update stats APIs to use TimePoint vs Duration correctly
[folly.git] / folly /
2016-09-16 Adam Simpkinsupdate stats APIs to use TimePoint vs Duration correctly
2016-09-16 Tom JacksonReturn rvalue references from &&-qualified members...
2016-09-16 Vladimir SlaykovskiyReduce footprint of ScribeClient
2016-09-16 Eric Nieblerwork around LLVM#30305 in folly::Expected, use unified...
2016-09-15 Jim Meyeringfolly/.../ExceptionTracerLib.cpp: provide less DOF...
2016-09-15 Christopher DykesKill unneeded dependency on portability/Memory.h
2016-09-15 Neel GoyalAdd flag to indicate a session resumption attempt
2016-09-15 Adam Simpkinsa simple first step towards using clocks properly in...
2016-09-15 Dominik Gabiignore `$SHELL` in `shellify`
2016-09-15 Dominik Gabiformatting support for `Subprocess::shellify`
2016-09-15 Dominik Gabideprecate `folly::Subprocess(std::string, ...)`
2016-09-14 Mark WilliamsMake ElfCache follow .gnu_debuglink
2016-09-14 Christopher DykesSwap a newly added include of gtest.h with portability...
2016-09-14 Phil WilloughbyTest for folly::SingletonThreadLocal
2016-09-13 Michael LeeRemove Benchmark.h dependency in SpookyHash tests
2016-09-13 Milo YipOptimize toJson() Performance
2016-09-13 Stepan PalamarchukFix recordStack feature in FiberManager
2016-09-13 Andrii GrynenkoFix a bug in ObserverManager destructor
2016-09-13 Andrii GrynenkoFix TLObserver copy constructor
2016-09-12 Giuseppe OttavianoDo not mess with NDEBUG in fbstring
2016-09-10 Christopher DykesUse the GTest portability headers v2016.09.12.00 v2016.09.12.01
2016-09-10 Christopher DykesUse the GMock portability header
2016-09-10 Christopher DykesAdd portability headers for GTest and GMock
2016-09-09 Eric NieblerRefactor basic_fbstring
2016-09-09 Yedidya FeldblumNomenclature in Synchronized - prefer read to shared
2016-09-09 Daniel SommermannAdd forwarding gather() function to IOBufQueue
2016-09-09 Anirudh RamachandranMake folly::PasswordCollector::getPassword const
2016-09-09 Michael Lee#if FOLLY_HAVE_INT128_T rather than #ifdef
2016-09-08 Denis Samoylovmove AsyncSSLSocket logging level for errors to vlog
2016-09-08 Maged MichaelDynamic expansion of folly MPMC queue
2016-09-08 Andrii GrynenkoRemove runAfterDrain()
2016-09-08 Zonr ChangExplicitly include <random> to use std::mt19937 in...
2016-09-08 Tom Jacksonprvalues from get_ref_default()'s default functor
2016-09-08 Christopher DykesMove the alignment attribute in TokenBucket to a place...
2016-09-07 Nathan Bronsoninteger division with controlled rounding in Math.h
2016-09-07 Maged MichaelExpand DSched interface for managing auxiliary functions
2016-09-06 Christopher DykesRework the de-allocation guard on the munmap implementation
2016-09-06 Chip TurnerEliminate a string allocation in folly::SocketAddr...
2016-09-06 Christopher DykesImplement more of the sockets API
2016-09-02 Philip Pronindelete const rvalue reference ctor of folly::Function v2016.09.05.00
2016-09-01 Chip Turnerzstd is no longer in beta -- s/ZSTD_BETA/ZSTD/g
2016-09-01 Phil WilloughbyFix folly conversions for Clang with GCC5's libstdc++
2016-09-01 Eric NieblerAdd ScopeGuard.h include in places where it is needed.
2016-08-31 Andrii GrynenkoProperly report observable returning nullptr
2016-08-31 Colin NiUpdate FBVector.md
2016-08-31 Adam Simpkinsupdate TimeseriesHistogram::rate to return a template...
2016-08-31 Zonr ChangConsolidate namespace for using GFlags.
2016-08-31 Philip ProninReverted commit D3755446
2016-08-31 Naizhi LiFix folly::SocketAddress::reset
2016-08-31 Gabriel GriseExpose SSL key materials to debug SSL
2016-08-31 Michael LeeUse a normal variable if thread local is not available.
