2007-02-25 Chris Lattnerremove these.
2007-02-25 Reid SpencerClean up lshr and ashr to coding standards.
2007-02-25 Dale Johannesenremove crediting of Evan Cheng and me.
2007-02-25 Chris Lattnerinitialize a instance variable
2007-02-25 Chris Lattnerupdate this for llvm-gcc4
2007-02-25 Reid SpencerWhoops, last word with bits in large shift left wasn...
2007-02-25 Reid SpencerFix the > 64 bits case for left shift.
2007-02-25 Dale JohannesenRemoved WaterListOffset, inserted BBOffsets. Remove...
2007-02-24 Reid SpencerFix the remainder shifting in KnuthDiv.
2007-02-24 Reid Spencer1. Fix a bug in fromString for the <= 64bits case
2007-02-24 Reid Spencer1. Fix last bug in KnuthDiv. All divide tests pass...
2007-02-24 Reid SpencerImprove documentation.
2007-02-24 Jim LaskeyDeal with cases when MMI is not requested.
2007-02-24 Jim LaskeyDrop unused operand.
2007-02-24 Reid Spencer1. Make internal functions take const arguments where...
2007-02-24 Bill WendlingAdded some more information on how to use "delta" to...
2007-02-24 Chris LattnerFix PR1216 by cleaning up the ownership of JITResolver.
2007-02-24 Chris LattnerFix CodeGen/Generic/2007-02-23-DAGCombine-Miscompile...
2007-02-24 Chris Lattnertestcase for PR1219
2007-02-24 Chris Lattnerremove folding set debug output
2007-02-24 Chris LattnerFix Transforms/ConstProp/2007-02-23-sdiv.ll and PR1215
2007-02-24 Chris Lattnertestcase for pr1215
2007-02-24 Chris LattnerFix InstCombine/2007-02-23-PhiFoldInfLoop.ll and PR1217
2007-02-24 Chris Lattnertestcase for pr1217
2007-02-24 Chris LattnerRefactor the setName stuff, moving it down the inherita...
2007-02-23 Bill WendlingMake the testcase correct.
2007-02-23 Bill WendlingTestcase for PR1164
2007-02-23 Bill WendlingPR1164:
2007-02-23 Chris LattnerAvoid TBAA issue.
2007-02-23 Jim LaskeyNew test - practically wrote itself.
2007-02-23 Lauro Ramos... bugfix: SP wasn't updated for varargs when frame pointe...
2007-02-23 Evan ChengReuse extends the liveness of a register. Transfer...
2007-02-23 Jim LaskeyHandle improper cast.
2007-02-23 Evan ChengHandle cases when joining live intervals of two virtual...
2007-02-23 Jim LaskeyDon't spill LR as a callee saved register.
2007-02-23 Lauro Ramos... Fix stack alignment in functions with varargs.
2007-02-23 Chris Lattnerfix an obscure and tricky bug the inliner can hit somet...
2007-02-23 Chris Lattnerfix this testcase
2007-02-23 Chris Lattnercrtend is only for llvm-gcc3, remove it.
2007-02-23 Devang PatelFix thinko.
2007-02-23 Devang PatelLoop passes are set up to accept pointer.
2007-02-23 Evan ChengMark livein registers as being in used.
2007-02-23 Chris Lattnerclarify.
2007-02-23 Dale Johannesenrewrite of constant islands
2007-02-23 Evan Cheng-march=arm -enable-thumb => -march=thumb
2007-02-23 Evan ChengAdded -march=thumb; removed -enable-thumb.
2007-02-23 Evan Cheng80 col. violation.
2007-02-23 Anton KorobeynikovExternal weak linkage is supported by recent binutils...
2007-02-23 Reid Spencer1. Fix a carry out problem in add if destination and...
2007-02-23 Evan ChengA spill kills the register being stored. But it is...
2007-02-23 Evan ChengFirst potential client of register scavenger.
2007-02-23 Evan ChengBy default, spills kills the register being stored.
2007-02-23 Evan ChengAdd option to turn on register scavenger; By default...
2007-02-23 Evan ChengTemporay hook to enable register scavening for specific...
2007-02-23 Evan ChengUse findRegisterUseOperand to find a kill of particular...
2007-02-23 Evan ChengInitial check in of register scavenger. Its only curren...
2007-02-23 Devang PatelTeach LoopPass to assign itself one Loop Pass Manager.
2007-02-23 Devang PatelAdd facility that allows LoopPass to re-insert a loop...
2007-02-23 Devang PatelAdd LPPassManager interface that LoopPass can use to...
2007-02-22 Evan ChengCopy and paste silliness.
2007-02-22 Chris Lattnerremove obsolete file
2007-02-22 Devang PatelPopulate and walk loop queue.
2007-02-22 Devang PatelAdd LoopQueue. This is used by loop pass manager to...
2007-02-22 Evan ChengRemove unnecessary isKill properties if a live range...
2007-02-22 Jim LaskeyUpdate comment.
2007-02-22 Jim LaskeyMissing end of abbreviations - correction
2007-02-22 Jim LaskeyMissing end of abbreviations.
2007-02-22 Jim LaskeyNeed to init.
2007-02-22 Jim LaskeyTypo.
2007-02-22 Jim LaskeyRemove isAccessable.
2007-02-22 Jim LaskeyUse exception flag.
2007-02-22 Jim LaskeyRevert changes for a simplier solution.
2007-02-22 Jim LaskeyRemove assertion.
2007-02-22 Jim LaskeyTighten up error checking of args.
2007-02-22 Jim LaskeyHandle lowering invoke to call correctly.
2007-02-22 Jim LaskeySimplify lowering and selection of exception ops.
2007-02-22 Andrew Lenharthmissed cast elimination
2007-02-22 Jim LaskeySimplify lowering and selection of exception ops.
2007-02-22 Devang PatelAdd Loop Pass Manager.
2007-02-22 Chris Lattnerclarify llvm-gcc GPL issue
2007-02-22 Reid SpencerWhen converting from 64 to 32-bits, use the actual...
2007-02-22 Reid SpencerFix countLeadingZeros in the case that the bitwidth...
2007-02-21 Jim LaskeySupport to provide exception and selector registers.
2007-02-21 Jim LaskeySelection and lowering for exception handling.
2007-02-21 Jim LaskeyItanium ABI exception handing support.
2007-02-21 Jim LaskeyException handling support.
2007-02-21 Jim LaskeyAdd support for changes in DwarfWriter.
2007-02-21 Jim LaskeyAdd TAI field for exception table section.
2007-02-21 Jim LaskeyMake branch folding behave in the presence of landing...
2007-02-21 Jim LaskeyAllow for live in registers for eh landing pads.
2007-02-21 Jim LaskeyAdd a flag to MBBs to indicate whether it is an eh...
2007-02-21 Jim LaskeyAdd structures used for collecting eh information.
2007-02-21 Jim LaskeyAdd new instructions for handling data passed into...
2007-02-21 Jim LaskeyAdd new intrinsics for eh support.
2007-02-21 Evan ChengELF / PIC requires GOT be in the EBX register during...
2007-02-21 Devang PatelSimplify
2007-02-21 Reid SpencerReorganize some code to make it clearer, avoid a few...
2007-02-21 Chris Lattnerrevert r1.68. This breaks 'make install' without doing...
2007-02-21 Reid SpencerFix the carry in addition.
2007-02-21 Reid SpencerAdd a dump() method for debugging.