2013-05-08 Bill WendlingAdd libcxx and clang-tools-extra to the testing thing.
2013-05-08 Bill WendlingAdd clang-tools-extra to the list of things to tag...
2013-05-08 Nick LewyckyFix a bug in codegenprep where it was losing track...
2013-05-08 David MajnemerDAGCombiner: Simplify inverted bit tests
2013-05-08 David BlaikieDebug Info: Support DW_TAG_imported_declaration
2013-05-08 David BlaikieFinish renaming constructImportedModuleDIE to construct...
2013-05-08 Eric ChristopherPass the MDNode in and do the insertion at compile...
2013-05-08 Eric ChristopherTypo.
2013-05-07 Bill WendlingAdd the libc++ project to those we tag.
2013-05-07 Arnold SchwaighoferLoopVectorizer: Improve reduction variable identification
2013-05-07 Kevin EnderbyFix a bug in the MC asm parser evaluating expressions...
2013-05-07 David BlaikieRename DIImportedModule to DIImportedEntity and allow...
2013-05-07 Charles DavisMCStreamer: Also clear vector of W64UnwindInfos on...
2013-05-07 Bob WilsonRemove redundant check and use cached FrameArray values.
2013-05-07 Rafael EspindolaRemove exception handling support from the old JIT.
2013-05-07 Rafael EspindolaChange version to 3.4 in the cmake build too.
2013-05-07 Bill WendlingWe're in 3.4 land now.
2013-05-07 Rafael EspindolaAdd empty release notes for 3.4.
2013-05-07 Matt ArsenaultFix vselect when getSetCCResultType returns a different...
2013-05-07 Preston GurdCorrected Atom latencies for SSE SQRT instructions.
2013-05-07 Jyotsna VermaHexagon: Fix Small Data support to handle -G 0 correctly.
2013-05-07 David BlaikieDebug Info: Fix for break due to r181271
2013-05-07 Hal FinkelCleanup PPCInstrInfo::optimizeCompareInstr
2013-05-07 Andrew TrickAdd two points to release notes about recent command...
2013-05-07 Jyotsna VermaReverting r181331.
2013-05-07 Jyotsna VermaHexagon: Fix Small Data support to handle -G 0 correctly.
2013-05-07 Richard SandifordMention SystemZ in the release notes
2013-05-07 Jyotsna VermaHexagon: Set accessSize and addrMode on all load/store...
2013-05-07 Michael KupersteinRe-enable AVX detection on x64 platforms.
2013-05-07 Richard Sandiford[SystemZ] Fix InitMCCodeGenInfo call
2013-05-07 Rafael EspindolaNote that EH is now supported in MCJIT.
2013-05-07 Timur IskhodzhanovFix the VS2010 build broken by r181271
2013-05-07 Tim NorthoverCorrect logical shift documentation
2013-05-07 Arnold SchwaighoferLoopVectorize: getConsecutiveVector must respect signed...
2013-05-06 David BlaikieDebugInfo: Support imported modules in lexical blocks
2013-05-06 Tom StellardR600/SI: Add intrinsic for MIMG IMAGE_GET_RESINFO opcode
2013-05-06 Tom StellardR600/SI: Handle arbitrary destination type in SITargetL...
2013-05-06 Tom StellardR600/SI: Add intrinsic for texture image loading
2013-05-06 Tom StellardR600/SI: Add pattern for uint_to_fp
2013-05-06 Tom StellardR600/SI: Add patterns for integer maxima / minima
2013-05-06 Tom StellardR600/SI: Add pattern for AMDGPU.trunc intrinsic
2013-05-06 Krzysztof ParzyszekPrint IR from Hexagon MI passes with -print-before...
2013-05-06 Andrew TrickImplemented public interface for modifying registered...
2013-05-06 Andrew TrickSupport command line option categories.
2013-05-06 Krzysztof ParzyszekCleanup of the HexagonTargetMachine setup.
2013-05-06 David MajnemerInstCombine: (X ^ signbit) + C -> X + (signbit ^ C)
2013-05-06 Eric ChristopherHoist boundary condition out of loop header.
2013-05-06 Eric ChristopherUntabify.
2013-05-06 Bill WendlingReduce attributes.
2013-05-06 Rafael EspindolaSplit Alignment out of the Section Characteristics.
