2015-07-07 James Sedgwickfolly/wangle -> wangle cutover
2015-07-07 Philip Pronincleanup CompressedList / MutableCompressedList interfaces
2015-07-07 Hans Fugalfolly/futures Update
2015-07-02 Yedidya FeldblumLift thrift/lib/cpp/test/TNotificationQueueTest.
2015-07-02 Sara GolemonFix typo - ac defined are prefixed with FOLLY_
2015-07-02 Hans Fugalnice error message if you try to Future<void>
2015-07-02 Michael LeeAdd an exception for building on OSX.
2015-07-02 Yedidya Feldblumfolly::Unit::Drop.
2015-07-02 Hans Fugalminor Timekeeper bug
2015-07-02 Hans FugalDiscourage Duration in code comments and tests
2015-07-01 Hans FugalFuture<Unit> global fixup
2015-07-01 Hans FugalFuture<Unit> wangle fixup
2015-07-01 Hans FugalNuke Future<void> (folly/futures)
2015-07-01 Sara GolemonDo an explicit test for XSI strerror_r
2015-07-01 Hans Fugal(easy) wrong test suite name
2015-07-01 Vignesh GowdaImplement a BitVector-based list
2015-07-01 Andrey Goderfix? AutoTimerTest
2015-07-01 Hans Fugalmake it really clear that wangle/rx is deprecated
2015-07-01 Sara GolemonAdd missing include for flock()
2015-07-01 Marc Horowitzmake folly/detail/FunctionalExcept.* work if FOLLY_HAVE...
2015-07-01 Woo Xiecheck ReadCallback before using it
2015-07-01 Woo Xiemove the socket setting into setReadCB()
2015-06-29 Sara GolemonBump version to 48:0 v0.48.0
2015-06-29 Kjell Schuberta subset of folly now compiles with Windows mingw64...
2015-06-29 Philip Pronincleanup includes in folly/Format.h
2015-06-29 Tom JacksonFix resplit | batch
2015-06-26 Mike ArpaiaRemove double-conversion as a source dep in OS X script
2015-06-26 Alex LandauFix passing RequestContext to executor thread
2015-06-26 Dave WatsonFix stop_ thread race
2015-06-26 Yedidya Feldblumto_shared_ptr.
2015-06-26 Woo Xieopt proxygen with newly added OpenSSL functions
2015-06-26 Tom JacksonGroupBy
2015-06-26 Hans Fugal(easy) remove cruft comment
2015-06-26 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Fix possible race in updating FSM state
2015-06-26 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Clean up some data races in tests
2015-06-26 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Fix bug with CrappyExecutors, and bad Priority...
2015-06-24 Sara GolemonDon't hardcode thread limit in ServerBootstrap
2015-06-24 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Remove unnecessary constructor argument to...
2015-06-24 Sara GolemonFix tests for glog and gflags
2015-06-24 Sara GolemonChange visibility of folly::Arena constructors to public
2015-06-24 Sara GolemonFix copy/pasta in docs
2015-06-24 Sara GolemonUpdate to refer to homebrew Formula
2015-06-24 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Possibly undefined behavior in collect
2015-06-24 Sara GolemonProvide backfill s6_addr16 on BSD platforms
2015-06-24 Anton LikhtarovFutex: ignore errors on wake
2015-06-24 James Sedgwickrearrange Pipeline to have more functionality in Pipeli...
2015-06-23 191919Fix for clang (llvm 3.7.0+)
2015-06-23 Igor SugakRemove -Wno-inconsistent-missing-override suppression...
2015-06-23 Yedidya Feldbluminstance Eq Unit
2015-06-22 Igor SugakAdd missing override and remove redundant virtual in...
2015-06-22 Mike KaplinskiyAdd ./configure check for vsnprintf returning negative...
2015-06-22 Adriano MeloBuilding instructions for MAC OS X (MacPorts)
2015-06-21 Sara GolemonBump version to 47:0 v0.47.0
2015-06-21 Yoni Lavinew small_vector tests that fail on trunk and uncover...
2015-06-19 Ananth JastyARM64 assembler fixes for Folly.
2015-06-19 Sam Meratthen() ropagates exceptions properly
2015-06-19 Vignesh GowdaMove folly::compression::Instructions to a separate...
2015-06-19 Nathan Bronsonmove SharedMutex from folly/experimental to folly
2015-06-19 Marc HorowitzCheck array get for < 0
2015-06-17 James Sedgwickuse Unit in Pipeline
2015-06-17 James Sedgwickvarious perf improvements
2015-06-17 Praveen KumarUsing emplace_back to avoid temporary
2015-06-16 Sara GolemonBump version to 46:0
2015-06-16 Sarang MastiFix leaks in tests
2015-06-16 Giuseppe OttavianoImplement previousValue on EliasFanoReader
2015-06-15 James Sedgwickpipeline handler removal, fix service test
2015-06-15 Nathan BronsonMove AtomicUnorderedInsertMap to folly.
2015-06-15 Woo Xiedo not suppurt compress and expand
2015-06-15 Sara GolemonRevert "Using emplace_back to avoid temporary"
2015-06-15 Sarang MastiCheck readCallback before calling handleRead
2015-06-15 Tudor BosmanExceptionWrapper: use std::decay in implicit constructor
2015-06-15 Sara GolemonMerge pull request #225 from wb14123/dup
2015-06-15 Bin WangRemove duplicate header file
2015-06-12 Praveen KumarUsing emplace_back to avoid temporary
2015-06-12 Praveen KumarGet *=default*ed default constructors
2015-06-12 Praveen KumarNeedless temporary gone
2015-06-12 Misha ShneersonAdded fiber supported mutex to folly
2015-06-12 Yablonskyy... Add EOS checking to 'parseLeadingNumber' function.
2015-06-12 Hans Fugalapple-gate ThreadLocal in fibers code
2015-06-12 Nicholas OrmrodSuppress clang memcpy warnings
2015-06-12 Alan FrindellTemporarily disable performWriteIovec
2015-06-12 Nicholas OrmrodRecycle heap on assignment
2015-06-12 Woo Xieopt proxygen with new SSL_write_iovec function
2015-06-11 Fifi Lyufix for Boost >= 1.56
2015-06-11 Sara GolemonCheck for python in configure
2015-06-11 Alexander Böhn... Keep from double-installing detail/Clock.h
2015-06-11 Hans FugalReplace thread_local with FOLLY_TLS
2015-06-11 Hans Fugaldisable ThreadExecutor in FutureTest.cpp, on OSX
2015-06-11 Hans FugalBuild and run futures tests on OSX
2015-06-11 Hans FugalFuture::unit()
2015-06-11 Woo Xierefactor the interpretation of SSL errors into a function
2015-06-11 Hans Fugaluse LifoSem instead of sem_t for ManualExecutor
2015-06-11 Hans Fugalfolly::via(Executor*, Func)
2015-06-11 Tudor BosmanMake IOBuf copyable
2015-06-11 James SedgwickRequestEventBaseCache -> IOObjectCache
2015-06-11 James Sedgwickwangle::getEventBase()
2015-06-11 James Sedgwickoptimize makeFuture and Future<T>::Future()
2015-06-10 Praveen KumarFix libc++ use
2015-06-10 Yadwinder GrewalFix capitalization error in
2015-06-10 Austin McKinleyFixing typos in