add support for ocaml 3.12
[oota-llvm.git] / bindings / python /
2012-03-22 Anders Waldenborg[python] Add negative MemoryBuffer testcase
2012-03-21 Anders Waldenborg[python] Add some paths where to find test binary
2012-03-21 Anders Waldenborg[python] Mark get_test_binary as not being a test
2012-03-11 Gregory Szorc[] Implement disassembler interface
2012-03-10 Gregory SzorcRevert "[] Implement interface to enhanced disas...
2012-03-10 Gregory Szorc[] Implement interface to enhanced disassembler
2012-03-10 Gregory Szorc[] Make LLVMObject.__del__ work if called during...
2012-03-10 Gregory Szorc[] Define enumerations from Core.h; add OpCode...
2012-03-10 Gregory Szorc[] Implement interface to object files
2012-03-09 Gregory Szorc[] Make ObjectFile destructor work
2012-03-09 Gregory Szorc[] Initial skeleton for Python LLVM bindings