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2007-01-29 Jim LaskeyUpdate project
2007-01-29 Jim LaskeyUpdate project.
2007-01-24 Bill WendlingAdded new files.
2007-01-22 Jim LaskeyBring up to date.
2006-11-05 Jim LaskeyTry again.
2006-11-05 Jim LaskeyMisfire.
2006-11-05 Jim LaskeyUp to date for 1.9
2006-09-07 Jim LaskeyAdding new files.
2006-09-06 Jim LaskeyUpdate project with new files.
2006-08-25 Jim LaskeyBring Xcode project up to date.
2006-07-13 Jim LaskeyBring the Xcode project up to date.
2006-04-08 Jim LaskeyMisc. project changes. html + build config changes...
2006-01-27 Jim LaskeyCatch up on some of the file addition/deletions.
2006-01-26 Jim LaskeyUpdate files lists.
2006-01-17 Jim LaskeyAdding UniqueVector.
2006-01-04 Jim LaskeyAdding new files.
2005-12-21 Jim LaskeySync up the project with my tweaks.
2005-12-21 Chris Lattneradd dwarfwriter to the xcode project
2005-10-29 Chris LattnerRemove the lowerconstantexprs pass
2005-10-29 Chris LattnerBuh bye Expression.(cpp|h)
2005-10-27 Chris Lattnerupdate project file
2005-09-09 Jim LaskeyAdded targets to speed up build of llc.
2005-09-07 Chris Lattneradd some missing PPC backend files
2005-09-07 Chris LattnerAdd tblgen fpcmp and the nightly tester to the utils...
2005-09-01 Jim Laskey1. Use SubtargetFeatures in llc/lli.
2005-08-25 Jim LaskeyRemove Support/Search.h entry
2005-08-25 Jim LaskeyAdded Support/Search.h to project.
2005-08-18 Chris LattnerAdd ScheduleDAG.cpp to the project
2005-08-17 Jim Laskeymessed up
2005-08-17 Jim Laskeyinclude/llvm/Support/MathExtras.h
2005-08-11 Chris LattnerFirst rev of Xcode 2.1 project