Enhance BranchProbabilityInfo::calcUnreachableHeuristics for InvokeInst
[oota-llvm.git] / docs /
2015-12-18 Eric ChristopherReorganize the C API headers to improve build times.
2015-12-17 JF BastienPolish atomic pointers
2015-12-17 Rafael EspindolaDrop function that are deprecated since 2010.
2015-12-17 Vedant Kumar[docs] Motivate ninja in GettingStarted.rst
2015-12-16 Rafael EspindolaChange linkInModule to take a std::unique_ptr.
2015-12-16 Vaivaswatha NagarajAdd InaccessibleMemOnly and inaccessibleMemOrArgMemOnly...
2015-12-16 Philip Reames[IR] Add support for floating pointer atomic loads...
2015-12-15 David Majnemer[WinEH] Use operand bundles to describe call sites
2015-12-15 Alex DenisovLLVM tutorial: fix broken links/anchors
2015-12-15 Akira Hatanaka[Docs] Fix Unexpected indentation errors.
2015-12-15 Nathan Slingerland[llvm-profdata] Add support for weighted merge of profi...
2015-12-14 Sanjay Pateladd fast-math-flags to 'call' instructions (PR21290)
2015-12-14 Peter Collingbournedocs: Correct wording in LangRef relating to available_...
2015-12-14 David Majnemer[IR] Remove terminatepad
2015-12-14 Akira Hatanaka[Docs] Fix underlines that were too short or too long.
2015-12-12 David MajnemerTry to appease sphinx
2015-12-12 David Majnemer[IR] Reformulate LLVM's EH funclet IR
2015-12-11 Hal FinkelRevert r248483, r242546, r242545, and r242409 - absdiff...
2015-12-11 Eric ChristopherFix a spurious if.
2015-12-10 Eric Christophers/need/needs
2015-12-10 Eric ChristopherAttempt to fix the ReST compilation to html of the...
2015-12-10 Eric ChristopherMore non-ascii quote characters.
2015-12-10 Eric ChristopherClarify some of the wording on adding a new subcomponen...
2015-12-10 Eric ChristopherFix non-ascii quotes.
2015-12-10 Eric ChristopherAdd C API guidelines to the developer policy to match...
2015-12-10 Amjad AboudMacro debug info support in LLVM IR
2015-12-10 Alexey Bataev[OPENMP] Make -fopenmp to turn on OpenMP support by...
2015-12-07 Manman RenUpdate doc for C++ TLS calling convention.
2015-12-05 Kostya Serebryany[libFuzzer] one more trophie
2015-12-04 Pete CooperFix incorrect quote. NFC
2015-12-04 Manman Ren[CXX TLS calling convention] Add CXX TLS calling conven...
2015-12-04 Tim NorthoverARM/AArch64: update reference documentation.
2015-12-04 Nathan SlingerlandRevert "[llvm-profdata] Add support for weighted merge...
2015-12-04 Nathan Slingerland[llvm-profdata] Add support for weighted merge of profi...
2015-12-01 Yury GribovFix "WARNING: Title underline too short." introduced...
2015-12-01 Yury GribovIntroduce new @llvm.get.dynamic.area.offset.i{32, 64...
2015-11-30 Paul RobinsonHave 'optnone' respect the -fast-isel=false option.
2015-11-26 Kostya Serebryany[libFuzzer] clean up the docs, add one more link
2015-11-25 Kostya Serebryany[libFuzzer] add a flag -exact_artifact_path
2015-11-25 Matthias BraunDoxygen: Use mathjax to create formulas.
2015-11-24 Xinliang David LiFix sphinx-build error when building documentation.
2015-11-23 Xinliang David Li[PGO] Add --text option for llvm-profdata show|merge...
2015-11-21 Sanjoy Das[docs] Minor fixes to the operand bundle section
2015-11-19 Elena DemikhovskyPointers in Masked Load, Store, Gather, Scatter intrinsics
2015-11-18 Jingyue Wu[doc] fix a wrong link
2015-11-18 Betul Buyukkurt[PGO] Value profiling support
2015-11-18 Sanjoy DasTeach the inliner to track deoptimization state
2015-11-18 Jingyue Wu[doc] simplify the doc on compiling CUDA
2015-11-17 Davide Italiano[Documentation] Add guidelines for grouping tests together.
