Harden failure signal handler in the face of memory corruptions
[folly.git] / folly / experimental / symbolizer / SignalHandler.cpp
2014-02-28 Tudor BosmanHarden failure signal handler in the face of memory...
2014-02-07 Tudor BosmanCache open ELF files in Symbolizer
2014-01-16 Lucian Grijincufolly: symbolizer: small terse write fix + colorize...
2013-12-20 Tudor Bosmanunw_backtrace is not async-signal-safe
2013-12-20 Tudor BosmanFix test, also do not read from stack of another thread
2013-12-20 Adam Simpkinsfix callPreviousSignalHandler()
2013-12-20 Tudor BosmanSeparate installFatalSignalCallbacks
2013-12-20 Tudor BosmanSwitch to folly symbolizer
2013-12-20 Tudor BosmanUse fixed size stack traces; unify getStackTrace
2013-12-20 Tudor BosmanPrint (2 more) if stack trace truncated
2013-12-20 Tudor BosmanAsync-signal-safe symbolizer, fatal signal handler