2013-02-23 Brian Norrismodel: bugfix - inherit future values from previous...
2013-02-23 Brian Norrisnodestack: don't use C++ references
2013-02-23 Brian Norrismodel: correct the "no valid reads" assertion
2013-02-23 Brian Norrispromise: stash the whole future_value
2013-02-22 Brian Norristest: fences: add simple, semi-useful fence tests
2013-02-22 Brian Norristest: add double-read-fv
2013-02-22 Brian Norrisaction: backtrack/sleep-sets for seq-cst fences
2013-02-22 Brian Norrismodel: wake up pending (sleep-set) actions for fences
2013-02-21 Brian Norrismodel: only backtrack fences when acquire is before...
2013-02-21 Brian Norrismodel: document get_last{,_fence}_conflict()
2013-02-21 Brian Norrismodel: schedule appropriate fence backtracking points
2013-02-21 Brian Norrismodel: convert while-loops to for-loops
2013-02-20 Brian Norrismodel: add 'const'
2013-02-20 Brian Norrisinclude: fixup header inclusion
2013-02-20 Brian Norrisdon't include action.h from model.h
2013-02-20 Brian Norrismodel/action: move action_list_t to model.h
2013-02-20 Brian Norrispromise: move constructor out of header
2013-02-16 Brian Norrisscheduler: refactor round-robin loop
2013-02-16 Brian Norrismodel: end-of-execution print
2013-02-16 Brian Norrismodel: improve get_next_thread() comments
2013-02-15 Brian Norrisschedule: simplify Scheduler::select_next_thread()
2013-02-15 Brian Norrismodel: pull scheduler's thread selection into get_next_...
2013-02-15 Brian Norrisschedule: split Scheduler::next_thread() into separate...
2013-02-15 Brian Norrismodel: factor out a 'switch_from_master()' function
2013-02-15 Brian Norrismodel: rework the release sequence fixups
2013-02-15 Brian Norrismodel: simple refactoring
2013-02-15 Brian Norrismodel/threads: add documentation comments
2013-02-15 Brian Norrismodel: fix leaking "pending actions"
2013-02-15 Brian Norrismodel: add 'pending' assertion
2013-02-15 Brian Norrismodel: stash all pending actions immediately
2013-02-15 Brian Norrismodel: pull 'has_asserted()' check out of take_step()
2013-02-15 Brian Norristhreads: bugfix - do not call thread_current() from...
2013-02-15 Brian Norrismodel: stash actions in each thread
2013-02-15 Brian Norrismodel: return next thread from take_step()
2013-02-14 Brian Norristhreads/model: allocate Thread from w/in ModelChecker
2013-02-14 Brian Norrisschedule: assert that model-checker thread doesn't...
2013-02-12 Brian Norrismodel: set thread state during 'swap' calls
2013-02-12 Brian NorrisMerge branch 'fences'
2013-02-12 Brian Norrispromise: use id_to_int()
2013-02-12 Brian Norrismodel: prune may-read-from set early
2013-02-12 Brian Norrisaction: bugfix - initialize member
2013-02-12 Brian Norrismodel: rewrite mo_check_promises
2013-02-09 Brian Norrismodel: remove argument from mo_check_promises
2013-02-09 Brian Norriscyclegraph: possible optimization
2013-02-09 Brian Norrismodel: rename according to the comments
2013-02-07 Brian Norrismodel: add read-write coherence for promise nodes
2013-02-07 Brian Norrispromise: update comments/names to reflect usage
2013-02-07 Brian Norriscyclegraph: expand template usage
2013-02-06 Brian Norrismodel: refactor to use a helper function
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: don't delete promise nodes
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: fixup support for dumping the modification...
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: mergeNodes(): return early if we violate RMW
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: refactor for indentation
2013-02-06 Brian NorrisMakefile / git: cleanup generated .dot and .pdf files
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: add wrappers for some common functionality
2013-02-06 Brian Norrismodel: fully utilize Promise nodes in CycleGraph
2013-02-06 Brian Norrismodel: cosmetic improvements to resolve_promises()
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: move function definitions out of header
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: template-ize addRMWEdge()
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: bugfix - pop edges properly
2013-02-06 Brian Norrismodel: add write-to-promise edges
2013-02-06 Brian Norrispromise: add is_compatible_exclusive()
2013-02-06 Brian Norrispromise: add const
2013-02-06 Brian Norrismodel: utilize CycleGraph 'addEdge()' status
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: return 'added' status for addEdge()
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: add documentation
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: bugfix - only use concrete writes to elimin...
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: edit template for checkReachable
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: edit template for addEdge
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: add overloaded getNode_noCreate()
2013-02-06 Brian Norrismodel: add promise-node edges for 'read' actions
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: template-ize checkReachable()
2013-02-06 Brian Norrismodel: template-ize 'r_modification_order'
2013-02-06 Brian Norrisaction: fixup printing for RMW/RMWR
2013-02-06 Brian Norrisaction: store Promise in ModelAction
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: add full promise resolution, node merging
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: add CycleNode::resolvePromise(), CycleNode...
2013-02-06 Brian Norrispromise: add is_compatible()
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: map Promises to Promise nodes
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: template for addEdge()
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: rename addEdge() to addNodeEdge()
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: add removeEdge(), removeBackEdge()
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: add Promise CycleNode
2013-02-06 Brian Norriscyclegraph: trivial shortening
2013-02-06 Brian NorrisMakfile: add 'make pdfs' target to build PDF from ...
2013-02-06 Brian Norrismodel: don't print scheduler randomly
2013-02-02 Brian Norrisaction: fix incorrect comment
2013-02-02 Brian NorrisDoxyfile: don't recurse into all directories
2013-01-31 Brian Norriscyclegraph: use vector empty() and clear()
2013-01-29 Brian Norrisnodestack/model: spacing
2013-01-28 Brian Norrispromise: update names/comments
2013-01-25 Brian Norriscyclegraph: RMW atomicity violation must flag a cycle
2013-01-25 Brian Norriscyclegraph: reformat, improve 'addRMWEdge' comments
2013-01-25 Brian Norriscyclegraph: separate an 'addEdge(CycleNode *, CycleNode...
2013-01-25 Brian Norrismodel: remove ModelChecker::is_infeasible_ignoreRMW()
2013-01-24 Brian Norrismodel: add immediate future value for RMW reordering
2013-01-24 Brian Norriscyclegraph: detect cycles immediately
2013-01-24 Brian Norrispromise: bugfix - a disabled thread should not be elimi...
2013-01-24 Brian Norrismodel: modify promises on THREAD_{CREATE,FINISH}
2013-01-24 Brian Norrispromise: associate Promises with a set of threads