Disabling -g for ocaml builds; it's not downwards compatible.
[oota-llvm.git] / docs /
2007-12-25 Gordon HenriksenNoting and enforcing that GC intrinsics are valid only...
2007-12-22 Gordon HenriksenUndo a wrong bit in that last patch.
2007-12-22 Gordon HenriksenDocument a more robust implementation of performCustomL...
2007-12-19 Chris Lattnerfix formatting
2007-12-19 Chris Lattnerfix more table abuses.
2007-12-18 Chris Lattneravoid confusing terminology (what is a "word"?), fix...
2007-12-17 Christopher LambMake it clear in the LangRef that allocation instructio...
2007-12-13 Dan GohmanMake it more clear that some things that can't be done...
2007-12-12 Christopher LambImplement part of review feedback for address spaces.
2007-12-11 Christopher LambAdd information on address space qualifiers for pointer...
2007-12-11 Gordon HenriksenCollectorMetadata and Collector are rejiggered to get...
2007-12-10 John CriswellFix some wording.
2007-12-10 Gordon HenriksenFix a typo spotted by Nick Lewycky.
2007-12-10 Gordon HenriksenAdding a collector name attribute to Function in the...
2007-12-03 John CriswellFixed typo.
2007-12-03 Chris LattnerDescribe the notion of 'owners' of the code.
2007-12-03 Nick Lewyckylli -trace was removed back in 2003.
2007-12-03 Nick LewyckyType::IntTy hasn't existed for a while. Just sub in...
2007-12-03 Chris Lattnerexplain what I need to grant commit access.
2007-12-02 Chris Lattnerfix typo noticed by Joshua Pennington
2007-11-28 Chris LattnerAdd a note
2007-11-28 Tanya LattnerFix typo
2007-11-28 Tanya LattnerModified instructions to configure llvm-test by configu...
2007-11-27 Duncan SandsFix PR1146: parameter attributes are longer part of
2007-11-23 Chris Lattner!< is >=, not >. Thanks to Max Hailperin for pointing...
2007-11-22 Duncan SandsRename the 'const' parameter attribute to 'readnone',
2007-11-19 Owen AndersonTeach me to do stuff late at night.
2007-11-19 Owen AndersonFix a factually incorrect statement pointed out by...
2007-11-17 Nate BegemanAdd support for vectors to int <-> float casts.
2007-11-16 Anton KorobeynikovThese were implemented
2007-11-16 Chris Lattnerfix a typo
2007-11-15 Chris LattnerImport the boost scoped_ptr class to LLVM. This patch...
2007-11-15 Chris Lattnermany edits, patch by Kelly Wilson!
2007-11-14 Duncan SandsTweak the descriptions of the new 'const' and 'pure...
2007-11-14 Anton KorobeynikovDocument pure/const parameter attributes
2007-11-14 Chris LattnerDocument a limitation, patch contributed by George...
2007-11-13 Chris LattnerMany typos, grammaro, and wording fixes. Patch by
2007-11-12 Gordon HenriksenTypo fix in the tutorial.
2007-11-09 Chris LattnerUpdate links.
2007-11-09 Chris Lattnertry again
2007-11-09 Nick LewyckyAdd a link to the tutorial.
2007-11-07 Chris Lattnerminor edit
2007-11-07 Chris Lattnerfinal edits.
2007-11-07 Chris Lattnerchapter 7 edits
2007-11-07 Chris Lattneredits for chapter 7
2007-11-07 Chris Lattneredits for chapter 5
2007-11-07 Chris Lattnerminor edits
2007-11-07 Chris Lattneredits.
2007-11-06 Chris Lattnerfixes from Kelly Wilson.
2007-11-06 Bill WendlingClarify some of the iostreams stuff.
2007-11-06 Chris Lattneredits for chapter 3
2007-11-06 Chris Lattnerchapter 2 edits
2007-11-06 Chris Lattneredits
2007-11-06 Chris Lattnerclarify what proto is.
2007-11-06 Chris LattnerAdd a real intro to the series.
2007-11-06 Chris Lattnertypo from Ryan Brown.
2007-11-06 Chris Lattnerfixes from Ryan Brown.
2007-11-06 Owen AndersonAdd a missing #include.
2007-11-05 Dan GohmanAdd support for vector remainder operations.
2007-11-05 Chris Lattnermerge in various fixes from Kelly Wilson.
2007-11-05 Chris Lattneradd some links to the tutorial index and between chapters.
2007-11-05 Chris Lattnergrammaro
2007-11-05 Chris Lattnerrecursive types are our friend.
2007-11-05 Chris Lattnermention possibility of using a visitor
2007-11-05 Chris Lattnerclarify why prototype::codegen returns a function.
2007-11-05 Chris LattnerTOC for chapter 8
2007-11-05 Chris Lattneradd table of contents to each chapter.
2007-11-05 Chris Lattneradd link to llvmbuilder doxygen docs
2007-11-05 Chris Lattnerspell identifier correctly.
2007-11-05 Chris Lattnerfix typo
2007-11-05 Chris LattnerDan points out that mem2reg also promotes vectors:...
2007-11-05 Chris Lattnerclarify
2007-11-05 Chris Lattnerfix typo
2007-11-05 Duncan SandsFix some typos.
2007-11-05 Duncan SandsTrivial fixes.
2007-11-05 Chris Lattneradd a link.
2007-11-05 Chris Lattnerfinish the tutorial, yaay.
2007-11-05 Gordon HenriksenBringing Passes.html up-to-date with the deletion of the
2007-11-05 Chris LattnerAdd the first section of chapter 8.
2007-11-05 Chris Lattnerfinish the chapter.
2007-11-04 Chris Lattnerfix typos
2007-11-04 Gordon HenriksenValidation fix.
2007-11-04 Gordon HenriksenTypo fix.
2007-11-04 Gordon HenriksenCompleting Passes.html with the exception of -emitbitco...
2007-11-04 Gordon HenriksenFix a validation error.
2007-11-04 Gordon HenriksenFinishing initial docs for all transformations in Passe...
2007-11-03 Chris Lattnerfinish the 'Memory in LLVM' section
2007-11-03 Chris Lattnerhack and slash the first 20% of chapter seven.
2007-11-02 Chris Lattnerfix typos
2007-11-02 Chris LattnerFinish chapter 6, and add a spiffy demo that shows...
2007-11-01 Chris LattnerAdd the start of chapter 6, still much to go.
2007-11-01 Chris Lattneradd a broken gcc version, thanks to P. Durante for...
2007-10-31 Chris Lattnerfix validation
2007-10-31 Chris Lattnerokay, fine, make me finish this chapter. :)
2007-10-31 Chris Lattneradd the code for expression code that we'll add, though...
2007-10-31 Chris LattnerAdd the first half of chapter 5: if/then/else.
2007-10-31 Chris Lattner__main is dead along with llvm-gcc3.
2007-10-26 Gordon HenriksenMore fleshing out of docs/Passes.html, plus some typo...
2007-10-25 Chris Lattnertypo
2007-10-25 Chris Lattnersome minor edits, link to Passes.html, make one point