ReleaseNotes: -femultated-tls; by Chih-hung Hsieh
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2016-02-17 Hans WennborgReleaseNotes: -femultated-tls; by Chih-hung Hsieh
2016-02-16 Hans WennborgReleaseNotes: shrink-wrapping; by Quentin Colombet
2016-02-16 Hans WennborgReleaseNotes: typo
2016-02-16 Hans WennborgReleaseNotes: Hexagon; by Krzysztof Parzyszek
2016-02-16 Hans WennborgReleaseNotes: -DLLVM_LINK_LLVM_DYLIB=ON; by Andrew...
2016-02-16 Hans WennborgReleaseNotes: ORC in Kaleidoscope and C bindings; by...
2016-02-16 Hans WennborgReleaseNotes: fix typo, reported by Eugene
2016-02-12 Peter CollingbourneARM: Mention r251322 in release notes.
2016-02-12 Renato Golin[ARM/AArch64] 3.8.0 release notes changes
2016-02-12 Dylan McKay[AVR] Add release notes for 3.8
2016-02-12 Hans WennborgReleaseNotes: oh, there already was a section about X86
2016-02-12 Hans WennborgReleaseNotes: start off a 'Changes to X86' section
2016-02-12 Hans WennborgRelease Notes: RegisterScheduler::setDefault removed...
2016-02-12 Hans WennborgReleaseNotes: drop in-progress warning and svn checkout...
2016-02-11 Kai NackeAdd LDC compiler to list of external OS projects using...
2016-02-10 Duncan P. N. Exon... ReleaseNotes: Document changes to ilist API
2016-02-08 Daniel Sanders[mips] Add initial release notes for MIPS32.
2016-01-14 Hans WennborgReleaseNotes.rst: a few entries from Rafael
2015-12-21 NAKAMURA Takumi[Cygwin] Enable TLS as emutls.
2015-12-19 Rafael EspindolaDelete APIs that have been deprecated since 2010.
2015-12-18 Rafael EspindolaDeprecate a few C APIs.
2015-12-18 Eric ChristopherReorganize the C API headers to improve build times.
2015-12-17 Rafael EspindolaDrop function that are deprecated since 2010.
2015-12-16 Rafael EspindolaChange linkInModule to take a std::unique_ptr.
2015-11-09 Chris BienemanDeprecate Autoconf
2015-10-05 Hans WennborgReleaseNotes: note the new Windows version requirement
2015-09-01 Nico WeberMake trunk release notes point to 3.7, not 3.6
2015-08-05 Tanya LattnerRename all references to old mailing lists to new lists...
2015-07-14 Hans WennborgReleaseNotes.rst: Bump version to 3.8
2015-03-18 Mehdi AminiUpdate 3.7 Release Note mentionning the non-optionality...
2015-03-05 Philip ReamesAdd a link to the new PerformanceTips docs from the...
2015-02-27 Benjamin KramerRefer users looking for the release notes to 3.6.
2015-02-24 Hans WennborgReleaseNotes: add notes about VS2014 Update 4 requirement
2015-01-14 Hans WennborgReleaseNotes.rst: bump version to 3.7
2015-01-13 Daniel SandersAdded a Mips lld milestone to the release notes for...
2015-01-13 Peter ZotovUpdate release notes wrt OCaml bindings.
2015-01-12 Bill SchmidtFirst crack at PowerPC 3.6 release notes
2015-01-11 Daniel SandersFix silly mistake in release notes for Mips.
2015-01-11 Daniel SandersAdded release notes for the Mips target.
2015-01-09 Hans WennborgReleaseNotes.rst: these are for 3.6
2014-12-03 Peter CollingbournePrologue support
2014-09-18 Peter CollingbourneLTO: introduce object file-based on-disk module format.
2014-09-04 Nico WeberFix link to 3.5 release notes.
2014-09-02 Rafael EspindolaAdd a note about AuroraUX to the release notes.
2014-08-22 Rafael EspindolaClear the llvm release notes to make room for 3.6.
2014-07-31 Bill SchmidtClarify in PowerPC release notes that 32-bit PIC suppor...
2014-07-31 Bill SchmidtWrong heading level for PowerPC changes in release...
2014-07-31 Bill SchmidtRelease Notes: Overriding PPC64 and PPC64LE ABI default...
