Add getCommonName and getSubjectAltName Cert utility helpers
[folly.git] / folly /
2017-02-21 Michael LeeAdd getCommonName and getSubjectAltName Cert utility...
2017-02-15 Phil WilloughbyReplace the future-splitting system
2017-02-08 Ameya LimayeThrow custom exception type when ABD fails a result...
2017-02-04 Andrey IgnatovExpose testing callbacks from AsyncSocketTest2.
2017-02-01 Scott MichelsonMPMCQueue Wrapper with priorities
2017-01-30 Michael LeeFix folly/
2017-01-30 Michael LeeSplit up experimental/TestUtil
2017-01-27 Christopher DykesMove the Environment portability header to the stdlib...
2017-01-25 Daniel SommermannSplit out SSL test server for reuse
2017-01-07 Yedidya FeldblumRemove <glog/logging.h> from folly/Indestructible.h
2017-01-05 Yedidya FeldblumBackport ceil, floor, round from C++17 std::chrono
2017-01-03 Yedidya FeldblumDrop the boost dependency from Traits.h and FBVector.h
2016-12-29 Anirudh RamachandranAdd OpenSSL portability layer
2016-12-29 Yedidya Feldblumfolly::copy
2016-12-27 Adrian HamzaMake UncaughtExceptionCounter public
2016-12-22 Yedidya FeldblumMove Thrower into exception_wrapper
2016-12-17 Yedidya FeldblumLet ScopedEventBaseThread destruct the EventBase in...
2016-12-17 Yedidya FeldblumSplit EventBaseThread from ScopedEventBaseThread
2016-12-15 Wez Furlongadd folly::init to libfolly for OSS build
2016-12-13 Philip Proninmove JemallocNodumpAllocator to folly/experimental
2016-12-07 Yedidya FeldblumCut some includes from Executor.h
2016-12-07 Eric Niebleradd folly::FixedString, a constexpr-usable string with...
2016-11-30 Teng QinAdd optional Tracepoint for RequestContext switch
2016-11-25 Christopher DykesRevert D4214296: [Folly] Include init/Init.cpp
2016-11-21 Zach AmsdenInclude init/Init.cpp
2016-11-18 Phil WilloughbyExplain crash when exception is thrown from Scope Guard
2016-11-17 Andrii GrynenkoVirtualEventBase
2016-11-17 Lucian Grijincufolly: ExceptionWrapper: remove <iostream> from header
2016-11-17 Christopher DykesAdd folly::getCurrentThreadID()
2016-11-15 Andrii GrynenkoMove runAfterDelay/tryRunAfterDelay into TimeoutManager
2016-11-14 Alejandro PeláezRevert D4164236: [EventBase] Move runAfterDelay/tryRunA... v2016.11.14.00
2016-11-12 Andrii GrynenkoMove runAfterDelay/tryRunAfterDelay into TimeoutManager
2016-11-10 Tudor BosmanAdd include files necessary to use symbolizer
2016-11-04 Zach AmsdenAdd StringKeyedMap/Set.h to OSS build
2016-11-02 Tudor BosmanCompile RangeSse42.cpp with -msse4.2
2016-10-31 Ameya LimayeImplement AtomicBatchDispatcher in folly::fibers
2016-10-13 Matthieu MartinProvide a unpackTryTuple function in folly
2016-10-12 Christopher DykesFix build on Mac OSX Sierra
2016-10-03 Shubhanshu Agrawaladd BatchDispatcher
2016-09-26 Anirudh RamachandranSSL_SESSION wrapper
2016-09-16 Dominik Gabimove `shellQuote` to implementation file v2016.09.19.00
2016-09-15 Dominik Gabiformatting support for `Subprocess::shellify`
2016-09-10 Christopher DykesAdd portability headers for GTest and GMock
2016-09-07 Nathan Bronsoninteger division with controlled rounding in Math.h
2016-08-29 Andrii GrynenkoResolve fibers-futures dependency
2016-08-29 Jon Maltiel SwensonFix up TokenBucket.h in Makefile headers
2016-08-26 Lee HowesAdded fiber-compatible semaphore.
