2012-12-05 Brian Norrisimpatomic: move atomic_{thread,signal}_fence() to names...
2012-12-04 Brian Norrisrun.sh: print the command that runs
2012-12-04 Brian Norrismodel: add process_fence()
2012-12-04 Brian Norrismodel: distinguish between 'read' and 'acquire' in...
2012-12-04 Brian Norrismodel: add read-acquire/fence-release support
2012-12-04 Brian Norrisaction: add is_thread_start()
2012-12-04 Brian Norrismodel: privatize a few interfaces
2012-12-04 Brian Norrismodel/action: move complicated read_from logic into...
2012-12-04 Brian Norrismodel: record last fence-release from each thread
2012-12-04 Brian Norrisaction: record last fence release from the current...
2012-12-04 Brian Norrismodel: remove extraneous copy-and-paste
2012-12-04 Brian Norrismodel: add seq-cst fence rules
2012-12-04 Brian Norrisaction/model: backtrack for seq-cst and release/acquire...
2012-12-03 Brian Norrisaction: allow fence ModelActions to have location ...
2012-12-03 Brian Norrismodel: refactor build_reads_from_past
2012-12-03 Brian Norrismodel: add get_last_seq_cst_fence
2012-12-03 Brian Norrismodel: rename last_seq_cst -> last_sc_write
2012-12-01 Brian Norrismodel: rename get_last_seq_cst -> get_last_seq_cst_write
2012-11-30 Brian Norrisimpatomic: add atomic_{thread,signal}_fence() definitions
2012-11-30 Brian Norrisimpatomic: remove fence member functions
2012-11-30 Brian NorrisMakefile: fix dependency generation
2012-11-20 Brian Norrismodel: remove <list> include
2012-11-20 Brian Norrismodel: add const
2012-11-20 Brian Norrisschedule: rename get_enabled() -> get_enabled_array()
2012-11-20 Brian Norrismodel: rename isfinalfeasible -> is_feasible_prefix_ign...
2012-11-20 Brian Norrismodel: replace isfinalfeasible() with stronger check
2012-11-20 Brian Norrismodel: privatize, move isfinalfeasible()
2012-11-20 Brian Norrismodel: rename some 'isfeasible...' functions to 'is_inf...
2012-11-20 Brian Norrismodel: privatize some functions
2012-11-20 Brian Norrismain: remove #include's
2012-11-20 Brian Norrismain: remove "pass-by-reference" editing in parse_options()
2012-11-20 Brian Norristhreads: remove todo (long overdue)
2012-11-20 Brian Norrismain/model: move full user-program execution to ModelCh...
2012-11-20 Brian Norrismodel/main: add argc/argv parameter
2012-11-20 Brian Norrismodel: move flags to private 'model_snapshot_members'
2012-11-20 Brian Norrismodel: add model_snapshot_members constructor/destructor
2012-11-20 Brian Norrismodel: privatize set_assert()
2012-11-20 Brian Norrisrun.sh: rewrite script to handle options more gracefully
2012-11-20 Brian Norrisoutput: don't redirect any output for DEBUG builds
2012-11-19 Brian NorrisREADME: add verbose (-v) argument
2012-11-19 Brian Norrismodel: optimize get_last_conflict() search
2012-11-19 Brian Norrisaction: add is_relaxed() function
2012-11-17 Brian Norriscommon: update comment
2012-11-17 Brian Norrismodel: add "# redundant" stat
2012-11-17 Brian Norrismodel: refactor end-of-execution output
2012-11-17 Brian Norrismodel: print_summary() should be const
2012-11-17 Brian Norrismodel/main: disable most printing by default, add verbosity
2012-11-17 Brian Norrisoutput redirection
2012-11-17 Brian Norrismodel: print execution # with trace
2012-11-17 Brian Norrisprint stats only at end of execution
2012-11-16 Brian Norrisprintf -> model_print
2012-11-16 Brian Norrismodel: correct plural ("bug" or "bugs")
2012-11-16 Brian Norrismodel: rework assert_bug() and assert_user_bug() interfaces
2012-11-16 Brian Norrisdataraces: don't print an uninformative "Data race...
2012-11-16 Brian Norrisdatarace: redirect "Data race @ ..." messages to model...
2012-11-16 Brian Norrisdatarace: change "Datarace" to "Data race"
2012-11-16 Brian Norrismodel: restructure statistics records
2012-11-16 Brian Norrismodel: annotate SNAPSHOT for bug_message
2012-11-16 Brian Norrismodel: temporary fix for uninitialized loads
2012-11-16 Brian Norrisassert bugs through common interface
2012-11-16 Brian Norrismodel: print bug reports at end of each execution
2012-11-16 Brian Norrismodel: add bug reporting framework
2012-11-16 Brian Norrismodel: remove unnecessary DEBUG()
2012-11-15 Brian Norrismodel: use snapshot_calloc()
2012-11-15 Brian Norrismodel: add 'const'
2012-11-15 Brian Norrismodel: routine to check if execution is complete
2012-11-15 Brian Demskymake compile on linux...needed string.h
2012-11-15 Brian DemskyMerge branch 'master' of /home/git/model-checker
2012-11-15 Brian Demskyoptimize hashtable so we don't always build new ones...
2012-11-15 Brian Demskyremove hashtable functionality
2012-11-15 Brian Demskymake hashtables only contain primitive types or pointers
2012-11-15 Brian DemskyMerge branch 'master' of /home/git/model-checker
2012-11-15 Brian Demskyavoid warning
2012-11-15 Brian Demskymerge
2012-11-15 Brian Demskyoptimization...don't calloc the datarace tables every...
2012-11-15 Brian Norrismodel: remove useless special case
2012-11-14 Brian Norrismodel: don't export Scheduler
2012-11-14 Brian Norrismodel/promise: use ModelChecker is_enabled() interface
2012-11-14 Brian Norrismodel: is_deadlocked() (sort of) had a bug
2012-11-14 Brian Norrismodel: add ModelChecker is_enabled() functions
2012-11-14 Brian Norrisschedule: improve is_enabled() routines
2012-11-14 Brian Norrismodel: fix spacing
2012-11-14 Brian Norrismodel: move snapshot members out of header
2012-11-14 Brian NorrisREADME
2012-11-14 Brian Norrismain: change default future value sloppiness
2012-11-14 Brian Norrisnodestack: implement expiration sloppiness parameter
2012-11-14 Brian Norrismain/model: add future value expiration sloppiness...
2012-11-14 Brian Norrisnodestack: limit the number of future values per read
2012-11-14 Brian Norrismain: add maxfuturevalues parameter (-M)
2012-11-14 Brian Norriscommon: early quit on MODEL_ASSERT()
2012-11-14 Brian Norrismodel-assert: add MODEL_ASSERT() for user programs
2012-11-14 Brian Norrismodel: refactor build_reads_from_past
2012-11-14 Brian Norriscommon/config: allow enable/disable ASSERT() easily
2012-11-14 Brian Norrisrace: where possible, use "const void *" for addresses
2012-11-14 Brian Norristest: add AB/BA deadlock test
2012-11-14 Brian Norrismodel: add deadlock detection
2012-11-14 Brian Norrismodel: get_num_threads() should be const
2012-11-14 Brian Norrissnapshot: find the correct binary name
2012-11-14 Brian Norrissnapshot: read from /proc/self/maps
2012-11-14 Brian Norrismain: fixup parameter parsing for user program