Finish removing DestroySource.
[oota-llvm.git] / lib / Linker / LinkModules.cpp
2014-12-23 Rafael EspindolaFinish removing DestroySource.
2014-12-19 Duncan P. N. Exon... Rename MapValue(Metadata*) to MapMetadata()
2014-12-18 Duncan P. N. Exon... Reapply "Linker: Drop superseded subprograms"
2014-12-17 Duncan P. N. Exon... Revert "Linker: Drop superseded subprograms"
2014-12-16 Duncan P. N. Exon... Linker: Drop superseded subprograms
2014-12-16 Rafael EspindolaMake the assert a bit stronger.
2014-12-15 Michael IlsemanSink the isa into the assert
2014-12-15 Michael IlsemanClean up warning about unused variable
2014-12-15 Michael IlsemanRevert of r223763, in spirit.
2014-12-09 Duncan P. N. Exon... IR: Split Metadata from Value
2014-12-09 Michael IlsemanSkip declarations in the case of functions.
2014-12-08 Rafael EspindolaLazily link GlobalVariables and GlobalAliases.
2014-12-08 Rafael EspindolaDon't crash when the key of a comdat is lazily linked.
2014-12-08 Rafael EspindolaMove the ValueMap lookup inside linkFunctionBody. NFC.
2014-12-08 Rafael EspindolaUse range loops. NFC.
2014-12-08 Rafael EspindolaUse range loops. NFC.
2014-12-08 Rafael EspindolaFix linking of prologue data.
2014-12-08 Rafael EspindolaSimple style fixes.
2014-12-08 Rafael EspindolaMove materialize/Dematerialize calls to linkFunctionBod...
2014-12-06 Benjamin KramerTurn some DenseMaps that are only used for set operatio...
2014-12-05 Rafael EspindolaRemove dead code. We are only lazy about functions...
2014-12-05 Rafael EspindolaSimplify the loop linking function bodies. NFC.
2014-12-05 Rafael EspindolaRemove unused arguments. NFC.
2014-12-05 Rafael EspindolaRefactor duplicated code. NFC.
2014-12-05 Rafael EspindolaSmall cleanup on how we clear constant variables. NFC.
2014-12-05 Rafael EspindolaUse an early return. NFC.
2014-12-05 Rafael EspindolalinkGlobalVariableProto never returns null. Simplify...
2014-12-05 Rafael EspindolaMove merging of alignment to a central location. NFC.
2014-12-03 Rafael EspindolaSplit the set of identified struct types into opaque...
2014-12-03 Rafael EspindolaAsk the module for its the identified types.
2014-12-03 Peter CollingbournePrologue support
2014-12-01 Rafael EspindolaUse a continue to reduce indentation and clang-format...
2014-12-01 Rafael EspindolaUse a range loop. NFC.
2014-12-01 Rafael EspindolaDrop SrcStructTypesSet. It is redundant.
2014-12-01 Rafael EspindolaPartial revert of r222986.
2014-12-01 Rafael EspindolaChange how we keep track of which types are in the...
2014-11-28 Rafael EspindolaAdd back r222727 with a fix.
2014-11-28 Rafael EspindolaAdd an assert and use a range loop. NFC.
2014-11-27 Duncan P. N. Exon... Revert "Fix overly aggressive type merging."
2014-11-25 Rafael EspindolaSet the body of a new struct as soon as it is created.
2014-11-25 Rafael EspindolaMisc style fixes. NFC.
2014-11-25 Rafael EspindolaRemove a bit of duplicated code.
2014-11-25 Rafael EspindolaUse a range loop. NFC.
2014-11-25 Rafael EspindolaStyle fix: don't indent inside a namemespace.
2014-11-25 Rafael EspindolaRemove a nested anonymous namespace.
2014-11-25 Rafael EspindolaFix overly aggressive type merging.
2014-11-25 Rafael EspindolaLink the type of aliases.
2014-11-25 Rafael EspindolaDon't repeat name in comment or duplicate comment....
2014-11-25 Rafael EspindolaUse range loops. NFC.
2014-11-19 David BlaikieUpdate SetVector to rely on the underlying set's insert...
2014-11-19 David BlaikieRemove StringMap::GetOrCreateValue in favor of StringMa...
