2013-07-09 Philip Proninmove assignment operators for folly::Synchronized
2013-07-09 Sean Cannellamemrchr and *timed_mutex are platform-specific
2013-07-01 Sean Cannellastrerror_r is XSI compliant on Apple/FreeBSD
2013-07-01 Tom JacksontoDynamic(T)
2013-07-01 Tom JacksonRange<T>::rfind()
2013-07-01 Nathan BronsonMulti-producer multi-consumer queue with optional blocking
2013-07-01 Tom Jacksonconst'ing sorted_vector_map::count()
2013-06-26 Louis Brandyfix tautological comparisons in Conv.h
2013-06-26 Tudor BosmanSpeed up EventCount, now 64-bit only
2013-06-26 Tudor BosmanStringPiece comparisons are broken
2013-06-26 Tudor Bosmanadd Chrono.h to patch around a gcc 4.6 issue
2013-06-26 Tudor BosmanUse libunwind instead of the heavyweight thing from...
2013-06-26 Stephen ChenAdd MultiLevelTimeSeries to folly.
2013-06-26 Louis Brandyrename template parameters in folly::greater_than
2013-06-26 Jim Meyeringfolly: accommodate use of -Wshadow in other projects
2013-06-26 Adam Simpkinsrework the Subprocess::communicate() API
2013-06-26 Todd NowackiFolly Changes for Clang, revision 1
2013-06-04 Jordan DeLongFix some issues in allocator_delete
2013-06-04 Jordan DeLongMake folly::allocator_delete take advantage of EBO
2013-06-03 Paul Tarjanosx on folly take 2
2013-06-03 Paul Tarjanrevert folly/Benchmark.cpp
2013-06-03 Daniel Sloofmake folly build on OSX
2013-06-03 Owen Yamauchiadd missing include
2013-06-03 Tom JacksoneachToTuple<Types...>()
2013-06-03 Mike CurtissHACK: New Gen operators: zip, interleave
2013-06-03 John Fremlin VIIcorrect broken testcase
2013-06-03 John Fremlin VIIallow reading maps from number -> value
2013-06-03 Tudor Bosmanadd openNoInt, truncateNoInt, ftruncateNoInt
2013-06-03 Tudor BosmanAdd QueueAppender
2013-06-03 Xu Ningmake folly:make_unique support customized deleter
2013-06-03 Tom Jacksonmember(&Foo::getter), field(&Foo::field)
2013-05-23 Jordan DeLongSome documentation updates in lazy
2013-05-23 Jordan DeLongAdd folly::lazy
2013-05-23 Maxime BoucherAllow escapeString in folly/json.cpp to be called by...
2013-05-23 Mike CurtissGen apply comment
2013-05-23 Paul Tarjandelete unused variable
2013-05-20 Mike Curtissgen::sample
2013-05-20 Adam SimpkinsUpdate Subprocess to throw if exec() fails
2013-05-20 Chip TurnerExpose a human-readable type name for a dynamic
2013-05-20 Mark WilliamsNew feature support in folly::AtomicHash*
2013-05-20 Tudor BosmanAdd fsyncNoInt, fdatasyncNoInt
2013-05-20 Maxime BoucherReplace CHECK in Range.h by throw std::out_of_range
2013-05-20 Maxime BoucherReplace CHECK in Range.h by throw std::out_of_range
2013-05-20 Tudor BosmanUnbreak build on glibc 2.5.1
2013-05-20 Tudor Bosmanfix segfault on fb platform
2013-05-20 Tudor Bosmanconvert RecordIO to pwritev
2013-05-20 Tudor BosmanAdd missing FileUtil functions (p?readvFull, p?writevFu...
2013-05-20 Tudor BosmanMake folly::AsyncIO thread safe
2013-05-20 Owen YamauchiBreak dependency on endian.h
2013-05-20 Owen YamauchiBreak dependency on byteswap.h
2013-05-20 Owen YamauchiBreak dependency on features.h
2013-05-20 Hannes Roth(Folly) Remove unused variable according to -Wunused...
