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ownerPeizhao Ou
last changeFri, 25 May 2018 22:07:51 +0000 (15:07 -0700)
2018-05-25 Peizhao OuUses different pass count for different parallel queue... master
2018-04-06 Peizhao OuAdds a compilation test for mcslock
2018-03-13 Peizhao OuAdds sequential barrier test case
2018-03-13 Peizhao OuTakes out backoff in misc data structures
2018-03-13 Peizhao OuRefactors parallel barrier test
2018-03-13 Peizhao OuAdds sequential barrier driver
2018-03-12 Peizhao OuRewrites barrier driver
2018-02-27 Peizhao OuRuns fewer elimination stack test cases
2018-02-22 Peizhao OuUses different pass count for elimination stack
2018-02-22 Peizhao OuRuns fewer test cases (only 2 threads)
2018-02-22 Peizhao OuAllow 2 threads
2018-02-17 Peizhao OuAdds Rigtorp queues parallel test cases
2018-02-17 Peizhao OuFixes deque benchmarks (should have initial push)
2018-02-15 Peizhao OuConstrain parallel map keys to a smaller range
2018-02-15 Peizhao OuGets iterable map pass count input from config file
2018-02-15 Peizhao OuAdds iterable HP map parameters
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