Moving FileManager::removeDotPaths to llvm::sys::path::remove_dots
[oota-llvm.git] / lib / Support / Path.cpp
2015-11-09 Mike AizatskyMoving FileManager::removeDotPaths to llvm::sys::path...
2015-11-02 Pawel Bylica[Support] Extend sys::path with user_cache_directory...
2015-10-22 Pawel BylicaUse range-based for loop in sys::path::append(). NFC.
2015-10-05 Benjamin Kramer[Support] Add a version of fs::make_absolute with a...
2015-09-02 Douglas KatzmanMove twice-repeated clang path operation into a new...
2015-08-06 Frederic RissThread premissions through sys::fs::create_director...
2015-07-22 Rafael EspindolaIdentify thin archives as archives.
2015-07-15 Rafael EspindolaSimplify a few uses of remove_filename by using parent_...
2015-03-23 Benjamin KramerPurge unused includes throughout libSupport.
2015-03-10 Ben LangmuirDon't treat .foo as two path components in path::iterators
2015-03-02 Rui UeyamaUse read{16,32,64}{le,be}() instead of *reinterpret_cas...
2015-02-25 Justin BognerObject: Handle Mach-O kext bundle files
2015-02-12 Zachary TurnerRevert "Change Path::filename_pos() to skip the drive...
2015-02-11 Zachary TurnerChange Path::filename_pos() to skip the drive letter.
2015-01-23 Michael J. Spencer[Object][ELF] Test unknown type.
2015-01-14 Chandler Carruth[cleanup] Re-sort all the #include lines in LLVM using
2014-12-18 Juergen RibutzkaAdd missing implementation of 'sys::path::is_other...
2014-11-18 Michael J. SpencerSupport ELF files of unknown type.
2014-11-05 David Majnemerllvm-readobj: Add support for dumping the DOS header...
2014-09-17 Nick KledzikFix identify_magic() with mach-o stub dylibs.
2014-09-11 Rui UeyamaSupport: Use llvm::COFF::BigObjMagic
2014-09-11 Rui UeyamaSupport: improve identify_magic to recognize COFF bigobj
2014-09-11 Rafael EspindolaMisc cleanups to the FileSytem api.
2014-08-30 Craig TopperFix some cases where StringRef was being passed by...
2014-08-26 Rafael EspindolaMerge TempDir and system_temp_directory.
2014-08-26 Dylan NoblesmithRevert "Support/Path: remove raw delete"
2014-08-25 Dylan NoblesmithSupport/Path: remove raw delete
2014-08-08 Rafael EspindolaFix the windows build.
2014-08-08 Rafael EspindolaConvert from Windows to Unix paths in sys::path::native.
2014-08-04 Justin BognerPath: Stop claiming path::const_iterator is bidirectional
2014-06-25 Rafael EspindolaDon't leak a file descriptor.
2014-06-25 Logan ChienCode cleanup.
2014-06-19 Justin BognerSupport: Add llvm::sys::fs::copy_file
2014-06-13 Rafael EspindolaFinishing touch for the std::error_code transition.
2014-06-13 Rafael EspindolaRemove 'using std::errro_code' from lib.
2014-06-12 Rafael EspindolaDon't use 'using std::error_code' in include/llvm.
2014-06-12 Rafael EspindolaDon't put generic_category in the llvm namespace.
2014-06-11 Rafael EspindolaImplement get_magic with generic tools and inline it.
2014-06-11 Rafael EspindolaRemove unused has_magic.
2014-06-11 Rafael EspindolaUse std::error_code instead of llvm::error_code.
2014-05-31 Rafael EspindolaUse error_code() instead of error_code::succes()
2014-05-16 Yaron KerenFix hardcoded slash to native path seperator which...
2014-04-07 Craig Topper[C++11] Make use of 'nullptr' in the Support library.
2014-03-20 Rafael EspindolaRemove dead and incorrect code.
2014-03-13 Saleem AbdulrasoolSupport: add support to identify WinCOFF/ARM objects
2014-03-05 Ben LangmuirFix an inconsistency in treatment of trailing / in...
2014-02-24 Rafael EspindolaReplace the F_Binary flag with a F_Text one.
2014-02-24 Rafael EspindolaShare a createUniqueEntity implementation between unix...