2013-05-06 Jyotsna VermaHexagon: Add multiclass/encoding bits for the New-Value...
2013-05-06 Jean-Luc DupratTest results verified using FileCheck rather than grep...
2013-05-06 Krzysztof ParzyszekMake references to HexagonTargetMachine "const".
2013-05-06 Rafael EspindolaRemove some redundant includes in llvm-mc.cpp.
2013-05-06 Andrew TrickRotate multi-exit loops even if the latch was simplified.
2013-05-06 Tom StellardR600: Remove dead code from the CodeEmitter v2
2013-05-06 Tom StellardR600: Emit config values in register / value pairs
2013-05-06 Eric ChristopherRemove unnecessary instance variable and rework logic...
2013-05-06 Eric ChristopherGrammar.
2013-05-06 Tom StellardR600: Stop emitting the instruction type byte before...
2013-05-06 Eric ChristopherDon't emit .dwo sections unless they exist.
2013-05-06 Tom StellardR600: Emit ISA for CALL_FS_* instructions
2013-05-06 Ulrich Weigand[SystemZ] Update non-pic DWARF encodings
2013-05-06 Adhemerval... PowerPC: Fix unimplemented relocation on ppc64
2013-05-06 Jean-Luc DupratFix add4.ll test cmdline so that it passes
2013-05-06 Jean-Luc DupratProvide InstCombines for the following 3 cases:
2013-05-06 Tim NorthoverAArch64: use MCJIT by default and enable related tests.
2013-05-06 Ulrich Weigand[SystemZ] Add to --enable-targets=all
2013-05-06 Ulrich Weigand[SystemZ] Add configure bits
2013-05-06 Ulrich Weigand[SystemZ] Set up JIT/MCJIT test cases
2013-05-06 Ulrich Weigand[SystemZ] Add MC test cases
2013-05-06 Ulrich Weigand[SystemZ] Add DebugInfo test cases
2013-05-06 Ulrich Weigand[SystemZ] Add CodeGen test cases
2013-05-06 Ulrich Weigand[SystemZ] Add back end
2013-05-06 Ulrich Weigand[SystemZ] Define DWARF encoding
2013-05-06 Ulrich WeigandSimplify JIT unit test #ifdefs
2013-05-06 Rafael EspindolaFree the exception object. Should fix the vg bots.
2013-05-06 Ulrich Weigand[PowerPC] Fix memory corruption in AsmParser
2013-05-06 Duncan SandsFix formatting. Patch by o11c.
2013-05-06 Michael KupersteinFix slightly too aggressive conact_vector optimization.
2013-05-06 Bill WendlingAdd a testcase that checks that we generate functions...
2013-05-06 Rafael EspindolaXFAIL for cygwin.
2013-05-06 Nadav RotemUpdate the comment to mention that we use TTI.
2013-05-06 Nadav RotemRevert r164763 because it introduces new shuffles.
2013-05-06 Matt ArsenaultFix unchecked uses of DominatorTree in MemoryDependence...
2013-05-06 Rafael EspindolaFix const merging when an alias of a const is llvm...
2013-05-05 Rafael EspindolaThis should also fail on ARM.
2013-05-05 Rafael EspindolaFix XFAIL line.
2013-05-05 Rafael EspindolaXFAIL this on ppc64.
2013-05-05 Rafael EspindolaPort ExceptionDemo to MCJIT.
2013-05-05 Rafael EspindolaAdd EH support to the MCJIT.
2013-05-05 Evan ChengTest case for r181160 and r181161. rdar://13782395
2013-05-05 Evan ChengARM AnalyzeBranch should conservatively return true...
2013-05-05 Evan ChengTeach if-converter to avoid removing BBs whose addresse...
2013-05-05 Benjamin KramerLoopVectorize: Print values instead of pointers in...
2013-05-05 Richard Osborne[docs] Update Target Feature Matrix for the XCore backend.
2013-05-05 Richard Osborne[XCore] Add LDAPB instructions.
2013-05-05 Richard Osborne[XCore] Update LDAP to use pcrel_imm.
2013-05-05 Richard Osborne[XCore] Rename calltarget -> pcrel_imm.
2013-05-05 Richard Osborne[XCore] Add BLRB instructions.