2013-05-20 Owen YamauchiFail the configure script if you don't have boost
2013-05-20 Peter GriessAdd read*String() methods to Cursor
2013-05-20 Tom JacksonFixed-size split()
2013-05-20 Tudor BosmanRecordIO: robust record-based streaming I/O
2013-05-20 Tudor Bosmanflock locks in folly::File, FileUtil, Exception.h fixes...
2013-05-20 Jordan DeLongFix build for folly_fb_platform
2013-05-20 Tom JacksonMaking from(dynamic.items()) work
2013-05-20 Tom JacksondistinctBy()
2013-05-20 Tom JacksonDisabling conversion with contained value for Optional
2013-05-20 Tudor BosmanFix async_io_test to work with larger block sizes
2013-05-20 Adam Simpkinsmove rateHelper() to detail/Stats.h
2013-05-20 Adam SimpkinsMake BucketedTimeSeries::rate() more accurate
2013-05-20 Philip Proninfix fbstring move assignment operator
2013-05-20 Tudor BosmantoAppendDelimited, toDelimited
2013-04-21 Tudor BosmanFOLLY_NORETURN
2013-04-21 Tudor BosmanModernize TemporaryFile, add TemporaryDirectory
2013-04-21 Tudor BosmanRevert "Revert "URI parsing in folly""
2013-04-21 Tudor BosmanRevert "URI parsing in folly"
2013-04-21 Tudor BosmanURI parsing in folly
2013-04-21 Christian KammFix bug in reserve() and shrink_to_fit().
2013-04-21 Tudor BosmanMake Subprocess::spawn more robust
2013-04-21 Philip Pronindo not include iostream from Range.h
2013-04-21 Adam Simpkinsmove Histogram.h to stats/
2013-04-21 Marcelo Juchemeasier rebinding of allocators
2013-04-21 Marcelo JuchemMaking StlAllocator<Alloc, void> usable when rebinding.
2013-04-21 Michael ConnorInitialize variable before using in own initialization
2013-04-21 Jonathan CoensSoft-limit for arenas
2013-04-21 Marcelo JuchemFixing clang compatibility issues
2013-04-21 Marcelo JuchemImplementing a traits class to check for incomplete...
2013-04-21 Lucian Grijincufolly: speed up fastpath of ThreadLocal::get()
2013-04-21 Lucian Grijincufolly: speed up fastpath of StaticMeta::get()
2013-04-21 Marcelo Juchemas_stl_allocator "template alias"
2013-04-21 Misha ShneersonSuppress unused variable warning
2013-04-21 Tudor BosmanOptionally, kill subprocess when parent dies
2013-04-21 Tudor Bosmanremove folly/eventfd.h
2013-04-21 Brett SimmersRemove an unused variable in FormatValue<double>
2013-03-27 Tudor Bosmanmake sse4.2 functions in folly/Range.h build on -fb...
2013-03-27 Louis Brandyfix clang warnings in folly::Gen
2013-03-27 Peter GriessAdd read/write mode to ElfFile
2013-03-27 Owen YamauchiHandle non-Intel platforms in Range and CpuId
2013-03-27 Peter GriessAdd symbol name resolution and value retrieval
2013-03-27 Peter GriessEnable Elf::at<T> only for POD data types
2013-03-27 Peter GriessMove folly::symbolizer::systemError() into Exception.h
2013-03-27 Owen YamauchiCompile out GroupVarint on non-Intel
2013-03-27 Louis BrandyStlAllocator.h + MakeUnique.h -> Memory.h
2013-03-27 Mike CurtissHACK: Static detection of infinite sequences
2013-03-27 Louis BrandyCopyright 2012 -> 2013
2013-03-27 Hans FugalIOBuf::getIov