2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: add overloaded getNode_noCreate()
2013-02-06 Brian Norrismodel: add promise-node edges for 'read' actions
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: template-ize checkReachable()
2013-02-06 Brian Norrismodel: template-ize 'r_modification_order'
2013-02-06 Brian Norrisaction: fixup printing for RMW/RMWR
2013-02-06 Brian Norrisaction: store Promise in ModelAction
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: add full promise resolution, node merging
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: add CycleNode::resolvePromise(), CycleNode...
2013-02-06 Brian Norrispromise: add is_compatible()
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: map Promises to Promise nodes
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: template for addEdge()
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: rename addEdge() to addNodeEdge()
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: add removeEdge(), removeBackEdge()
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: add Promise CycleNode
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: trivial shortening
2013-02-06 Brian NorrisMakfile: add 'make pdfs' target to build PDF from ...
2013-02-06 Brian Norrismodel: don't print scheduler randomly
2013-02-02 Brian Norrisaction: fix incorrect comment
2013-02-02 Brian NorrisDoxyfile: don't recurse into all directories
2013-01-31 Brian Norriscyclegraph: use vector empty() and clear()
2013-01-29 Brian Norrisnodestack/model: spacing
2013-01-28 Brian Norrispromise: update names/comments
2013-01-25 Brian Norriscyclegraph: RMW atomicity violation must flag a cycle
2013-01-25 Brian Norriscyclegraph: reformat, improve 'addRMWEdge' comments
2013-01-25 Brian Norriscyclegraph: separate an 'addEdge(CycleNode *, CycleNode...
2013-01-25 Brian Norrismodel: remove ModelChecker::is_infeasible_ignoreRMW()
2013-01-24 Brian Norrismodel: add immediate future value for RMW reordering
2013-01-24 Brian Norriscyclegraph: detect cycles immediately
2013-01-24 Brian Norrispromise: bugfix - a disabled thread should not be elimi...
2013-01-24 Brian Norrismodel: modify promises on THREAD_{CREATE,FINISH}
2013-01-24 Brian Norrispromise: associate Promises with a set of threads
2013-01-24 Brian Norrisaction: record future value
2013-01-24 Brian Norrisfuture_value: add thread ID parameter
2013-01-24 Brian Norrisnodestack: pass 'struct future_value' to add_future_value()
2013-01-24 Brian Norrismodel: add const to get_thread(ModelAction *act)
2013-01-24 Brian Norrismodel: fixup indentation, spelling in comment
2013-01-24 Brian Norrismodel: style
2013-01-24 Brian Norrismodel: remove local variable
2013-01-23 Brian Norrispromise: SnapshotAlloc for vector
2013-01-23 Brian Norrispromise: refactor has_failed()
2013-01-23 Brian Norrispromise: move thread_is_eliminated()
2013-01-23 Brian Norrispromise: rename has_sync_thread() -> thread_is_eliminated()
2013-01-23 Brian Norrispromise: rename check_promise() -> has_failed()
2013-01-23 Brian Norrispromise: refactor eliminate_thread()/check_promise()
2013-01-23 Brian Norrispromise: rename increment_threads() -> eliminate_thread()
2013-01-23 Brian Norrisnodestack: add const
2013-01-23 Brian Norrispromise: construct with a 'future_value' struct
2013-01-23 Brian Norrisnodestack/promise: move future_value struct, update...
2013-01-23 Brian Norrisnodestack: pass writer ModelAction to add_future_value()
2013-01-23 Brian Norrisnodestack: eliminate get_future_value_expiration()
2013-01-23 Brian Norrisnodestack: remove extra blank lines
2013-01-23 Brian Norrisremove #include <list>
2013-01-23 Brian Norrisnodestack: improve debug print() method
2013-01-23 Brian Demskyfix bug in promise handling code...
2013-01-23 Brian Norrispromise: fixup style
2013-01-22 Brian Norristest: rmwprog: support command-line argument
2013-01-19 Brian Norrisnodestack: improve debug prints
2013-01-19 Brian Norrisschedule: improve scheduler printing
2013-01-19 Brian Norrisschedule: allow Schedule::print() even in non-DEBUG...
2013-01-17 Brian Norrismodel: bugfix - sleep sets are NOT directly compatible...
2013-01-16 Brian Norrislitmus: iriw: allow command-line switch 's' for seq_cst
2013-01-16 Brian Norrislitmus: iriw: use release/acquire, not release/relaxed
2013-01-16 Brian Norristests: litmus: link up Makefile properly
2013-01-15 Brian Norristest: litmus: add litmus tests from Nitpicking C++
2013-01-15 Brian Norristest: Makefile: add $(BASE) variable
2013-01-10 Brian Norrismodel: reformat execution trace prints
2013-01-10 Brian Norrismodel: spelling mistake
2013-01-10 Brian Norrismodel: fixup "infeasible" messages
2013-01-09 Brian Norriscyclegraph: add documentation
2013-01-09 Brian Norriscyclegraph: remove redundant code
2013-01-09 Brian Norriscyclegraph: add edgeCreatesCycle() function
2013-01-09 Brian Norriscyclegraph: add const
2013-01-08 Brian Norrismodel: add 'add_future_value()' wrapper
2013-01-08 Brian Norrismodel: add PendingFutureValue constructor
2013-01-08 Brian Demskynew test case
2013-01-04 Brian Norriscyclegraph: add back edges to CycleNode
2013-01-04 Brian Norrishashtable: style
2013-01-04 Brian Norriscyclegraph: add putNode() helper
2013-01-04 Brian Norrishashtable: style
2013-01-04 Brian Norrispromise: style fixup
2013-01-04 Brian Norriscyclegraph: fix insignificant memory leak
2013-01-03 Brian Norriscyclegraph: small cleanup
2013-01-03 Brian Norrishashtable: add const
2013-01-03 Brian Norrishashtable: fixup style
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot: more renaming
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot-interface: bugfix - reorder constructor params
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot-interface: rename, clean up
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot-interface: change hand-coded stack to vector
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot: turn C++ interface into C interface
2013-01-03 Brian Norrisfixup style
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot: more renaming
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot: add (unused) mprot_snapshotter destructor
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot: rename HandlePF -> mprot_handle_pf
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot: add constructor for mprot_snapshotter
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot: separate struct SnapShot naming
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot: edit capitalization in comment
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot: combine public interfaces
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot: split up fork-based and mprotect-based snapsh...
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot: remove SSDEBUG
2013-01-03 Brian Norrisdissolve snapshotimp.h