[AVX512] Add vpermil variable version
[oota-llvm.git] / test / MC / X86 / avx512-encodings.s
2014-10-27 Adam Nemet[AVX512] Add vpermil variable version
2014-10-24 Adam Nemet[AVX512] FMA support for the 231 variants
2014-10-15 Adam Nemet[AVX512] Add DQ subvector inserts
2014-10-08 Adam Nemet[AVX512] Add asm-only support for vextract*x4 masking...
2014-08-27 Robert Khasanov[SKX] Added new versions of cmp instructions in avx512_...
2014-08-25 Robert Khasanov[SKX] avx512_icmp_packed multiclass extension
2014-08-13 Robert Khasanov[SKX] Extended non-temporal load/store instructions...
2014-08-06 Adam Nemet[X86] Fixes commit r214890 to match the posted patch
2014-08-05 Adam Nemet[AVX512] Add masking variant and intrinsics for valignd/q
2014-08-04 Robert Khasanov[SKX] Enabling load/store instructions: encoding
2014-07-28 Robert Khasanov[SKX] Enabling mask logic instructions: encoding, lowering
2014-07-23 Robert Khasanov[SKX] Fix lowercase "error:" in rev 213757
2014-07-23 Robert Khasanov[SKX] Enabling mask instructions: encoding, lowering
2014-07-08 Adam Nemet[X86] AVX512: Only allow k1-k7 as predicates to vpcmp*
2014-07-02 Adam Nemet[X86] AVX512: Add writemask variants for vperm*2*
2014-07-01 Adam Nemet[X86] AVX512: Allow writemasks with vpcmp
2014-06-27 Adam Nemet[X86] AVX512: Add vbroadcasti*
2014-06-26 Adam Nemet[X86] AVX512: Fix asm syntax for packed vcmp
2014-06-18 Adam Nemet[X86] AVX512: Add non-temporal stores
2014-06-18 Adam Nemet[X86] AVX512: Specify compressed displacement for vmovntdqa
2014-06-10 Adam Nemet[X86] AVX512: Add vmovntdqa
2014-04-22 Robert Khasanov[AVX512] Implemented integer conversions up/down with...
2014-03-27 Elena DemikhovskyAVX-512: Implemented masking for integer arithmetic...
2014-03-13 Elena DemikhovskyAVX-512: masked load/store + intrinsics for them.
2014-03-06 Elena DemikhovskyAVX-512: Added rrk, rrkz, rmk, rmkz, rmbk, rmbkz versio...
2014-03-06 Elena DemikhovskyAVX-512: fixed comressed displacement - by Robert Khazanov
2014-02-20 Elena DemikhovskyAVX-512: Assembly parsing of broadcast semantic in...
2014-02-11 Elena DemikhovskyAVX-512: Optimized BUILD_VECTOR pattern;
2014-02-05 Elena DemikhovskyAVX-512: fixed a bug in EVEX encoding (the bug appeared...
2013-10-03 Craig TopperAdd XOP disassembler support. Fixes PR13933.
2013-09-29 Craig TopperRevert accidental commit.
2013-09-29 Craig TopperChange type of XOP flag in code emitters to a bool...
2013-09-12 Elena DemikhovskyAVX-512: implemented extractelement with variable index.
2013-08-21 Elena DemikhovskyAVX-512: Added SHIFT instructions.
2013-08-01 Elena DemikhovskyEVEX and compressed displacement encoding for AVX512