Merging r261365:
[oota-llvm.git] / test / MC / X86 / x86_nop.s
2016-02-19 Hans WennborgMerging r261365:
2015-11-19 Alexey BataevAlternative to long nops for X86 CPUs, by Andrey Turetsky
2014-07-04 Alexey Volkov[X86] Limit maximum nop length on Silvermont
2013-11-25 Rafael EspindolaUse -triple to fix the test on non-ELF hosts.
2013-11-25 Rafael EspindolaDon't use nopl in cpus that don't support it.
2012-10-13 Benjamin KramerX86: Depending on the local semantics of .align this...
2012-10-13 Benjamin KramerX86: Disable long nops for all cpus prior to pentiumpro...
2012-09-19 NAKAMURA Takumillvm/test/MC/X86/x86_nop.s: Make sure -arch=x86 when...
2012-09-18 Roman DivackyAdd test for r164132.