MergedLoadStoreMotion pass
[oota-llvm.git] / lib / Transforms / Scalar / CMakeLists.txt
2014-07-18 Gerolf HoflehnerMergedLoadStoreMotion pass
2014-06-13 Jiangning LiuMove GlobalMerge from Transform to CodeGen.
2014-05-29 Michael J. SpencerAdd LoadCombine pass.
2014-05-01 Benjamin KramerUpdate and sort CMakeLists.
2014-02-22 Quentin Colombet[CodeGenPrepare] Move CodeGenPrepare into lib/CodeGen.
2014-01-25 Juergen RibutzkaRevert "Revert "Add Constant Hoisting Pass" (r200034)"
2014-01-25 Hans WennborgRevert "Add Constant Hoisting Pass" (r200034)
2014-01-24 Juergen RibutzkaAdd Constant Hoisting Pass
2014-01-24 Juergen RibutzkaRevert "Add Constant Hoisting Pass"
2014-01-24 Juergen RibutzkaAdd Constant Hoisting Pass
2013-11-22 Richard SandifordAdd a Scalarizer pass.
2013-11-16 Hal FinkelAdd a loop rerolling pass
2013-11-13 Diego NovilloSampleProfileLoader pass. Initial setup.
2013-09-14 Chandler CarruthRemove the long, long defunct IR block placement pass.
2013-08-23 Richard SandifordTurn MipsOptimizeMathLibCalls into a target-independent...
2013-08-06 Tom StellardFactor FlattenCFG out from SimplifyCFG
2013-06-20 Meador IngeRemove the simplify-libcalls pass (finally)
2013-06-19 Matt ArsenaultMove StructurizeCFG out of R600 to generic Transforms.
2013-01-28 Michael GottesmanExtracted ObjCARC.cpp into its own library libLLVMObjCA...
2012-09-14 Chandler CarruthIntroduce a new SROA implementation.
2012-07-20 Nuno Lopesmove the bounds checking pass to the instrumentation...
2012-06-24 NAKAMURA Takumillvm/lib: [CMake] Add explicit dependency to intrinsics...
2012-05-22 Nuno Lopeshopefully fix the CMake build. sorry for breakage
2011-11-29 Daniel Dunbarbuild/CMake: Finish removal of add_llvm_library_depende...
2011-10-17 Michael J. SpencerFix CMake build.
2011-08-30 Rafael EspindolaRemove the old tail duplication pass. It is not used...
2011-07-29 Chandler CarruthRewrite the CMake build to use explicit dependencies...
2011-06-15 John McCallThe ARC language-specific optimizer. Credit to Dan...
2011-02-28 Ted KremenekUnbreak CMake build.
2011-02-28 Chris Lattnerupdate cmake
2011-01-03 Michael J. SpencerCMake: Add missing source file.
2011-01-03 Cameron ZwarichAdd a new loop-instsimplify pass, with the intention...
2010-12-26 Chris LattnerStart of a pass for recognizing memset and memcpy idioms.
2010-10-08 Daniel DunbarUpdate CMake.
2010-09-28 Oscar FuentesRemoved a bunch of unnecessary target_link_libraries.
2010-09-13 Michael J. SpencerRevert "CMake: Get rid of LLVMLibDeps.cmake and export...
2010-09-10 Michael J. SpencerCMake: Get rid of LLVMLibDeps.cmake and export the...
2010-08-31 Owen AndersonRename file to something more descriptive.
2010-08-28 Chris Lattnerremove the ABCD and SSI passes. They don't have any...
2010-08-28 Benjamin KramerUpdate CMake build. Add newline at end of file.
2010-08-03 Peter CollingbourneAdd an atomic lowering pass
2010-05-07 Ted KremenekUpdate CMake build.
2010-04-13 Owen AndersonRemove SCCVN from the CMake build system.
2010-02-09 Eric ChristopherPull these back out, they're a little too aggressive...
2010-02-09 Eric ChristopherAdd file in here too.
2010-01-04 Chris Lattnermove instcombine to its own library, it's past time.
2009-11-11 Chris Lattnerremove the now dead condprop pass, PR3906.
2009-10-31 Dan GohmanUpdate CMakeLists for recent renames.
2009-10-31 Dan GohmanRemove CodeGenLICM. It's largely obsoleted by MachineLI...
2009-10-28 Benjamin KramerUpdate CMake file.
2009-10-27 Mike StumpVS build fix, patch by Marius Wachtler.
2009-10-26 Ted KremenekUpdate CMake files.
2009-10-06 Ted KremenekUpdate CMake file.
2009-10-01 Douglas GregorRemove GVNPRE.cpp from the CMake makefile
2009-09-17 Daniel DunbarUpdate CMake.
2009-06-26 Douglas GregorFix linking of llvm-ld and lli with CMake, from Xerxes...
2008-11-05 Oscar FuentesCMake: updated list of source files.
2008-09-22 Oscar FuentesInitial support for the CMake build system.