2017-03-20 Louis Brandycall static function directly
2017-03-20 Christopher... Give observer manager threads a name
2017-03-20 Jason FriedFolly Futures to Python Asyncio Futures Bridge
2017-03-19 Jim Meyeringfolly/test/TimeseriesTest.cpp: avoid shadowing warnings v2017.03.20.00
2017-03-18 Victor ZverovichMake EventBaseLocal::getOrCreate work with noncopyable...
2017-03-17 Brian SmithPut the full help before the options
2017-03-17 Andreas C.... Add hash and equal_to implementations to folly::Uri
2017-03-16 Michael SteinertAdd support for OpenSSL 1.0
2017-03-16 JiaJie YeAdd getPeerAddress/getLocalAddress folly::SocketAddress...
2017-03-15 Christopher... Backport std::index_sequence and friends
2017-03-15 Michael SteinertFix the pkg-config filter
2017-03-15 Felix HandteAdd String Support to Compression Codec
2017-03-14 Michael SteinertIgnore the generated file folly/libfolly.pc
2017-03-14 Michael SteinertFix the --disable-follytestmain option
2017-03-14 Dmitry Pleshkovsmall_vector should not require a copy-ctr from its...
2017-03-13 Christopher... Add a way to determine if a compression codec is suppor...
2017-03-13 Nick TerrellFill buffer before allocating more
2017-03-13 Tom Jacksonget_ptr(mapOfMaps, key, key...)
2017-03-13 Phil WilloughbyUpdate folly::Singleton documentation block
2017-03-11 Andrii GrynenkoMake EventBaseLoopController only support VirtualEventBase v2017.03.13.00
2017-03-10 Maged MichaelFix data race in IndexedMemPool
2017-03-10 Christopher... Fix problems with clock_gettime and OSX < 10.12 + XCode 8
2017-03-10 Andrii GrynenkoUse VirtualEventBase in mcrouter
2017-03-10 Kyle NekritzFix use after move in AsyncSSLSocket constructor.
2017-03-10 Maxim GeorgievImplementing a callback interface for folly::AsyncSocke...
2017-03-10 Andrii GrynenkoRemove runInLoop
2017-03-10 Adam Simpkinsteach gtest how to pretty-print StringPiece values
2017-03-09 Maged MichaelDetect data race in IndexedMemPool
2017-03-09 Kyle NekritzReplace MSG_PEEK with a pre-received data interface.
2017-03-08 Andrii GrynenkoFixes to always call Singleton's registrationComplete...
2017-03-08 Christopher... Mark non-captured constexpr variable as static
2017-03-08 Christopher... Don't define MALLOCX_* if building with JEMalloc
2017-03-08 Anirudh RamachandranFix mcrouter-oss build
2017-03-08 Jon Maltiel... std::make_unique -> folly::make_unique for older platforms
2017-03-08 Andrii GrynenkoDefault VirtualEventBase
2017-03-07 Alexander BlomDial EventBase loop time logging up to 11
2017-03-07 Anirudh RamachandranAdd a few more methods to OpenSSLCertUtils
2017-03-06 Johannes Kopffixing a compile error on windows v2017.03.06.00
2017-03-05 Jim Meyeringfolly/Foreach.h: avoid shadowing warnings
2017-03-05 Subodh IyengarAdd getTotalConnectTimeout method
2017-03-04 Marc CelaniRemove a RequestContext deadlock
2017-03-03 Yedidya FeldblumTweak size handling in Endian
2017-03-02 Christopher... Revert D4618623: Give observer manager threads a name
2017-03-02 Subodh IyengarAdd a method to AsyncSSLSocket to supply connect timeouts
2017-03-02 Yedidya FeldblumRefactor Endian
2017-03-01 Andrii GrynenkoFix ASAN integration with detect_stack_use_after_return...
2017-03-01 Andrii GrynenkoDisable MemoryIdler::unmapUnusedStack with ASAN
2017-03-01 Nathan Bronsonrename Range template arg for increased readability
2017-03-01 Philipp UnterbrunnerNew C++17 backport: folly::enable_shared_from_this
2017-02-28 Haijun ZhuGive observer manager threads a name
2017-02-27 Ted PercivalUpdate googletest to 1.8.0
2017-02-27 Kyle NekritzMove some tests out of FOLLY_ALLOW_TFO ifdef.
