 Christopher... Switch TimedRWMutex implementation to use lock_guard...
2017-04-14 Christopher... Use getCurrentThreadID() rather than pthread_self(...
2017-04-14 Andrew KriegerExplicitly use CreateFileA in readlink
2017-04-14 Christopher... Support folly::getCurrentThreadID() without PThread
2017-04-14 Christopher... Don't use pthread_spinlock_t in TimedRWMutex
2017-04-13 Christopher... Switch includes of PThread to the portability header
2017-04-13 Christopher... Fix 1/2 of exception_wrapper under MSVC
2017-04-13 Neel GoyalAdd method to check if SSL Lock is disabled
2017-04-13 Christopher... Kill a couple of PThread includes
2017-04-13 Christopher... Add CMake build system
2017-04-13 Nick TerrellAdd bzip2 support
2017-04-13 Christopher... Fix the last issues with exception_wrapper under MSVC
2017-04-12 Alexey SpiridonovReplace Subprocess::pipe* syntax sugar with Subprocess...
2017-04-12 Alexey SpiridonovDelete | operator for Subprocess::Options
2017-04-12 Nick TerrellFix zlib + lzma memory usage inefficiency
2017-04-12 Jude Taylorcodemod: ASN1_STRING_data -> ASN1_STRING_get0_data
2017-04-12 Christopher... Make folly::StrictConjunction usable under MSVC
2017-04-12 Jude TaylorProvide a copy ctor for Digest that copies the current...
2017-04-12 Artem LantsevAdd memory padding and alignment to prevent false sharing
2017-04-12 Aravind AnbuduraiSupport linux namespace clone flags
2017-04-12 Angelo FaillaIPAddressV(46) methods to convert IPs to their inverse...
2017-04-11 Eric Nieblernon-throwing, non-allocating exception_wrapper
2017-04-11 Christopher... Treat OpenSSL as a non-portable include
2017-04-11 Christopher... Implement clearenv in the portability headers
2017-04-11 Andrii GrynenkoFix TLRefCount::useGlobal to work with TSAN
2017-04-11 Andrii GrynenkoFix Fiber::LocalData leak for large fiber locals
2017-04-11 Christopher... Revert D4832473: [Folly] Disable EnvUtil::setAsCurrentE...
2017-04-10 Alexander ShaposhnikovRemove superfluous std::move
2017-04-10 Nick TerrellFix std::max() call in Compression.cpp
2017-04-10 Christopher... Fix the build... Whoops...
2017-04-10 Christopher... Re-work the OpenSSL portability header to be a portabil...
2017-04-10 Jason FriedClient RequestChannels and folly/python/futures.h
2017-04-10 Andrii GrynenkoFix folly/test:singleton_test - Singleton.SharedPtrUsage
2017-04-10 Christopher... Refactor FOLLY_GCC_DISABLE_WARNING to play nice with... v2017.04.10.00
2017-04-08 Yedidya FeldblumAll template params for PriorityMPMCQueue
2017-04-08 Christopher... Fix include ordering for OpenSSLPtrTypes.h
2017-04-08 Christopher... Qualify a couple local constexpr values as 'static...
2017-04-08 Giuseppe OttavianoFix leak in EliasFanoCodingTest
2017-04-08 Louis BrandyReadMostlySharedPtrTest, subtle test bug caught by...
2017-04-08 Louis Brandyfix EvictingCacheMap test bug found w/ -fsanitize-addre...
2017-04-07 Anirudh RamachandranFix leak in HMAC_CTX_free compat API
2017-04-07 Phil WilloughbyFix a logic error in StringKeyedTest
2017-04-06 Alan FrindellGet rid of try/catch in messageAvailable, which is...
2017-04-06 Andrii GrynenkoRequire registrationComplete() not only in dbg builds
2017-04-06 Phil WilloughbyUpdate StringKeyed... benchmarks to tell the whole...
2017-04-06 Maged MichaelIndexedMemPool: Fix race condition on size_ that can...
2017-04-05 Alan FrindellMake NotificationQueue::Consumer::messageAvailable...
2017-04-05 Subodh IyengarAdd trimAtMost functions