2014-05-20 Adam Simpkinsfix off-by-one error in IPAddress::longestCommonPrefix()
2014-05-20 Anton LikhtarovMove common/network/IPAddress.h and related to folly/
2014-05-20 Peter GriessFix type mismatch in IOBuf::getIov()
2014-04-18 Nicholas OrmrodFix header ordering lint failures
2014-04-18 Elizabeth Smithx64 detection missing an include
2014-04-18 Elizabeth Smithmacro for cross platform x64 detection
2014-04-18 Bryan AlgerFix flag naming
2014-04-18 Elizabeth Smithfbstring likely/unlikley ifdef for stuff that doesn...
2014-04-18 Hannes Roth(Folly/Gen) Make ranges and sequences take a stepping...
2014-04-18 Hannes Roth(Folly/Gen) Fix compilation with clang
2014-04-18 Elizabeth Smithabstract thread_local support
2014-04-18 Elizabeth SmithAdd missing includes for msvc
2014-04-18 Tom Jacksonparallel(pipeline)
2014-04-18 Marc CelaniIntroduce LifoSem
2014-04-18 Jun LIFix folly Uri::host() return value for IPv6 address
2014-04-18 Elizabeth SmithMSVC translation of noreturn attribute
2014-04-18 Elizabeth SmithMSVC always_inline and noinline __attributes__ translation
2014-04-18 Victor LohUse StringPiece instead of String
2014-04-18 Elizabeth Smithuint isn't portable and makes some compilers angry...
2014-04-18 Tudor BosmanAdd non-const operator[] to TypedIOBuf
2014-04-18 Lucian Grijincufolly: improve ProducerConsumerQueueBenchmark (misplace...
2014-04-18 Nicholas OrmrodFix apparent race in SubprocessTest
2014-04-18 Lucian Grijincufolly: gen: pmap: parallel version of map
2014-04-18 Alexey SpiridonovChange child's working directory
2014-04-18 Jim Meyeringfolly: allow to build with (flex arrays vs...
2014-04-18 Philip Proninconfigurable alignment for Arena
2014-04-09 ptarjanMake header compatible with warp
2014-04-09 Philip Proninfix ConcurrentSkipList::Recycler layout
2014-04-09 Jim Meyeringfolly: accommodate fact that clang's strlen is not...
2014-04-09 Dave WatsonFix make check
2014-04-09 Dave Watsonfix automake
2014-04-09 Hans Fugal(wangle) codegen then() variant tests
2014-04-09 Hannes Roth(Folly/FBString) Fix compilation time of test with opt
2014-04-09 Philip Proninconfigurable node allocator for ConcurrentSkipList
2014-04-09 Philip Proninmake ConcurrentSkipList ctor public
2014-04-09 Tom JacksonAdding support for signed integers
2014-04-09 Nicholas OrmrodBugfix in iterator emplace
2014-04-04 Hans FugalA few missing includes
2014-04-04 Hans Fugal(wangle) Use an atomic_flag to make FutureObject threadsafe
2014-04-04 Louis KrugerFix TIMED_SYNCHRONIZED_CONST bug
2014-04-04 Tudor BosmanAdd ability to silence callbacks for Subprocess::commun...
2014-04-04 Stepan PalamarchukAdd loopOnce() method to folly::EventBase
2014-04-04 Mikhail OkunevUtility that converts from prettyPrint format back...
2014-03-31 Hannes Roth(Folly/FBString) Use a lambda to throw an exception...
2014-03-31 Nicholas OrmrodNULL -> nullptr
2014-03-31 Tom JacksonRange::contains(x)
2014-03-31 Tudor BosmanOptionally specify page size in MemoryMapping ctor
2014-03-31 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Sanity check for the small_vector test
2014-03-31 Dave WatsonEventBase cleanup
2014-03-31 Nima AghdaiiPerformance Improvement for AsciiCaseInsensitive
2014-03-31 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Fix tests for clang
2014-03-31 Tudor BosmanHarden usingJEMalloc()
2014-03-18 Tom Jacksonrange(), for making Range<T*> from arrays and std:...
2014-03-18 Tianjiao YinAdd constexpr specifier for small_vector::max_size
2014-03-18 Tudor BosmanUnbreak Symbolizer with small ElfCache
2014-03-18 Alexey SpiridonovMove commited bits out of folly
2014-03-18 Marc Celanisorted_vector_types have move inserts
2014-03-18 Marc Celanifolly::merge() - std::merge() with stronger guarantees...
2014-03-18 Marc Celanisorted_vector_types does not work with std::inserter
2014-03-18 Marc CelaniIntroduce a merge() function for folly::sorted_vector_map
2014-03-18 Marcus Holland... Make sure folly::dynamic arrays can be used with folly...
2014-03-18 Dave WatsonMove thrift/lib/cpp/async to folly.
2014-03-18 Philip Proninupdate FOLLY_IS_TRIVIALLY_COPYABLE
2014-03-18 David VickreyAdd control of floating point serialization to JSON...
2014-03-18 Adam Simpkinsfix Cursor's copy constructor
2014-03-10 Marcus Holland... Support numeric types as targets for folly::split
2014-03-10 Will HodgesAdd setPort() to folly::URI class.
2014-03-10 Philip Proninfolly/experimental/Bits.h + ASan
2014-03-10 Andrey GoderFix comment
2014-03-10 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Support .then(function pointer) syntax
2014-03-10 Philip Proninuse 0666 as the default permissions for new files
2014-03-10 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Remove some early returns in tests
2014-03-10 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Actually support the universal reference used...
2014-03-10 Shuo LiReplace random_device/mt19937 with folly/Random
2014-03-10 Hannes Roth(Wangle) whenAll should take rvalue references instead...
2014-03-10 Yedidya FeldblumFix off-by-one affecting benchmark numbers in folly/io.
2014-03-10 Hans FugalAdd Wangle
2014-03-10 Marc CelaniMake it easy to wrap pre-existing cob-style async apis
2014-03-10 Marcelo JuchemMaking folly/Benchmark.cpp clangable
2014-03-10 Hannes Roth(Folly) Fix error when compiling with clang
2014-03-10 Peter GriessMake Folly cpp_library targets more granular
2014-02-28 Paul Tarjankill unused vars in folly
2014-02-28 Anton LikhtarovEasy: fix signed/unsigned comparisons
2014-02-28 Nathan Bronsonmake FB_LOG_EVERY_MS thread safe
2014-02-28 Hans Fugal(wangle) more comment tweaks
2014-02-28 Hans Fugal(wangle) comment cleanup
2014-02-28 Hans Fugals/valueTry/getTry/
2014-02-28 Hans Fugal(wangle) remove Future::wait
2014-02-28 Hans FugalTry Contains enum as an enum class
2014-02-28 Stepan PalamarchukAdd method, that constructs Try<T> based on the result...
2014-02-28 Adam Simpkinsadd operator +, ==, and != to Cursor classes
2014-02-28 Andrew Gallagherfolly: install missing headers from
2014-02-28 Andrew GallagherFix inclusions of double-conversion to use proper path
2014-02-28 Ben MaurerFix random tests
2014-02-28 Dave WatsonMove wangle to folly
2014-02-28 Tudor BosmanLeak ELF file cache that the signal handler uses
2014-02-28 Tudor BosmanHarden failure signal handler in the face of memory...
2014-02-28 Ben MaurerRandom number generator utilities for folly
2014-02-28 Tom ConerlyFix clang folly::to failure
2014-02-28 Nicholas OrmrodFix FBString's new includes