Rename MDValue* to Metadata* (NFC)
[oota-llvm.git] / lib / Linker / IRMover.cpp
2015-12-29 Teresa JohnsonRename MDValue* to Metadata* (NFC)
2015-12-22 Teresa JohnsonHandle empty Subprogram list when linking metadata.
2015-12-18 Rafael EspindolaDrop support for dematerializing.
2015-12-18 Teresa JohnsonRename variables to reflect linker split (NFC)
2015-12-18 Teresa Johnson[ThinLTO/LTO] Don't link in unneeded metadata
2015-12-17 Teresa Johnson[ThinLTO] Metadata linking for imported functions
2015-12-14 Rafael EspindolaUse diagnostic handler in the LLVMContext
2015-12-10 Rafael EspindolaFix another case where the linkage was not set.
2015-12-10 Rafael EspindolaSlit lib/Linker in two.