2016-08-30 Zonr ChangFix joining threads twice when exiting EventBaseTest...
2016-08-30 Zonr ChangDefine "__STDC_FORMAT_MACROS" for using PRI{u,x}64...
2016-08-30 Zonr ChangMake type conversion from Expected<> to bool explicitly.
2016-08-30 Bruno GoncalvesAdded a better check for openssl
2016-08-30 Anand MazumdarModified ref-qualifiers return type for Optional::value...
2016-08-29 Dan SchatzbergFix ThreadCachedInt race condition
2016-08-29 Andrii GrynenkoResolve fibers-futures dependency
2016-08-29 Yedidya Feldblumgen::dereference should perfectly-forward unwrapped...
2016-08-29 Yedidya FeldblumUse Synchronized in RequestContext
2016-08-29 Nick TerrellAdd default constructor to folly::IOBuf::Iterator.
2016-08-29 Jon Maltiel SwensonFix up TokenBucket.h in Makefile headers
2016-08-29 Philipp UnterbrunnerGeneralized and polished folly::TokenBucket v2016.08.29.00
2016-08-26 Lee HowesAdded fiber-compatible semaphore.
2016-08-26 Christopher DykesUse folly::Random and ensure M_PI is defined
2016-08-26 Yunqiao ZhangcollectOne
2016-08-26 David GoldblattAdd CachelinePadded<T> to folly.
2016-08-26 Nicholas OrmrodRemove now-useless FOLLY_MALLOC_H_
2016-08-26 Christopher DykesUse intrusive base hook rather than a member hook
2016-08-25 Christopher DykesSuppress an abort in FileUtilTest under MSVC
2016-08-25 Christopher Dykeslseek returns the new offset, not 0
2016-08-25 Christopher DykesAllow locking nullptr if the length is 0
2016-08-25 Andrii GrynenkoFix SimplerObservable build with -Werror=unused-local...
2016-08-25 Christopher DykesDon't pass the single quote format parameter when forma...
2016-08-25 Felix HandteEasy: Mark folly::static_function_deleter::operator...
2016-08-24 Stephane SezerFix a typo in ScopeGuard.h
2016-08-24 Christopher DykesDon't assume unsigned long is 64-bit
2016-08-24 Yedidya FeldblumUse cbegin and cend in static reflection container...
2016-08-24 Christopher DykesAllow building the NotificationQueue tests without...
2016-08-24 Michael CallahanExplicit typecast of unused constant to make 32 bit...
2016-08-24 Andrii GrynenkoCycle detection
2016-08-24 Huapeng Zhoufolly: fix enumeral vs non-enumeral type in conditional...
2016-08-24 Jon Maltiel SwensonPrevent compiler warning about mixing enumeral and...
2016-08-24 Phil WilloughbyFix a folly build failure with GCC5
2016-08-23 Heng Hong LeeAsyncSSLSocket getRawBytes fix
2016-08-23 Meng ZhangMake it build on Ubuntu 16.04
2016-08-23 Giuseppe OttavianoMake fbstring::assign() tight, and simplify operator...
2016-08-23 Giuseppe OttavianoMake Malloc.h self-contained again
2016-08-22 Christopher DykesFixup a reference to detail/FunctionalExcept.cpp
2016-08-22 Christopher DykesUse a constexpr char* under MSVC for the constexpr...
2016-08-22 Christopher DykesMore fixup of the build on Mac for HHVM
2016-08-22 pp__qqfix(FBString): fix bugs v2016.08.22.00
2016-08-21 Christopher DykesGet ObserverManager compiling under MSVC
2016-08-21 Christopher DykesFix folly::to<> under MSVC
2016-08-21 Bi XueSuggestion of fixing folly::to<std::string>(double...
2016-08-20 Yedidya FeldblumAn intro to the upgrade mutex in the Synchronized docs
2016-08-19 Aravind Anbuduraifix flaky EventHandlerTest
2016-08-19 Yedidya FeldblumRemove a dead comment in folly/test/SynchronizedTest.cpp
2016-08-19 Christopher DykesInclude <unordered_set> in experimental/observer/detail...
2016-08-19 Christopher DykesMark the long overload of digits_to as noexcept