Lit: Rework r249161; Move RLIMIT_NPROC to
[oota-llvm.git] / utils / lit / lit /
2015-10-15 NAKAMURA TakumiLit: Rework r249161; Move RLIMIT_NPROC to
2015-09-02 Reid Kleckner[lit] Add basic flaky test retry functionality
2015-05-04 Matthias BraunLit: Allow overriding llvm tool paths+arguments, make...
2014-12-03 Chris MatthewsDon't allow test-suite names with . in them in xml...
2014-12-02 Chris MatthewsGive lit a --xunit-xml-output option for saving results...
2014-08-16 Eric Fiselier[LIT] Move display of unsupported and xfail tests to...
2014-08-02 Eric Fiselier[lit] Add --show-xfail flag to LIT.
2014-07-17 Eric Fiselier[lit] Add --show-unsupported flag to LIT
2014-03-11 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Fix non-function style print statement.
2014-03-10 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Add --version option.
2013-12-29 Alp TokerPython compatibility fix for r198150
2013-12-29 Alp TokerProspective Python 3 fix for r198150
2013-12-29 Alp Tokerlit: Incremental test scheduling
2013-10-26 Alp Tokerlit: handle late multiprocessing errors gracefully
2013-10-26 Alp TokerAttempt to fix the FreeBSD build, disable multiprocessing
2013-10-25 Rafael EspindolaTry to fix the openbsd bot.
2013-10-23 Rafael EspindolaActually switch the default to use multiprocessing
2013-10-23 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Stop hacking the GIL check interval.
2013-10-23 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Use multiprocessing based parallelism by default...
2013-09-14 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Add an --output option, for writing results in...
2013-09-11 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Add support for attach arbitrary metrics to test...
2013-08-29 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Add support for multiprocessing, under --use...
2013-08-29 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Refactor test execution logic into
2013-08-29 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Put display lock inside the ThreadResultsConsumer.
2013-08-29 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Factor out a results consumer interface for test...
2013-08-29 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Move top-level execute code into Run object.
2013-08-29 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Factor out Run class to capture configuration...
2013-08-21 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Allow formats to return lit.Test.Result instances...
2013-08-21 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Factor out a separate Test.Result() object.
2013-08-21 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Simplify --time-tests code.
2013-08-09 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Rename lit.{TestFormats,Util} to their aliased...
2013-08-08 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Change --show-{tests,suites} to exit after printing.
2013-08-08 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Remove --repeat option, which wasn't that useful.
2013-08-08 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Eliminate some nested imports.
2013-08-07 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Always list individual UNRESOLVED tests.
2013-08-07 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Explicitly convert dict items() result to a list.
2013-08-07 NAKAMURA TakumiLit: Resurrect --no-execute dropped in r187852.
2013-08-07 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Use modern absolute/relative import style.
2013-08-07 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Avoid use of iterator .next() method.
2013-08-07 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Use .write() methods instead of print statement.
2013-08-07 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Use dual-compatible print() syntax where possible.
2013-08-07 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Remove use of deprecated parameter tuple unpacking.
2013-08-07 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Drop --no-execute, which isn't generally useful.
2013-08-07 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Add a --show-tests option.
2013-08-07 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Remove dead ignoreStdError argument.
2013-07-19 Nico Riecklit: Support cancellation on Windows
2013-04-11 Daniel Dunbarlit: Shorten a metavar to make --help look nicer.
2013-01-31 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Move unittest adaptor code into discovery module.
2013-01-31 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Move discovery code into its own module.
2013-01-18 Dmitri GribenkoRemove support for Tcl test format since nobody uses it
2012-08-17 NAKAMURA Takumilit: Show actually created count of threads. The incorr...
2012-03-03 Duncan SandsHonour --config-prefix also for lit.local.cfg.
2012-01-18 Daniel Dunbar[lit] Add a --filter option which is useful when dealin...
2011-08-30 Andrew TrickLit option for ignoring stderr output.
2010-09-15 Daniel Dunbarlit: Rename main lit module to, lit/lit/lit...