Track dependencies when creating symlinks to LLVM libraries next
[oota-llvm.git] / LICENSE.TXT
2007-11-15 Chris LattnerImport the boost scoped_ptr class to LLVM. This patch...
2007-08-21 Anton KorobeynikovDror GCCLibraries: they are obsolete since 2.0 release...
2007-05-06 Chris Lattnerbzip2 is gone
2007-02-25 Chris Lattnerremove these.
2007-01-18 John CriswellWelcome 2007.
2006-09-11 Chris Lattnerburg is gone
2006-04-20 Tanya LattnerChanging domain name
2006-01-03 John CriswellHappy New Year, LLVM.
2005-05-12 Misha BrukmanRemove extraneous colons after program names for consis...
2005-01-08 John CriswellAnother year, another copyright update.
2004-11-27 Chris LattnerAdd bzip2
2004-11-27 Chris LattnerThese have been removed
2004-09-16 Reid SpencerAdjust the license files based on the actual content...
2004-08-25 Reid SpencerUpdate to include tools/llvmc and lib/System as having...
2004-08-05 John CriswellAdd additional copyright notice for the PowerPC backend.
2004-06-01 Brian GaekeAdd spiff
2004-05-11 John CriswellAdded obsequi.
2004-04-13 Chris LattnerWe actually don't have spiff anymore
2004-04-13 John CriswellAdded Spiff.
2004-04-06 John CriswellAdding kimwitu++ license.
2004-04-06 John CriswellAdded licensing information for treecc.
2004-03-12 John CriswellUpdated copyright to year 2004.
2004-02-27 John CriswellAdded d and hbd MultiSource applications.
2004-02-24 Chris Lattnerwe no longer include boost
2004-02-18 John CriswellPre-emptive commit of cfrac license information.
2004-02-17 John CriswellAdded the Malloc perl benchmark license information.
2004-02-17 John CriswellAdded espresso.
2004-02-16 John CriswellPreemptive additions for the MallocBench tests.
2004-02-13 John CriswellUpdated to list all code/directories that have addition...
2003-10-27 John CriswellMerged in RELEASE_1.
2003-10-23 Misha Brukman* Stop referring to llvmbugs mailing list, point them...
2003-10-23 John CriswellAdded new license information in preparation for LLVM...
2003-06-04 Chris LattnerAdd prerelease license to cvs