2014-11-17 Rafael EspindolaFactor common code it Linker::init.
2014-11-11 Duncan P. N. Exon... Revert "IR: MDNode => Value"
2014-11-05 Duncan P. N. Exon... IR: MDNode => Value: NamedMDNode::getOperator()
2014-11-02 Rafael EspindolaRevert r221096 bringing back r221014 with a fix.
2014-11-02 Chandler CarruthRevert r221014: "Refactor duplicated code in liking...
2014-11-01 Rafael EspindolaRemove redundant calls to isMaterializable.
2014-10-31 Rafael EspindolaRefactor duplicated code in liking GlobalValues.
2014-10-31 Rafael EspindolaMark a few variables const. NFC.
2014-10-31 Rafael EspindolaMove definition closer to use. NFC.
2014-10-30 Rafael EspindolaFix the merging of the constantness of declarations.
2014-10-28 Rafael EspindolaRemove the PreserveSource linker mode.
2014-10-27 Rafael EspindolaMake it easier to pass a custom diagnostic handler...
2014-10-27 Rafael EspindolaLinkModules.cpp: don't repeat names in comments.
2014-10-25 Rafael EspindolaAllow the C API users to keep relying on the OutMessage...
2014-10-25 Rafael EspindolaUpdate the error handling of lib/Linker.
2014-10-24 Rafael EspindolaModernize the error handling of the Materialize function.
2014-10-24 Rafael EspindolaDon't ever call materializeAllPermanently during LTO.
2014-09-09 Rafael EspindolaMerge alignment of common GlobalValue.
2014-09-09 Rafael EspindolaWhen merging two common GlobalValues, keep the largest.
2014-09-09 Rafael EspindolaMove some logic to ModuleLinker::shouldLinkFromSource...
2014-09-09 Rafael EspindolaFix a use of an undefined value (the linkage).
2014-09-09 Rafael EspindolaPrefer common over weak linkage when linking.
2014-09-09 Rafael EspindolaSimplify ModuleLinker::getLinkageResult. NFC.
2014-09-05 Rafael EspindolaFix pr20078.
2014-08-15 Rafael EspindolaSet comdats when lazily linking functions.
2014-08-12 Duncan P. N. Exon... Don't upgrade global constructors when reading bitcode
2014-08-12 Justin BognerIR: Print a newline when dumping Types
2014-08-11 Rafael EspindolaFix use of uninitialized variable.
2014-08-11 Rafael EspindolaUse an early return. NFC.
2014-06-27 David MajnemerInclude <tuple> to make buildbots happy
2014-06-27 David MajnemerIR: Add COMDATs to the IR
2014-06-18 Craig TopperReplace some assert(0)'s with llvm_unreachable.
2014-06-06 Rafael EspindolaAllow aliases to be unnamed_addr.
2014-06-03 Rafael EspindolaAllow alias to point to an arbitrary ConstantExpr.
2014-05-17 Rafael EspindolaUse create methods since msvc doesn't handle delegating...
2014-05-17 Rafael EspindolaReduce abuse of default values in the GlobalAlias const...
2014-05-16 Rafael EspindolaFix most of PR10367.
2014-05-16 Rafael EspindolaChange the GlobalAlias constructor to look a bit more...
2014-05-13 Rafael EspindolaSplit GlobalValue into GlobalValue and GlobalObject.
2014-05-09 Rafael EspindolaDelete trailing whitespace.
2014-05-07 Duncan P. N. Exon... LTO: Assert visibility of local linkage when merging...
2014-05-06 Rafael EspindolaBe more strict about not calling setAlignment on global...
2014-04-15 Craig Topper[C++11] More 'nullptr' conversion. In some cases just...
2014-03-06 Chandler Carruth[Layering] Sink Linker.h into a Linker subdirectory...
2014-03-05 JF BastienImprove LinkModules warnings
2014-03-05 Craig Topper[C++11] Add 'override' keyword to virtual methods that...
2014-02-26 Rafael EspindolaCompare DataLayout by Value, not by pointer.
2014-02-25 Rafael EspindolaStore a DataLayout in Module.
2014-02-20 Eli BenderskySet the SuppressWarnings option on tool level and propa...