descriptionC11 Tester Tool Public Repository
ownerBrian Demsky
last changeWed, 16 Sep 2020 23:24:29 +0000 (16:24 -0700)
2020-09-16 weiyuRemove unused headers master
2020-09-16 weiyuRemove unused functions and optimize data race checking...
2020-09-16 weiyuAdd memmove and bzero
2020-09-15 weiyuAdd back model_thread; it is still needed
2020-09-15 weiyuFix a bug in memcpy, implement memset, and remove model...
2020-09-15 weiyuTry to catch data races for memcpy
2020-09-11 weiyuImplement timedwait
2020-09-10 weiyuImplement spurious wakeup for ATOMIC_WAIT
2020-09-09 weiyuAdd file
2020-09-05 weiyuAdd support for epoll
2020-09-05 weiyuChange initialize a bit
2020-09-05 weiyufix mutex_trylock bug
2020-09-04 weiyusmall changes
2020-09-03 weiyuFind a faster way to get currently executing thread...
2020-09-03 weiyuRemove unused functions
2020-09-02 weiyuSmall changes; slightly faster than tsan11rec in jsbenc...
10 months ago vagrant
13 months ago master