Fix case where ssl cert does not match key
[folly.git] / folly / io / async / SSLContext.cpp
2017-12-12 Neel GoyalFix case where ssl cert does not match key
2017-11-27 Xiangyu BuRevise API to load cert/key in SSLContext.
2017-10-21 James Sedgwickmove MemoryMapping, Shell, ThreadId, ThreadName, and...
2017-09-29 Igor Sugakdelete deprecated SSLContext::setSSLLockTypes
2017-09-11 Anirudh RamachandranMove SSL_CTX sessionContext initialization into main...
2017-08-18 Xiangyu BuLet SSLContext::setCipherList accept generic container...
2017-08-01 Neel GoyalAdd TLS 1.2+ version for contexts
2017-07-31 Yedidya FeldblumNo need for strncpy in passwordCallback
2017-07-31 Yedidya FeldblumConsistency in namespace-closing comments v2017.07.31.00
2017-07-26 Xiangyu BuKill folly::SSLContext::switchCiphersIfTLS11.
2017-07-25 Mingtao YangMove OpenSSL locking code out of SSLContext
2017-07-14 Xiangyu BuBreak long lines in SSLContext.
2017-07-11 Xiangyu BuUpdate providedCiphersStr_ in one place.
2017-05-22 Kyle NekritzAdd LOCK_SHAREDMUTEX SSLLockType.
2017-04-25 Neel GoyalGuard SSLContext lock checks with init mutex and add...
2017-04-22 Neel GoyalIgnore setSSLLockTypes() calls after SSLContext is... v2017.04.24.00
2017-04-14 Christopher DykesUse folly::getCurrentThreadId() in SSLContext
2017-04-13 Neel GoyalAdd method to check if SSL Lock is disabled
2017-04-11 Christopher DykesTreat OpenSSL as a non-portable include
2017-04-04 Anirudh RamachandranOpenSSL 1.1.0 compatibility
2017-03-16 Michael SteinertAdd support for OpenSSL 1.0
2017-01-27 Christopher DykesMake most implicit integer truncations and sign convers...
2017-01-20 Kyle NekritzClear OpenSSL error stack after loading certificate...
2017-01-04 Yedidya Feldblum2017
2016-12-29 Anirudh RamachandranAdd OpenSSL portability layer
2016-12-13 Christopher DykesEnable -Wunreachable-code-return
2016-12-07 Christopher DykesFix some implicit truncations in the interaction with...
2016-06-16 Blake LawsonAdded limited list of supported ciphers
2016-06-04 Christopher DykesDeal with a couple of warnings from MSVC
2016-06-01 Subodh IyengarMethods to change cipher suite list
2016-04-01 Christopher DykesCreate the pthread.h portability header
2016-03-29 Neel GoyalChange SSLContext to use a ThreadLocalPRNG
2016-03-21 Anirudh RamachandranAdd support for probabilistically choosing server ciphers
2016-03-17 Subodh IyengarAllow override of session context
2016-03-09 Anirudh RamachandranSSL cleanup: moving some OpenSSL definitions to new...
2016-03-03 Kyle NekritzUse false start with ALPN.
2016-02-12 Mark Isaacsonfolly copyright 2015 -> copyright 2016
2016-01-28 Michael LeeAdd (void)ssl back to SSLContext for -Wunused-parameter
2016-01-28 Igor Sugakfolly: build with -Wunused-parameter
2016-01-21 Kyle NekritzAdding OpenSSLPtrTypes.h.
2016-01-15 Aaron BalsaraFix buck build for SSLContext
2016-01-15 Aaron BalsaraAllow SSLContext to read certificates and keys from...
2015-12-15 Neel GoyalUpdate SSLContext to use folly::Random and discrete_dis...
2015-12-10 Neel GoyalD2741855 broke my wangle. Reverting
2015-12-10 Neel GoyalUpdate SSLContext to use discrete_distribution
2015-12-09 Alan FrindellAdd support for ALPN
2015-10-15 Subodh IyengarEphemeral ciphers in false start list
2015-09-30 Ranjeeth Dasineniadd callback to specify a client next protocol filter
2015-09-16 Lucian Grijincufolly: io: SSLContext/AsyncSSLSocket: drop global stati...
2015-09-15 Lucian Grijincufolly: async: fix SIOF in test
2015-04-10 Joel GoguenAdd static method to skip SSL init
2015-04-02 Joel GoguenMove OpenSSL uninitialization to a separate function
2015-03-03 Nicholas OrmrodCopyright 2014->2015
2015-03-03 Sara GolemonReformat comment for readability, 80-col rule, and...
2015-02-02 Shijin Kongenable ssl false start with Next Protocol Negotiation...
2014-12-29 Dave WatsonKill fbthrift dep
2014-12-18 Adam Simpkinsupdate call sites to use SpinLock
2014-12-11 Subodh IyengarMake SSLContext's exit() handling more graceful
2014-11-19 subodhImprove initialization of openssl
2014-11-08 Dave WatsonFix bad rebase for SSLContext
2014-11-08 Dave WatsonSSLContext