Move get[S|U]LEB128Size() to LEB128.h.
[oota-llvm.git] / lib / Target / ARM / MCTargetDesc / ARMELFStreamer.cpp
2014-02-22 Logan ChienMove get[S|U]LEB128Size() to LEB128.h.
2014-02-05 Rafael EspindolaRemove support for not using .loc directives.
2014-02-04 Rafael EspindolaUse the default values.
2014-02-04 David PeixottoFix PR18345: ldr= pseudo instruction produces incorrect...
2014-01-30 Saleem AbdulrasoolARM IAS: support .object_arch
2014-01-30 Saleem AbdulrasoolARM IAS: support .movsp
2014-01-30 Saleem AbdulrasoolARM: suuport .tlsdescseq directive
2014-01-28 David WoodhouseChange MCStreamer EmitInstruction interface to take...
2014-01-26 Rafael EspindolaConstruct the MCStreamer before constructing the MCTarg...
2014-01-24 Alp TokerFix known typos
2014-01-24 Rafael EspindolaMove emitInlineAsmEnd to the AsmPrinter interface.
2014-01-22 Greg FitzgeraldFix inline assembly that switches between ARM and Thumb...
2014-01-21 Saleem AbdulrasoolARM IAS: add support for .unwind_raw directive
2014-01-21 Saleem AbdulrasoolARM IAS: support .personalityindex
2014-01-19 Saleem AbdulrasoolARM ELF: ensure that the tag types are corrected
2014-01-19 Saleem AbdulrasoolMove ARM build attributes into Support
2014-01-14 Rafael EspindolaMake getTargetStreamer return a possibly null pointer.
2014-01-10 Artyom SkrobovMust not produce Tag_CPU_arch_profile for pre-ARMv7...
2014-01-07 Saleem AbdulrasoolARM Streamer: print out tag names
2014-01-07 Saleem AbdulrasoolARM IAS: improve .eabi_attribute handling
2014-01-06 Saleem AbdulrasoolARM: move ARMUnwindOp.h into Support
2014-01-02 Logan Chien[arm] Add softvfp to supported FPU names.
2013-12-26 Joerg SonnenbergerRecognize armv7a and friends as aliases for armv7-a...
2013-12-19 Saleem AbdulrasoolARM IAS: support .inst directive
2013-12-18 Logan Chien[arm] Rename Tag_VFP_arch to Tag_FP_arch.
2013-12-11 Logan Chien[arm] Implement ARM .arch directive.
2013-10-28 Logan Chien[arm] Implement eabi_attribute, cpu, and fpu directives.
2013-10-09 Benjamin KramerFlip the ownership of MCStreamer and MCTargetStreamer.
2013-10-08 Rafael EspindolaAdd a MCTargetStreamer interface.
2013-10-05 Rafael EspindolaRemove some really nasty uses of hasRawTextSupport.
2013-09-19 Richard MittonAdded support for generate DWARF .debug_aranges section...
2013-07-02 Rafael EspindolaRemove address spaces from MC.
2013-07-02 Logan ChienFix ARM EHABI compact model 1 and 2 without handlerdata.
2013-06-18 Bill WendlingUse pointers to the MCAsmInfo and MCRegInfo.
2013-06-10 Aaron BallmanSilencing an MSVC warning about comparing signed and...
2013-06-09 Logan ChienFix ARM unwind opcode assembler in several cases.
2013-05-10 Logan ChienImplement AsmParser for ARM unwind directives.
2013-04-17 Peter CollingbourneAdd support for subsections to the ELF assembler. Fixes...
2013-04-16 Logan ChienFix build failure introduced in 179591 when assertions...
2013-04-16 Logan ChienImplement ARM unwind opcode assembler.
2013-01-31 Chandler CarruthGive the MCStreamer class hierarchy LLVM RTTI facilitie...
2013-01-30 Logan ChienOverride virtual function for ARM EH directives.
2012-12-21 Roman DivackyRemove duplicate includes.
2012-12-08 Benjamin KramerSimplify code. Sort includes. No functionality change.
2012-12-08 Chandler CarruthFix a use-after-free bug found by ASan. You can't assig...
2012-12-07 Tim NorthoverAdded Mapping Symbols for ARM ELF