unlink the extra tmp file generated
[c11tester.git] / snapshot.cc
2019-08-01 weiyuunlink the extra tmp file generated
2019-08-01 weiyumerge
2019-08-01 Brian DemskyGet GDAX working.
2019-07-31 weiyumerge
2019-07-31 rootbug fix for snapshotting code
2019-07-30 rootremove STL vector
2019-07-29 rootMerge branch 'branch-weiyu' of /home/git/random-fuzzer...
2019-07-27 rootLock model check when we terminate proxy thread
2019-07-08 weiyumerge and resolve conflict
2019-07-03 rootFork handler mitigations
2019-07-01 weiyufix git conflict
2019-06-29 rootbug fixes
2019-06-28 roottowards not calling system malloc
2019-06-27 bdemskyrevamp scheduler so we can start threads early
2019-06-26 Brian DemskyGet gdax to not crash
2019-06-26 rootMerge branch 'new_fuzzer' of /home/git/random-fuzzer...
2019-06-26 bdemskyredo model object initialization
2019-06-21 bdemskyfix tabbing
2019-06-21 bdemskyMerge branch 'new_fuzzer' of ssh://plrg.eecs.uci.edu...
2019-06-21 bdemskyedits
2019-06-21 Brian Demskyperformance improvements
2019-06-19 rootmerge
2019-06-14 weiyuMerge branch 'new_fuzzer' of /home/git/random-fuzzer...
2019-06-12 bdemskyfix tabbing comment issue
2019-06-11 bdemskyfix tabbing
2019-01-08 weiyuchange cds checker to accomdate llvm pass
2013-04-19 Brian Norrissnapshot: debugging - show the snapshot regions that...
2013-04-19 Brian Norrissnapshot: use perror()
2013-04-19 Brian NorrisTMP: improve debugging, remove print_trace()
2013-04-06 Brian Norrissnapshot: cleanup/document much of fork-based snapshotting
2013-04-05 Brian Norrissnapshot: use sizeof(*fork_snap)
2013-04-05 Brian Norrissnapshot: clean up fork-based error handling
2013-04-05 Brian Norrissnapshot: kill useless macro
2013-04-04 Brian Norrisswapcontext() fix for Mac OSX
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot: more renaming
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot: more renaming
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot: add (unused) mprot_snapshotter destructor
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot: rename HandlePF -> mprot_handle_pf
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot: add constructor for mprot_snapshotter
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot: separate struct SnapShot naming
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot: edit capitalization in comment
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot: combine public interfaces
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot: split up fork-based and mprotect-based snapsh...
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot: remove SSDEBUG
2013-01-03 Brian Norrisdissolve snapshotimp.h
2013-01-03 Brian Norrismymemory/snapshot: rearrange snapshot implementation
2013-01-03 Brian Norrissnapshot: change 'struct SnapShotPage' to a simple...
2013-01-03 Brian Norrisfixup style
2012-12-11 Brian Norrisinclude the correct standard headers
2012-11-16 Brian Norrisprintf -> model_print
2012-10-10 Brian Norrissegfault file/line breakpoint info
2012-10-08 Brian Norrismymemory: add basic model_snapshot_space
2012-10-08 Brian Norrisrename again (snapshot_space -> user_snapshot_space)
2012-10-08 Brian Norrissnapshot: use snapshot_space only in mprotect-based
2012-10-08 Brian Norrissnapshot: don't need any snapshotting space for fork...
2012-10-08 Brian Norrisrename 'mySpace' to 'snapshot_space'
2012-10-08 Brian Norrissnapshot: remove global 'basemySpace'
2012-10-04 Brian DemskyMerge branch 'master' of /home/git/model-checker
2012-10-04 Brian Demskyfix low hanging fruit when profiling...
2012-10-03 Brian DemskyMerge branch 'master' of /home/git/model-checker
2012-10-03 Brian Norrissnapshot: rename 'SnapShot' -> 'Snapshot'
2012-10-03 Brian Demskyrandom memory leak fixes and memory access fixes
2012-10-02 Brian Demskysmall hack to optimize our common case for snapshotting...
2012-10-02 Brian Norrisrename MYFREE -> model_free
2012-10-02 Brian Norrisrename MYCALLOC -> model_calloc
2012-10-02 Brian Norrisrename MYMALLOC -> model_malloc
2012-09-13 Brian Norrissnapshot: print stack trace on segfault
2012-08-02 Brian Demskyswitch everything over to our own hashtable
2012-08-02 Brian Demskytrying to get fork based snapshotting to work
2012-07-12 Brian NorrisMerge branch 'master' into brian
2012-07-11 Brian Norrisremove EOL spaces, fix indentation
2012-07-03 Brian NorrisMerge branch 'brian'
2012-07-03 Subramanian GanapathyAdding relevant comments for fork based implementation.
2012-06-21 Subramanian GanapathyAdding relevant comments for fork based implementation.
2012-06-21 Subramanian GanapathyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://demsky.eecs.uci.edu...
2012-06-21 Brian NorrisMerge branch 'sandbox' (remove finalize())
2012-06-14 Subramanian Ganapathy(snapshot) removing mbFinalize and usage of finalize
2012-06-14 Brian Norrissnapshot: refactor the fork-based stack initialization
2012-06-14 Brian Norrissnapshot: remove unused 'uc_link' context
2012-06-14 Brian Norrissnapshot: don't put entire if (...) on one line
2012-06-14 Brian Norrissnapshot: define macros with type size_t
2012-06-14 Brian Norrissnapshot: use (void *) instead of (char *)
2012-06-14 Brian Norrissnapshot: rearrange #if a little
2012-06-14 Brian Norrissnapshot: remove extra blank lines
2012-06-14 Brian Norrissnapshot: make other file-scope functions static
2012-06-14 Brian Norrissnapshot: don't export page-aligning functions
2012-06-14 Brian Norrisrename struct Snapshot_t => struct Snapshot
2012-06-14 Brian Norrissnapshot: don't declare sTheRecord in both #if and...
2012-06-14 Brian Norrissnapshot: remove 'extern "C"' block
2012-06-14 Brian Norrissnapshot: replace DumpIntoLog() with lighter-weight...
2012-06-14 Brian Norrissnapshot: move comments to the right place
2012-06-06 Brian Demskymore comments
2012-06-06 Brian Demskymore documentation
2012-06-05 Brian Norrissnapshot: zero out entire siginfo_t
2012-06-04 Brian DemskyChanges needed to run on OS X... Example runs on my...
2012-06-04 Brian Demskyhack some stuff towards running on mac... unrelated...
2012-05-31 Brian Norrisuse EXIT_SUCCESS and EXIT_FAILURE
2012-05-31 Subramanian GanapathyAdding fixes for the fork based implementation, also...
2012-05-30 Subramanian GanapathyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://demsky.eecs.uci.edu...
2012-05-30 Brian Demskycheck in message