2014-02-23 Rafael EspindolaSimplify remove, create_directory and create_directories.
2014-02-13 Rafael EspindolaUse mkdir instead of stat+mkdir.
2014-02-12 David Fang_CS_DARWIN_USER macros available on darwin>=9. Thanks...
2014-02-11 Aaron BallmanUsing the helper API for random number generation.
2014-01-24 Alp TokerFix known typos
2014-01-10 Rafael EspindolaRemove remove_all. A compiler has no need for recursive...
2013-11-15 Rui UeyamaPath: Recognize COFF import library file magic.
2013-11-14 Rui UeyamaRecognize 0x0000 as a COFF file magic.
2013-10-16 Rui UeyamaFix a bug in Windows resource file detection.
2013-10-15 Rui UeyamaPath: Recognize Windows compiled resource file.
2013-09-11 Benjamin KramerPath: Add an in-place version of path::native.
2013-08-12 Tareq A. SirajFixes a bug when iterating on paths
2013-07-29 Rafael EspindolaInclude st_dev to make the result of getUniqueID actual...
2013-07-25 Rafael EspindolaDon't end a file name with a dot. It looks odd.
2013-07-19 Rafael EspindolaSplit openFileForWrite into windows and unix versions.
2013-07-17 Rafael EspindolaSplit openFileForRead into Windows and Unix versions.
2013-07-16 Rafael EspindolaAdd a wrapper for open.
2013-07-05 Rafael EspindolaRemove unique_file now that it is unused.
2013-07-05 Rafael EspindolaAdd a createUniqueFile function and switch llvm's users...
2013-07-05 Rafael EspindolaAdd a higher level createTemporaryFile function.
2013-06-28 Rafael EspindolaImprove comment.
2013-06-28 Rafael EspindolaImprovements to unique_file and createUniqueDirectory.
2013-06-28 Rafael EspindolaDon't ask for a mode when we are not keeping the file.
2013-06-27 Rafael EspindolaAdd a convenience createUniqueDirectory function.
2013-06-26 Rafael EspindolaRename PathV2 to just Path now that it is the only...
2013-06-26 Rafael EspindolaPathV1 is deprecated since the 18th of Dec 2010. Remove it.
2013-06-19 Rafael EspindolaRemove Path::isObjectFile.
2013-06-12 Rafael EspindolaInline Path::isBitcodeFile into only use and remove it.
2013-06-12 Rafael EspindolaRemove Path::hasMagicNumber.
2013-06-11 Rafael EspindolaInclude PathV1.h in files that use it.
2013-06-11 Rafael EspindolaRemove Path::getDirname.
2013-06-11 Rafael EspindolaRemove GetDLLSuffix.
2013-06-11 Rafael EspindolaRemove GetSystemLibraryPaths.
2013-06-11 Rafael EspindolaRemove unused FindLibrary function.
2013-06-11 Rafael EspindolaRemove sys::identifyFileType.
2013-06-10 Rafael EspindolaPass a StringRef to sys::identifyFileType.
2013-06-10 Rafael EspindolaFix an out of bounds array access.
2013-06-10 Rafael EspindolaUpdate for current naming conventions.
2012-12-21 Roman DivackyRemove duplicate includes.
2012-12-03 Chandler CarruthUse the new script to sort the includes of every file...
2012-06-25 Meador IngePR13013: ELF Type identification fails for MSB type...
2011-12-13 Michael J. SpencerSupport/FileSystem: Add file_magic and move a vew clien...
2011-12-13 Michael J. SpencerCleanup whitespace.
2011-11-01 Eli FriedmanRemove a couple unused methods. PR11201.
2011-09-14 Benjamin KramerObjectFile: Add support for mach-o-style dSYM companion...
2011-04-22 Eric ChristopherAdd support for 64-bit object files to Path.
2011-04-03 Eric ChristopherAssorted bugfixes in object file handling:
2011-01-15 Michael J. SpencerSupport/PathV2: Add identify_magic.
2011-01-10 Michael J. SpencerSupport/Path: Deprecate PathV1::exists and replace...
2010-12-28 Michael J. SpencerSupport/Path: Deprecate Path::hasMagicNumber and replac...
2010-12-01 Dan GohmanDelete Path::appendSuffix's return value; it wasn't...
2010-11-29 Michael J. SpencerMerge System into Support.