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2007-07-09 Gabor Greifeliminated all references to 'bytecode' from .pod files
2007-07-09 Reid SpencerSubversionify the documentation.
2007-07-09 Reid SpencerBytecode -> Bitcode
2007-07-09 Reid SpencerMinor language change upgrader -> upgrade tool
2007-07-09 Reid SpencerThis dir does not appear under /docs anymore but under...
2007-07-09 Reid SpencerLinks for commands are now generated into /cmds/ URL.
2007-07-09 Reid SpencerFix some minor typos.
2007-07-09 Reid SpencerFix some typos.
2007-07-09 Reid SpencerFix a typo.
2007-07-09 Reid SpencerFix a typo.
2007-07-09 Reid SpencerFix some minor typos, again to test the auto-update...
2007-07-09 Reid SpencerRemove an unneeded space, mostly to verify that auto...
2007-07-06 Gabor Greiffirst pass of nomenclature changes in .html files
2007-07-05 Reid SpencerAdd a note about llvm2cpp's dubious future.
2007-07-05 Reid SpencerGet the version number right, finally.
2007-07-04 Duncan SandsExtend eh.selector to support both catches and filters.
2007-07-04 Chris LattnerMake the GSG actually work.
2007-07-03 Tanya LattnerWe really should not have this version number in SO...
2007-07-03 Chris Lattnernote where to get steens-aa and ds-aa
2007-07-01 Reid SpencerTerminate the document with the right end tags.
2007-06-30 Anton KorobeynikovRemove labels again
2007-06-29 Anton KorobeynikovChange CVS-style 'labels' to SVN 'tags' directory.
2007-06-29 Anton KorobeynikovAnother typo
2007-06-29 Anton KorobeynikovFix a typo
2007-06-29 John CriswellApplied Reid's patch. Long live Subversion!
2007-06-29 John CriswellConvert .cvsignore files
2007-06-20 Tanya LattnerModify deleting global variable with an even easier...
2007-06-20 Devang PatelUpdate AnalysisGroup documentation to document restrict...
2007-06-20 Tanya LattnerAdd blurb on deleting global variables.
2007-06-19 Chris Lattnerdon't use binutils 2.17
2007-06-18 Tanya LattnerUpdate docs for llvm.var.annotation intrinsic.
2007-06-15 Tanya LattnerAdd local var annotation intrinsic.
2007-06-14 Duncan SandsFix typos.
2007-06-12 Chris Lattnerone final bugfix
2007-06-12 Chris Lattnermodernize example
2007-06-08 Chris Lattnerwording fix noticed by Ivan Novick
2007-06-07 Tanya LattnerCorrect typo. Should be "not allowed"
2007-06-06 Chris Lattnerupdate to match latest changes
2007-06-05 Zhou ShengCommit first round work of PR1373. "noalias" is now...
2007-05-29 Chris Lattnermore fixes to C code.
2007-05-29 Bill WendlingFixed some formatting.
2007-05-29 Bill WendlingAdded "llvmc" to the FAQ.
2007-05-29 Bill WendlingAdded "doc_class" div tags to code segments.
2007-05-29 Bill WendlingFix for PR1452. Removed "define" keyword from the C...
2007-05-24 Chris Lattnerremove contradiction owen noticed
2007-05-23 Chris Lattnerfinal updates
2007-05-22 Dale JohannesenDocument boolOrDefault and its parser.
2007-05-22 Tanya LattnerNightlyTest.pl does not exist.
2007-05-22 Tanya LattnerAdding 2.0 release
2007-05-18 Duncan SandsFix typo.
2007-05-18 Chris Lattnerfinished the first draft
2007-05-18 Chris Lattnercrank out notes
2007-05-18 Chris Lattnervalidation fix
2007-05-18 Chris Lattnervalidation fixes
2007-05-18 Chris Lattnertweak
2007-05-17 Chris Lattnervalidation fixes
2007-05-17 Chris Lattnerllvm-gcc now supports almost all gcc extensions. The...
2007-05-17 Chris Lattneradd a section about API changes.
2007-05-17 Chris Lattnerminor tweak
2007-05-16 Tanya LattnerMerged in both release announcement guts.
2007-05-16 Reid SpencerUpdate for arbitrary precision integer types.
2007-05-15 Nicolas GeoffrayNote on current implementation of ELF32/PPC ABI.
2007-05-14 Reid SpencerThe wrapping behavior of part_set is not desirable...
2007-05-14 Reid SpencerRevise definition of part_select. The wrapping behavior...
2007-05-14 Chris LattnerAdd a skeleton for future contents
2007-05-13 Chris Lattneradd a link
2007-05-13 Chris Lattneradd initial description of llvm top-level stuff.
2007-05-13 Chris Lattnerfinish the description of the bitstream format.
2007-05-12 Reid SpencerFix a grammaro.
2007-05-12 Chris Lattnerfix typo
2007-05-12 Chris Lattnercontinued description
2007-05-12 Chris Lattneradd a bunch of content.
2007-05-12 Chris Lattnerfirst step
2007-05-12 Lauro Ramos VenancioAdd a known QEMU problem.
2007-05-10 Anton KorobeynikovThese attributes are supported!
2007-05-10 Chris Lattnergar. GCC 3.4.2 also miscompiles llvm at -O3. :(
2007-05-10 Chris Lattneranother version of gcc that miscompiles llvm.
2007-05-09 Lauro Ramos VenancioAdd two ARM known problems.
2007-05-09 Chris Lattnerarm no longer experimental, c++ eh support is?
2007-05-09 Chris Lattneradd a meta-blurb about the 2.0 release
2007-05-09 Chris Lattnerstrip the llvm 1.9 info out of the release notes
2007-05-06 Chris Lattnerremove dead option
2007-05-06 Chris Lattnerthis is obsolete
2007-05-06 Chris Lattnerlink to the bitcode doc
2007-05-03 Devang PatelDrop 'const'
2007-05-02 Devang PatelUse 'static const char' instead of 'static const int'.
2007-05-01 Devang PatelUpdate doc to reflect changes I am about to install...
2007-04-29 Anton KorobeynikovImplement protected visibility. This partly implements...
2007-04-29 Anton KorobeynikovImplement review feedback
2007-04-29 Jeff CohenMinor corrections.
2007-04-28 Anton KorobeynikovImplement review feedback. Aliasees can be either Globa...
2007-04-25 Anton KorobeynikovImplement aliases. This fixes PR1017 and it's dependent...
2007-04-22 Jeff CohenUndo erroneous corrections.
2007-04-22 Jeff CohenMinor corrections.
2007-04-21 Christopher Lambadd support for alignment attributes on load/store...
2007-04-18 Jeff CohenProvide link.
2007-04-17 Devang PatelRemove "ModulePasses requiring FunctionPasses" from...
2007-04-16 Devang PatelDocument how, module pass can require function pass.
2007-04-16 Duncan SandsFix typos.
2007-04-15 Reid SpencerDescribe quoting rules.