2017-02-27 Kyle NekritzDon't call memcpy with empty buffer in IOBuf::copyBuffer().
2017-02-27 Christopher... Kill checks in that aren't used
2017-02-27 Christopher... Use cstdint instead of inttypes.h
2017-02-27 Christopher... Kill unused include of sched.h
2017-02-26 Philip Proninreduce consumed stack size in symbolizer
2017-02-26 Christopher... Drop FOLLY_HAVE_STD_THIS_THREAD_SLEEP_FOR
2017-02-25 Michael LeeFix -Wshadow warning in sorted_vector_types
2017-02-24 Yedidya FeldblumDrop support for gcc 4.7 with byteswap shim
2017-02-24 Giuseppe OttavianoFix a corner case in EliasFanoReader::previousValue
2017-02-23 Mark LoganRemove duplicates during bulk insertion.
2017-02-21 Michael LeeAdd getCommonName and getSubjectAltName Cert utility...
2017-02-20 Mark WilliamsPrevent a crash in folly::Symbolizer
2017-02-17 Maged MichaelAdd Baton variants with multiple posters and with a...
2017-02-17 Yedidya FeldblumFix exception_wrapper::throwException when called befor...
2017-02-16 Yedidya FeldblumDrop support for Clang < 3.9
2017-02-16 Christopher... Workaround MSVC 2015 limitations in Traits.h
2017-02-16 Christopher... Adjust a few things to avoid triggering warnings under...
2017-02-16 Christopher... Use std::this_thread::yield rather than sched_yield
2017-02-16 Maged MichaelFix data race in Futex<EmulatedFutexAtomic>
2017-02-16 Lovro PuzarAdd AtomicIntrusiveLinkedList::reverseSweep()
2017-02-15 Philip Proninoptimize EliasFanoEncoder::defaultNumLowerBits
2017-02-15 Phil WilloughbyReplace the future-splitting system
2017-02-15 Anton LikhtarovFix undefined behaviour
2017-02-14 Alex MalyshevAdd overloads of Range::{start,end}sWith with custom...
2017-02-14 Maxim GeorgievTimestamping callback interface in folly::AsyncSocket
2017-02-11 Adam Simpkinsadd Range constructors from std::array
2017-02-10 Andrii GrynenkoMinor GDB script fix
2017-02-10 Jack Montgomerychanged to reflect SharedMutex as default
2017-02-10 Andrew KriegerDetect identity conversion in toDynamic
2017-02-09 Den Raskovalovadd folly:hasher<bool>
2017-02-09 Andrii GrynenkoAdd keepAlive() mechanism
2017-02-09 Phil WilloughbyBenchmark string copying via the formatter
2017-02-09 Andrew KriegerNon-const `dynamic` iterators
2017-02-08 Sebastian MessmerSpecialise std::hash for folly::Optional
2017-02-08 Ameya LimayeThrow custom exception type when ABD fails a result...
2017-02-07 Christopher... Make a few coersions to bool explicit
2017-02-07 Phil WilloughbyModify BaseFormatter to help static analysers
2017-02-07 Phil WilloughbyRun clang-format over Format*.h
2017-02-06 Christopher... Support compiling in C++14 mode
2017-02-06 Sven Overexecute callbacks as rvalue references
2017-02-04 Andrey IgnatovExpose testing callbacks from AsyncSocketTest2.
2017-02-04 Matt GlazarFix environ enumeration on Apple platforms
2017-02-03 Xuli LiuExpose more functions/constructors on BucketedTimeSeries
2017-02-03 Mark LoganAdd ContainerT&& ctors to sorted_vector_map and sorted_...
2017-02-03 Mark LoganFix worst-case quadratic behavior of iterator construct...
2017-02-02 Pádraig BradyFix build failure with GCC 5
2017-02-02 Christopher... Correct the API of some functions in the portability...
2017-02-01 Yedidya FeldblumAssorted cleanups for folly/portability/BitsFunctexcept.h