Rename MDValue* to Metadata* (NFC)
[oota-llvm.git] / include / llvm / IR / GVMaterializer.h
2015-12-29 Teresa JohnsonRename MDValue* to Metadata* (NFC)
2015-12-18 Rafael EspindolaRemove redundant argument. NFC.
2015-12-18 Rafael EspindolaDrop support for dematerializing.
2015-12-17 Teresa Johnson[ThinLTO] Metadata linking for imported functions
2015-06-23 Alexander KornienkoRevert r240137 (Fixed/added namespace ending comments...
2015-06-19 Alexander KornienkoFixed/added namespace ending comments using clang-tidy...
2015-05-15 Eric ChristopherWhile in GlobalValue fix the function(s) that don't...
2015-03-30 Rafael EspindolaFix PR23045.
2015-03-13 Rafael EspindolaBe lazy about loading metadata in IRObjectFile.
2014-12-03 Rafael EspindolaAsk the module for its the identified types.
2014-10-24 Rafael EspindolaModernize the error handling of the Materialize function.
2014-10-24 Rafael EspindolaDon't ever call materializeAllPermanently during LTO.
2014-08-26 Rafael EspindolaPass a MemoryBufferRef when we can avoid taking ownership.
2014-06-23 Rafael EspindolaMake ObjectFile and BitcodeReader always own the Memory...
2014-06-12 Rafael EspindolaDon't use 'using std::error_code' in include/llvm.
2014-06-12 Rafael EspindolaRemove system_error.h.
2014-05-07 Rafael EspindolaStyle update: don't duplicate the function name.
2014-03-06 Chandler Carruth[Layering] Move GVMaterializer.h into the IR library...