2014-07-31 Bill SchmidtAdd PowerPC release notes for 3.5.
2014-07-23 Daniel SandersAdded release notes for MIPS.
2014-07-21 Mark HeffernanRename metadata llvm.loop.vectorize.unroll to llvm...
2014-07-09 Cameron McInallyUpdate ReleaseNotes to mention Atomic NAND semantic...
2014-07-03 Rafael EspindolaExpand the note about llvm-ar now that inline asm works.
2014-06-25 Eli BenderskyRename loop unrolling and loop vectorizer metadata...
2014-05-05 Rafael EspindolaBe a bit more specific in the release notes.
2014-05-05 Rafael EspindolaRemove the -disable-cfi option.
2014-03-24 Renato GolinUpdate release notes with EHABI current behaviour
2014-03-18 Renato GolinAdd IAS/EHABI changes to release notes
2014-02-28 Rafael EspindolaNow that it is possible, use the mangler in IRObjectFile.
2014-02-21 Rafael EspindolaMake DisableIntegratedAS a TargetOption.
2014-02-20 Daniel SandersAdded release note about making all inline assembly...
2014-02-05 Rafael EspindolaRemove support for not using .loc directives.
2014-02-03 Venkatraman Govind... Add a note about Clang+LLVM on Sparc64.
2014-01-29 Renato GolinDocument EHABI enabled by default
2014-01-10 Rafael EspindolaAdd a note about the old asm printer being removed.
2013-11-20 Bill WendlingUpdate to reflect the next release.
2013-11-18 Daniel Sanders[mips][msa] Add MSA to the release notes.
2013-11-16 Matt ArsenaultMention address space related changes in release notes.
2013-11-14 Kai NackeAdd external project LDC to release notes.
2013-11-12 Matt ArsenaultAdd new FileCheck feature to 3.4 release notes
2013-11-07 Chandler CarruthAdd the fact that we anticipate switching to use (some...
2013-08-06 Rafael EspindolaAdd a release not about llvm-ar.
2013-08-05 Nadav RotemUpdate the release notes about the status of the vector...
2013-07-26 Rafael EspindolaUse pipefail when available.
2013-07-23 Ahmed Bougachadocs: cleanup VS 2008 release note.
2013-07-23 Ahmed Bougachadocs: Correct reST link.
2013-07-23 Ahmed BougachaUpdate docs to drop support for VS 2008.
2013-06-21 Meador IngeAdd a release note for removing the simplify-libcalls...
2013-06-20 Michael Gottesman[ReleaseNotes] Added bullet point stating that APFloat...
2013-06-04 Bill WendlingWe are now in 3.4 land. We don't need the 3.3 releaese...
2013-05-30 Ashok ThirumurthiAdded a sub-project status update section to the releas...
2013-05-26 Kai NackeAdd LDC compiler to list of external OS projects using...
2013-05-15 Arnaud A. de Grand... Add Jade to the list of external projects using LLVM...
2013-05-07 Andrew TrickAdd two points to release notes about recent command...
2013-05-07 Richard SandifordMention SystemZ in the release notes
2013-05-07 Rafael EspindolaNote that EH is now supported in MCJIT.
2013-05-03 Pekka JaaskelainenAdded pocl and TCE blurbs to the ReleaseNotes.
2013-04-30 Nadav RotemUpdate the release notes about the min/max reductions...
2013-04-15 Nadav RotemUpdate the release notes about the vectorizers.
2013-03-25 Jakob Stoklund OlesenMention the new TableGen pattern format in the release...
2013-03-18 Matthew CurtisReleaseNotes: Tweak hexagonv2/hexagonv3 removal note.
2013-03-12 Matthew CurtisReleaseNotes: Add Hexagon Target section
2013-02-26 Sean Silva[docs] Use reST link instead of direct HTML link.
2013-02-13 Bill WendlingAdd a blurb about the attributes changes to the release...
2013-02-13 Tim NorthoverMention AArch64 in release notes for 3.3
2013-02-08 Tom StellardReleaseNotes: Add section for R600 backend
2013-02-07 Sean Silva[ReleaseNotes] tidy up organization and formatting
2013-02-07 Nadav RotemUpdate Release notes regarding TTI.
2013-02-07 Nadav RotemDocument the loop vectorizer changes.
2013-01-20 Sean SilvaReleaseNotes: note Sphinx migration.