[WebAssembly] Remove special cases for things that are no longer special. NFC.
[oota-llvm.git] / lib / Target / WebAssembly / WebAssemblyAsmPrinter.cpp
2015-11-10 Dan Gohman[WebAssembly] Remove special cases for things that...
2015-11-06 Dan Gohman[WebAssembly] Make expression-stack pushing explicit
2015-11-05 Dan Gohman[WebAssembly] Rename Immediate instructions to Const.
2015-10-30 JF Bastien[WebAssembly] Fix import statement
2015-10-29 JF Bastien[WebAssembly] Update opcode name format for conversions
2015-10-22 JF BastienWebAssembly: fix more syntax
2015-10-21 JF BastienWebAssembly: support imports
2015-10-20 JF BastienWebAssembly: fix call/return syntax.
2015-10-17 JF BastienWebAssembly: don't omit dead vregs from locals
2015-10-16 JF BastienWebAssembly: update syntax
2015-10-06 Dan Gohman[WebAssembly] Switch to a more traditional assembly...
2015-10-03 Dan Gohman[WebAssembly] Rename setlocal to set_local to match...
2015-09-23 Dan Gohman[WebAssembly] Fix hasAddr64 being used before being...
2015-09-23 Alexander KornienkoFix CodeGen/WebAssembly/global.ll test under ASAN.
2015-09-16 Dan Gohman[WebAssembly] Check in an initial CFG Stackifier pass
2015-09-09 Dan Gohman[WebAssembly] Tidy up some unneeded newline characters.
2015-09-09 Dan Gohman[WebAssembly] Implement WebAssemblyInstrInfo::copyPhysReg
2015-08-31 JF BastienWebAssembly: generate load/store
2015-08-26 JF BastienWebAssembly: NFC comment update
2015-08-26 JF BastienWebAssembly: handle private/internal globals.
2015-08-25 JF BastienWebAssembly: assert that there aren't any constant...
2015-08-25 JF BastienWebAssembly: emit `(func (param t) (result t))` s-expre...
2015-08-24 JF BastienWebAssembly: Implement call
2015-08-24 JF BastienRevert two bad commits.
2015-08-24 JF BastienMissing print.
2015-08-24 Dan Gohman[WebAssembly] Make the assembly printer indent instruct...
2015-08-24 Dan Gohman[WebAssembly] CodeGen support for __builtin_wasm_page_s...
2015-08-24 Dan Gohman[WebAssembly] Use the checked form of MachineFunction...
2015-08-11 JF BastienWebAssembly: NFC fix release build break, unused variable.
2015-08-11 JF BastienWebAssembly: simply assert on SNaN and NaNs with payloads
2015-08-10 JF BastienWebAssembly: print immediates
2015-08-07 JF BastienWebAssembly: textual emission uses expected opcode...
2015-08-01 JF BastienWebAssembly: handle more than int32 argument/return
2015-07-31 JF BastienWebAssembly: print basic integer assembly.
2015-07-22 JF BastienWebAssembly: basic bitcode → assembly CodeGen test