fix some bugs in AsyncSSLSocketTest
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2018-01-17 Adam Simpkinscmake: fix path to FindGLog.cmake
2018-01-13 Adam Simpkinscmake: remove DOS-style line endings
2018-01-13 Adam Simpkinscmake: add checks to generate folly-config.h correctly
2018-01-13 Adam Simpkinscmake: set compiler flags for non-Windows platforms
2017-11-10 Christopher DykesMinor tweaks to the wording of a couple of errors in...
2017-11-08 Arkady ShapkinFix static linking gflags and glog
2017-07-18 Christopher DykesAdd support for tagging a test as BROKEN in the CMake...
2017-07-13 Christopher DykesForce string pooling to workaround a codegen bug
2017-05-26 Christopher DykesFix build with Ninja generator
2017-05-22 Christopher DykesShift the job of defining NOMINMAX into source rather...
2017-05-20 Christopher DykesFix the linking of various tests against GMock
2017-05-20 Christopher DykesMake a few adjustments to the compile config for the...
2017-05-09 Arkady ShapkinSupport static gflags library
2017-05-03 Christopher DykesFix a couple of issues with the CMake script
2017-05-02 Christopher DykesFix the CMake build on Windows when using PThreads
2017-04-14 Christopher DykesAdd support for building without PThread to the CMake...
2017-04-13 Christopher DykesAdd CMake build system