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2015-09-08 Vedant Kumar[docs] Fix typo in catchret example
2015-09-08 Vedant Kumar[docs] Update documentation for the landingpad instruction
2015-09-03 Joseph Tremoulet[Docs] Fix Sphinx warning
2015-09-03 Joseph Tremoulet[WinEH] Add llvm.eh.exceptionpointer intrinsic
2015-09-03 Joseph Tremoulet[WinEH] Add cleanupendpad instruction
2015-08-23 Joseph Tremoulet[WinEH] Require token linkage in EH pad/ret signatures
2015-08-06 Reid Kleckner[WinEH] Add documentation motivating the new EH instruc...
2015-07-07 Reid KlecknerRename llvm.frameescape and llvm.framerecover to locale...
2015-04-03 David Majnemer[WinEH] Sink UnwindHelp completely out of IR
2015-04-02 Reid Kleckner[WinEH] Make llvm.eh.actions use frameescape indices...
2015-03-31 David Majnemer[WinEH] Generate .xdata for catch handlers
2015-03-30 Rafael EspindolaFix Sphinx warning " Title underline too short.".
2015-03-27 David MajnemerWinEH: Create a parent frame alloca for HandlerType...
2015-03-25 Reid KlecknerWinEH: Create an unwind help alloca for __CxxFrameHandl...
2015-03-12 Reid KlecknerMake llvm.eh.actions an intrinsic and add docs for it
2015-03-03 Reid KlecknerMake llvm.eh.begincatch use an outparam
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