2016-08-26 David GoldblattAdd CachelinePadded<T> to folly.
2016-08-24 Andrii GrynenkoCycle detection
2016-08-22 Christopher DykesFixup a reference to detail/FunctionalExcept.cpp
2016-08-19 Christopher DykesMove detail/FunctionalExcept to portability/BitsFunctexcept
2016-08-17 Michael LeeMove the type_traits portability header into its own...
2016-08-17 Andrii Grynenkofolly::Observer
2016-08-16 Sven OverIntroducing folly::partial
2016-08-16 Yedidya FeldblumScopedBoundPort
2016-08-15 Eric NieblerAdd folly::Expected, an alternative to exceptions for...
2016-08-11 Yedidya FeldblumRemove ConditionallyExistent, because it violates the...
2016-08-01 Yedidya FeldblumRemove the glog header include from Assume.h
2016-07-24 Qinfan WuAdd helper functions for mallctl
2016-07-19 Christopher DykesWrappers folly::chrono::clock_gettime and clock_gettime_ns
2016-07-19 Steve MuirGenerate a pkg-config file for Folly
2016-07-19 Andrii GrynenkoUse membarrier in TLRefCount
2016-07-18 Christopher DykesAdd an Atomic portability header
2016-07-13 Kyle NekritzMove DecoratedAsyncTransportWrapper and WriteChainAsync...
2016-07-09 Yedidya FeldblumMove IPAddress definitions to source files
2016-07-06 Giuseppe OttavianoPython-like enumerate()
2016-07-06 Adam Simpkinsadd LockTraits
2016-07-01 Misha Shneersonstop_watch is moved to folly
2016-06-24 Marcus Holland-MoritzFix uses of std::nextafter on Android
2016-06-17 Yedidya FeldblumWrappers for some of OpenSSL's crypto hash functions
2016-06-10 Ben HamiltonMake Fibers library conditional on working Boost.Contex...
2016-06-10 Marcus Holland-MoritzGet rid of circular dependency when including Exception...
2016-05-28 Adam Simpkinsadd Cursor::readWhile() and skipWhile()
2016-05-26 Adam Simpkinsmove io/Cursor-defs.h to io/Cursor.cpp
2016-05-19 Yedidya FeldblumExtract Try to top-level
2016-05-19 Andrii GrynenkoMove fibers out of experimental
2016-05-18 Yedidya FeldblumExtract Unit to top-level
2016-05-14 Yedidya FeldblumA thread-per-task executor
2016-05-12 Christopher DykesMake the sys/uio.h portability header work for Windows
2016-05-11 Subodh Iyengarwangle support for TFO
2016-05-11 Christopher DykesAdd a compatibility shim for working with libevent...
2016-05-06 Christopher DykesCreate the stdio.h portability header
2016-05-06 Christopher DykesCreate the unistd.h portability header
2016-05-04 Christopher DykesCreate the stdlib.h portability header
2016-05-04 Christopher DykesCreate the fcntl.h portability header
2016-05-04 Christopher DykesCreate the sockets portability header
2016-04-28 Subodh IyengarStop abusing errno
2016-04-27 Eric NieblerReimplement folly::Function to improve compile times.
2016-04-19 Mark IsaacsonAdd make_array to folly
2016-04-16 Andrii GrynenkoNon-intrusive AtomicLinkedList
2016-04-15 Christopher DykesRemove the strings.h portability header
2016-04-12 Michael LeeSorry, forgot to add portability/Memory.cpp
2016-04-07 Alexey SpiridonovDynamicParser to reliably and reversibly convert JSON...
2016-04-02 Christopher DykesAdd portability header for libgen.h
2016-04-02 Christopher DykesCreate a portability header for syslog.h
2016-04-01 Christopher DykesCreate the Builtins portability header
2016-04-01 Christopher DykesCreate the dirent.h portability header
2016-04-01 Christopher DykesCreate the pthread.h portability header
2016-03-31 Christopher DykesCreate the sys/resource.h portability header
2016-03-31 Christopher DykesCreate a malloc.h portability header