2015-11-15 Alex Denisov[Docs] Fix typo
2015-11-13 Akira Hatanaka[Docs] Fix warning "Title underline too short."
2015-11-13 Artyom SkrobovFixing a typo in docs/CodeGenerator.rst
2015-11-13 Kostya Serebryany[libFuzzer] more trophies
2015-11-12 James Molloy[SDAG] Introduce a new BITREVERSE node along with a...
2015-11-11 Hemant KulkarniFix docs build break for revision r252798
2015-11-11 David Majnemer[IR] Add support for empty tokens
2015-11-11 Sanjoy DasIntroduce deoptimization operand bundles
2015-11-11 Hemant Kulkarni[Symbolizer]: Add -pretty-print option
2015-11-11 Colin LeMahieuReverting r252760
2015-11-11 Hemant Kulkarni[Symbolizer]: Add -pretty-print option
2015-11-11 Kostya Serebryany[libFuzzer] better links
2015-11-11 Kostya Serebryany[libFuzzer] more trophies
2015-11-10 Jingyue Wu[doc] Compile CUDA with LLVM
2015-11-09 Chris BienemanDeprecate Autoconf
2015-11-09 Renato Golin[EABI] Add LLVM support for -meabi flag
2015-11-06 Akira HatanakaAdd 'notail' marker for call instructions.
2015-11-06 Renato Golin[Docs] Change ARM build info to CMake
2015-11-06 James MolloyAdd a new attribute: norecurse
2015-11-06 Peter Collingbournedocs: Document function-attached metadata and IR change...
2015-11-06 Matthias BraunCommandGuide/lit.rst: Document the new commandline...
2015-11-05 Peter CollingbourneUpdate tutorial for debug info IR change.
2015-10-25 Saleem Abdulrasooldocs: document `x` mangling in LangRef
2015-10-24 Kostya Serebryany[libFuzzer] add -merge flag to merge corpora
2015-10-23 Jonathan RoelofsFix another reference to in-source builds
2015-10-23 Sanjoy Das[LangRef] Fix the doc for operand bundles
2015-10-22 Sanjoy Das[OperandBundles] Make function attributes conservativel...
2015-10-22 David MajnemerAttempt to fix formatting for operand bundles
2015-10-22 David BlaikieUpdate LangRef for changes to the alias textual IR...
2015-10-15 Chris Bieneman[CMake] Adding LLVM_CREATE_XCODE_TOOLCHAIN to the CMake...
2015-10-15 Justin Bognerdocs: Stop using DEBUG() without DEBUG_TYPE in the...
2015-10-14 Arch D. RobisonAdd 'other' in description of extractvalue operands.
2015-10-13 Chris Bieneman[CMake] LLVM_PROFDATA_FILE only works if you're using...
2015-10-12 Hemant Kulkarni[llvm-symbolizer] Add -print-address option
2015-10-12 Kostya Serebryany[libFuzzer] mention more trophies and improve the link...
2015-10-12 Colin LeMahieu[llvm-symbolizer] Reverting r250067
2015-10-12 Hemant Kulkarni[llvm-symbolizer] Add -print-address option
2015-10-10 Kostya Serebryany[libFuzzer] document more trophies
2015-10-09 Owen AndersonRefine the definition of convergent to only disallow...
2015-10-09 Kostya Serebryany[libFuzzer] add -artifact_prefix flag
2015-10-05 Hans WennborgReleaseNotes: note the new Windows version requirement
2015-10-02 Kostya Serebryany[libFuzzer] make LLVMFuzzerTestOneInput (the fuzzer...
2015-10-02 Kostya Serebryany[libFuzzer] add a flag -max_total_time
2015-10-01 Ivan Krasin[LibFuzzer] test_single_input option to run a single...
2015-10-01 Jonathan RoelofsKill another reference to in-source builds
2015-09-28 Artur PilipenkoIntroduce !align metadata for load instruction
2015-09-26 Daniel Sanders[llvm-mc-fuzzer] Fix -jobs option.
2015-09-25 Sanjoy Das[LangRef] Unbreak the docs Sphinx build.
2015-09-24 Sanjoy Das[Bitcode][Asm] Teach LLVM to read and write operand...
2015-09-24 Mohammad ShahidCodegen: Fix llvm.*absdiff semantic.
2015-09-18 Artur PilipenkoNit cleanup in LangRef about dereferenceable metadata