Lit: Rework r249161; Move RLIMIT_NPROC to
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2015-10-15 NAKAMURA TakumiLit: Rework r249161; Move RLIMIT_NPROC to
2015-10-02 Hal Finkel[lit] Raise the default soft process limit when possible
2013-10-28 Alp Tokerlit: multiprocessing platform fix attempt
2013-10-27 Alp TokerClarify the comment about BSD versions in r193465
2013-10-26 Alp Tokerlit: Issue a note when multiprocessing fails to load
2013-10-26 Alp TokerFix a referenced before assignment in r193463
2013-10-26 Alp Tokerlit: handle late multiprocessing errors gracefully
2013-08-29 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Add support for multiprocessing, under --use...
2013-08-29 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Implement --max-time support by using provider...
2013-08-29 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Refactor test execution logic into
2013-08-29 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Move top-level execute code into Run object.
2013-08-29 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Factor out Run class to capture configuration...