[PPC] Disassemble little endian ppc instructions in the right byte order
[oota-llvm.git] / lib / Target / PowerPC / Disassembler / PPCDisassembler.cpp
2015-07-15 Benjamin Kramer[PPC] Disassemble little endian ppc instructions in...
2015-05-26 Michael KupersteinUse std::bitset for SubtargetFeatures.
2015-05-13 Jim GrosbachMC: Modernize MCOperand API naming. NFC.
2015-05-13 Michael KupersteinReverting r237234, "Use std::bitset for SubtargetFeatures"
2015-05-13 Michael KupersteinUse std::bitset for SubtargetFeatures
2015-05-07 Nemanja IvanovicAdd VSX Scalar loads and stores to the PPC back end
2015-04-11 Alexander KornienkoUse 'override/final' instead of 'virtual' for overridde...
2015-03-25 Kit BartonAdd Hardware Transactional Memory (HTM) Support
2015-03-24 Michael KupersteinRevert "Use std::bitset for SubtargetFeatures"
2015-03-24 Michael KupersteinUse std::bitset for SubtargetFeatures
2015-02-25 Hal Finkel[PowerPC] Add support for the QPX vector instruction set
2014-11-12 Rafael EspindolaPass an ArrayRef to MCDisassembler::getInstruction.
2014-11-10 Rafael EspindolaMisc style fixes. NFC.
2014-09-03 Benjamin KramerAdd override to overriden virtual methods, remove virtu...
2014-04-21 Chandler Carruth[Modules] Make Support/Debug.h modular. This requires...
2014-04-15 Lang Hames[MC] Require an MCContext when constructing an MCDisass...
2014-03-29 Hal Finkel[PowerPC] Add subregister classes for f64 VSX values
2014-03-13 Hal Finkel[PowerPC] Initial support for the VSX instruction set
2014-03-02 Craig TopperSwitch all uses of LLVM_OVERRIDE to just use 'override...
2013-12-19 Hal FinkelAdd a disassembler to the PowerPC backend