2020-04-08 rootrevert check
2020-04-08 Brian Demskycleanup code and fix bug
2020-04-07 Brian Demskymore bug fixes
2020-04-07 Brian Demskytabbing
2020-04-07 rootbug fixes
2020-04-07 rootBug fixes
2020-04-07 Brian DemskyRedesign actionlist and change acquire fence
2020-03-25 weiyuMake our pthread id starts from 2. Reserve id 1 for...
2020-03-21 weiyuAdd pthread functions
2020-03-20 weiyuFix typo
2020-02-26 weiyuEdits
2020-02-25 weiyuRedirect output after taking snapshots
2020-02-25 weiyuFix memory issue; ModelList should be cleared before...
2020-02-19 weiyuEdits
2020-02-19 weiyuAdd failed predicates to predicate trace; remove unused...
2020-02-19 weiyuEdits
2020-02-17 weiyuTiny fix
2020-02-17 weiyuBug fix
2020-02-15 weiyuRemove the uses of inst_act_maps
2020-02-14 weiyuNeed to handle recursive calls
2020-02-13 weiyuAssign each predicate's initial weight ad 100. Remove...
2020-02-13 weiyuHandle predicate weight updates
2020-02-12 weiyuFix bug about recursive function calls
2020-02-12 weiyuRemove redundant data structures and FuncNode's depende...
2020-02-11 weiyuEager update predicate trees rather than lazy update...
2020-01-31 weiyuFix typo
2020-01-31 weiyuComplete the transfer of deletions of some actions
2020-01-30 weiyuSeparate the marking algorithm and action removal algorithm
2020-01-29 weiyuImprove the algorithm that marks which actions are...
2020-01-25 Brian DemskyAdd some debug support code
2020-01-16 weiyuToward transferring the removal of some actions from...
2020-01-08 weiyuBug fix
2020-01-07 Brian DemskyBug fix
2020-01-07 rootbug fix
2020-01-07 Brian DemskyMy configuration
2020-01-06 Brian DemskyFix bug by only putting reads or writes in objthrdmap
2020-01-06 weiyuBug fix for removing ATOMIC_WAIT actions
2019-12-31 rootmore bugs
2019-12-31 rootbug fix
2019-12-31 Brian DemskyImprove documentation
2019-12-31 Brian DemskyBug fixes
2019-12-30 Brian Demskybug fix
2019-12-30 rootbug fixes
2019-12-30 Brian Demskyhandle last action with nop
2019-12-30 rootdifs
2019-12-26 rootBug fix
2019-12-26 Brian DemskyBug fix
2019-12-26 rootMore bug fixes
2019-12-26 rootBug fixes and make Fuzzer selectable
2019-12-26 rootFix bug
2019-12-20 rootFix bug Weiyu found
2019-12-19 rootbug fixes
2019-12-19 weiyuBug fix
2019-12-18 Brian Demskybug fix...
2019-12-16 rootmerge
2019-12-16 rootBug fixes
2019-12-16 Brian DemskyMore code towards freeing old actions
2019-12-16 Brian DemskyMore code towards freeing old actions
2019-12-15 Brian DemskyMore work towards freeing old ModelActions
2019-12-14 weiyuIncorporate failed predicates in weights
2019-12-13 weiyuRemove the code that checks store visibility, not being...
2019-12-13 Brian Demskytowards freeing actions
2019-12-13 weiyuWeight-based random walk
2019-12-12 weiyuDelete set iterator pointers to prevent memory leaks...
2019-12-12 Brian DemskyAdd ref counts to CycleGraph
2019-12-12 Brian DemskyGet rid of uninitialized actions and just use non-atomi...
2019-12-12 Brian DemskyTowards erase method
2019-12-12 Brian DemskyMerge
2019-12-12 Brian DemskyAdd references to lists
2019-12-12 Brian DemskyFix warning
2019-12-12 Brian DemskyAdd functions to SnapList plus tabbing
2019-12-12 weiyuFix segfault at the first lock action
2019-12-12 weiyuSmall edits
2019-12-12 weiyuFix a bug in predicate.cc and declare 3 hashtables...
2019-12-10 weiyuSilence -Wreorder
2019-12-10 weiyuMove data structures from execution.h to history.h
2019-12-10 weiyuMerge branch 'master' into branch-weiyu
2019-12-10 weiyuStore the set of predicate leaves in FuncNode
2019-12-10 Brian Demskysmall edits
2019-12-10 Brian DemskyRevamp obj_map for just what it is used for
2019-12-10 Brian DemskyMerge branch 'branch-weiyu' of ssh://plrg.eecs.uci...
2019-12-09 weiyuexperiment with exponential decay model
2019-12-07 Brian Demskyremove test cases
2019-12-07 rootRemove snapshot stack
2019-12-07 rootFix bug with code to get rid of main
2019-12-07 rootbug fix
2019-12-07 rootBug fix to model.cc
2019-12-06 Brian DemskyRemove user_main_wrapper
2019-12-06 Brian DemskyMore work towards removing main
2019-12-06 Brian DemskyGet rid of main
2019-12-06 Brian Demskyremove option
2019-12-06 bdemskyRemove mprotect snapshots
2019-12-05 weiyuBug fix
2019-12-05 weiyuUsing a for loop to prune writes that violate modificat...
2019-12-05 weiyuRemove unused code
2019-12-04 weiyuRemove dead code
2019-12-04 weiyuTabbing
2019-12-04 weiyuFix NewFuzzer::selectWrite - check back edges
2019-11-27 bdemskySwitch to environmental variables
2019-11-27 rootFix compile under clang