give EventBase a non-explicit default constructor
[folly.git] / folly / io / async / EventBase.h
2018-01-06 Eric Nieblergive EventBase a non-explicit default constructor
2017-12-05 Pingjia ShanFix RequestContext held too long issue in EventBase
2017-10-31 Teng QinImprove folly::RequestContext onSet and onUnset efficiency
2017-10-24 Christopher DykesConsistently have the namespace closing comment
2017-10-19 James Sedgwickmove CallOnce to synchronization/
2017-10-18 James Sedgwickmove futures/DrivableExecutor to executors/DrivableExecutor
2017-10-07 Yedidya FeldblumLet EventBase::runInEventBaseThreadAndWait consume...
2017-10-05 Yedidya FeldblumMake keepAliveRelease consistent between EventBase...
2017-10-04 Yedidya FeldblumMove keepalive-acquire code into Executor::keepAliveAcq...
2017-10-03 Yedidya FeldblumLet keep-alive tokens be destroyed from any thread
2017-07-31 Yedidya FeldblumConsistency in namespace-closing comments v2017.07.31.00
2017-07-13 Yedidya FeldblumSort #include lines
2017-06-21 Giuseppe OttavianoPrint expected/actual thread names when running EventBa...
2017-05-24 Victor Gaoapply clang-tidy modernize-use-override
2017-05-22 Christopher DykesShift the job of defining NOMINMAX into source rather...
2017-04-20 Andrii GrynenkoEventBaseLocal cleanup
2017-03-08 Andrii GrynenkoDefault VirtualEventBase
2017-02-09 Andrii GrynenkoAdd keepAlive() mechanism
2017-01-16 Christopher DykesDrop unneeded Pthread include
2017-01-16 Christopher DykesDon't use Pthread in EventBase
2017-01-07 Christopher Dykesstd::chrono'ize EventBase::loopBody
2017-01-07 Christopher Dykesstd::chrono'ize EventBase::setMaxLatency
2017-01-06 Christopher Dykesstd::chrono'ize EventBase::setLoadAvgMsec
2017-01-06 Christopher Dykesstd::chrono'ize EventBase::SmoothLoopTime
2017-01-04 Yedidya Feldblum2017
2017-01-03 Christopher DykesKill a dead constant in EventBase
2016-12-20 Eric Niebleruse folly::FunctionRef for EventBase::run(ImmediatelyOr...
2016-12-17 Yedidya FeldblumLet ScopedEventBaseThread destruct the EventBase in...
2016-12-15 Andrii GrynenkoMake FunctionLoopCallback available outside of EventBas...
2016-12-12 Christopher DykesFix some implicit truncation and sign coersion in the...
2016-11-17 Andrii GrynenkoVirtualEventBase
2016-11-15 Andrii GrynenkoThread-safe version of loopKeepAlive()
2016-11-15 Andrii GrynenkoMove runAfterDelay/tryRunAfterDelay into TimeoutManager
2016-11-14 Alejandro PeláezRevert D4164236: [EventBase] Move runAfterDelay/tryRunA... v2016.11.14.00
2016-11-12 Andrii GrynenkoMove runAfterDelay/tryRunAfterDelay into TimeoutManager
2016-09-08 Andrii GrynenkoRemove runAfterDrain()
2016-08-16 Christopher DykesUse a base hook rather than a member hook for EventBase...
2016-08-12 Sven Overprepare for folly::Executor taking folly::Function
2016-08-03 Mirek KlimosUnset RequestContext properly in EventBase::runLoopCall...
2016-08-02 Dave WatsonEnsure getVia(eventbase) does not busy wait
2016-07-26 Misha ShneersonFix gcpu regression associated with 1ms tick in HHWheel...
2016-06-30 Scott MichelsonGive each eventbase a wheeltimer
2016-06-14 Joseph GriegoEventBase keepAlive counter is not atomic
2016-06-11 Alexey SpiridonovDCHECK on reentrant invocations of loop()
2016-05-30 Christopher DykesInclude <folly/portability/PThread.h> where needed
2016-05-05 Andrii GrynenkoImplement LoopKeepAlive for EventBase
2016-04-27 Pavlo KushnirCheaper bumpHandlingTime
2016-04-10 Yedidya FeldblumSome cleanups to folly::EventBase after converting...
2016-04-07 Yedidya FeldblumUse folly::Function in folly::EventBase
2016-02-12 Mark Isaacsonfolly copyright 2015 -> copyright 2016
2016-01-28 Lucian Grijincufolly: ubsan: replace undefined call through reinterpre...
2015-12-06 Umair Sadiqfix for negative delay in runAfterDelay
2015-09-24 James Sedgwickrevert D2379210
2015-09-16 James Sedgwickuse HHWheelTimer for EventBase::runAfterDelay
2015-09-02 Haijun ZhuErasing Cpp2Worker in its evb thread
2015-08-14 Dave WatsonRemove dep on boost_thread
2015-07-31 Michael LeeNot to use EventBaseLocal on mobile
2015-07-30 Mark McDuffadd EventBase-local storage abstraction
2015-06-26 Dave WatsonFix stop_ thread race
2015-06-12 Praveen KumarGet *=default*ed default constructors
2015-06-03 Alecs Kingfix mem leak
2015-05-28 Andre PintoInstrument EventHandlers' execution
2015-05-12 Marcelo JuchemConvenience functions to wrap a lambda as an AsyncTimeout.
2015-04-02 Yedidya FeldblumEventBase::runImediatelyOrRunInEventBaseThreadAndWait.
2015-03-03 Nicholas OrmrodCopyright 2014->2015
2015-03-03 Haim GrosmanEventBase::runAfterDelay to throw an exception
2015-03-03 Andre PintoOptimize perf of EventBase with new option.
2015-03-03 Jim Meyeringfolly: avoid new warnings from -Winconsistent-missing...
2015-02-11 Yedidya FeldblumDedupe the implementations of EventBase::runInEventBase...
2015-02-09 Brad KimMerge commit '64f2f2734ad853784bdd260bcf31e065c47c0741...
2015-02-04 Yedidya FeldblumEventBase::runInEventLoopThreadAndWait.
2015-02-02 James SedgwickgetVia() and waitVia()
2014-12-18 James Sedgwickmove wangle/Executor.h to folly/ root
2014-12-11 James Sedgwickfuture_* callbacks in ThreadManager thread
2014-12-11 James Sedgwickadd consumeUntilDrained API to NotificationQueue::Consumer
2014-11-19 Dave WatsonClean up runBeforeLoop API
2014-11-19 Hans FugalHave EventBase implement wangle::Executor
2014-10-29 Dave WatsonAdd MemoryIdler suppot to IOThreadPoolExecutor
2014-10-15 James Sedgwickmove TEventBaseManager to folly/io/async/EventBaseManager
2014-08-14 Marc HorowitzDon't check for thread running in terminateLoopSoon()
2014-07-01 Tudor BosmanCodemod: use #include angle brackets in folly and thrift
2014-06-26 Yunqi ZhangExpose EVLOOP_NONBLOCK
2014-06-09 Stepan PalamarchukIntroduce destruction callbacks
2014-05-20 Dave WatsonQueueBenchmark set max read at once
2014-04-04 Stepan PalamarchukAdd loopOnce() method to folly::EventBase
2014-03-31 Dave WatsonEventBase cleanup
2014-03-18 Dave WatsonMove thrift/lib/cpp/async to folly.