llvm/include/llvm/Support/Memory.h: Fix comment header.
[oota-llvm.git] / include / llvm / Support / Memory.h
2015-08-10 NAKAMURA Takumillvm/include/llvm/Support/Memory.h: Fix comment header.
2015-06-23 Alexander KornienkoRevert r240137 (Fixed/added namespace ending comments...
2015-06-19 Alexander KornienkoFixed/added namespace ending comments using clang-tidy...
2014-06-12 Rafael EspindolaDon't use 'using std::error_code' in include/llvm.
2014-06-12 Rafael EspindolaRemove system_error.h.
2014-04-07 Craig Topper[C++11] Make use of 'nullptr' in the Support library.
2014-01-24 Alp TokerFix known typos
2013-01-10 Jakub StaszakFix include guards so they exactly match file names.
2012-10-12 Andrew KaylorCorrecting enum values mentioned in comments.
2012-09-19 Andrew KaylorThis patch adds memory support functions which will...
2011-03-18 Jim GrosbachTidy up.
2010-11-29 Charles DavisNow to chant the magical incantation that will exorcise...
2010-11-29 Michael J. SpencerMerge System into Support.