2019-06-14 weiyuadd a missing line
2019-06-14 weiyuadd support for function calls 'atomic_init' and 'atomi...
2019-06-14 weiyurename mypthread.h to pthread.h
2019-06-14 weiyuMerge branch 'new_fuzzer' of /home/git/random-fuzzer...
2019-06-13 bdemskynew cyclegraph
2019-06-12 bdemskyMerge branch 'new_fuzzer' into tmp
2019-06-12 Brian DemskyDon't do complete checks until we choose store to read...
2019-06-12 bdemskypartial edits
2019-06-12 bdemskyRemove backedges from cyclegraph
2019-06-12 bdemskyfix tabbing comment issue
2019-06-12 bdemskyuncrustify options
2019-06-12 bdemskyreorder fields to save space
2019-06-11 bdemskyfix tabbing
2019-06-11 bdemskyfix tabbing
2019-06-11 bdemskyremove extra cyclegraph calls
2019-06-11 bdemskyFix RMW bug
2019-06-10 weiyuMerge branch 'branch-weiyu' of /home/git/random-fuzzer...
2019-06-10 weiyuadd subdirectory for tests
2019-06-06 bdemskyadd uncrustify option
2019-06-06 bdemskyrefactor choices into own class
2019-06-05 bdemskymake some changes with hacks
2019-06-05 bdemskyMore fuzzing changes
2019-06-04 bdemskyremove another field
2019-06-04 bdemskyRevert "delete plugins"
2019-06-04 bdemskyRevert "remove plugins"
2019-06-04 bdemskytowards fuzzing only
2019-06-04 bdemskyremove old release sequences
2019-06-04 bdemskyRemove promises
2019-05-29 weiyuchange snapshot mode
2019-05-29 weiyuclean up
2019-05-29 weiyuadd futex.o as a recipe for libmodel
2019-05-28 weiyuimplement futex.cc
2019-05-28 weiyufix the case where no waiter is waiting
2019-05-28 weiyuadd NOOP to action type
2019-05-28 weiyuchange the namespace of mutex from std to cdsc
2019-03-01 weiyuadd support for condition variable
2019-02-15 weiyuclean up unnecessary member functions
2019-02-15 weiyumove pthread_map and mutex_map inside of execution.h
2019-02-01 weiyupthread_join is able to return values
2019-01-24 weiyuadd support for pthread_mutex
2019-01-22 weiyupthread join seems to be working
2019-01-22 weiyupthread_create is working now
2019-01-18 weiyuadd support for pthread_create (in progress)
2019-01-17 weiyuadd a new thread constructor for pthread
2019-01-16 weiyutry to add support for pthread_create/pthread_join
2019-01-08 weiyuremove two unnecessary files
2019-01-08 weiyuchange cds checker to accomdate llvm pass
2018-11-09 weiyuimprove randomization
2018-10-26 weiyudelete plugins
2018-10-26 weiyuremove plugins
2018-10-16 bdemskyRemove SC Analysis
2017-10-13 bdemskyFix snapshot code
2016-11-24 bdemskyWork around changes in newer versions of glibc
2016-02-24 bdemskybug in fence support fixed
2015-12-17 bdemskyIncrease size of bootstrap bytes as some Linux distribu...
2015-09-09 Peizhao Ouedits
2015-09-02 bdemskyAdd SCFence analysis
2015-06-22 bdemskybug fix for atomic adds/subtracts on pointers
2015-04-09 bdemskymove thread stack to thread allocator
2014-07-18 bdemskySC Reads can read from things mo'd before the last...
2014-05-06 bdemskyBug fixes from running Coverity
2014-05-06 bdemskyfix signed/unsigned warning
2014-04-16 bdemskybug fix with missing coherence condition for promises
2014-01-26 bdemskyBug fix for broken treatment of promises + coherence...
2014-01-25 bdemskySupport for -x option
2014-01-25 bdemskyAnnotation Support
2013-09-04 Brian NorrisMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2013-09-04 Brian Norrisrun.sh: support running from a different directory
2013-08-15 Brian NorrisREADME.md: use HTML URL, not PHP
2013-08-14 Brian NorrisREADME.md: move copyright down
2013-08-14 Brian NorrisREADME.md: add detail for benchmarks
2013-08-14 Brian NorrisREADME.md: improve wording
2013-08-14 Brian NorrisREADME.md: add more fairness notes
2013-08-14 Brian NorrisMakefile: add README.pdf target
2013-08-14 Brian NorrisREADME.md: remove <pre></pre> tags
2013-08-14 Brian Norristhreads: kill clang warnings about struct/class Thread
2013-08-14 Brian Norrismalloc: modify compiler warning workarounds
2013-08-14 Brian Norrisimpatomic: silence more clang warnings
2013-08-14 Brian Norristest: silence some unused-value warnings
2013-08-14 Brian NorrisREADME.md: have to include our headers
2013-08-14 Brian NorrisREADME.md: reverse store/load
2013-08-14 Brian NorrisREADME.md: add supported API section
2013-08-14 Brian NorrisREADME.md: add End of Execution Summary section
2013-08-14 Brian NorrisREADME.md: reporting multiple data races for the same...
2013-08-14 Brian Norrismodel: only print 'Total nodes' for verbose printing
2013-08-14 Brian NorrisREADME.md: reformat
2013-08-14 Brian NorrisREADME.md: add linux locks example
2013-08-14 Brian NorrisREADME.md: update title
2013-08-14 Brian NorrisREADME.md: point non-git users to gitweb
2013-08-13 Brian NorrisREADME.md: push URLs down to See Also section
2013-08-13 Brian NorrisREADME.md: add extra blank lines
2013-08-13 Brian NorrisREADME.md: update much of the README
2013-08-13 Brian Norrismain: suggest thrd_yield() for -y fairness
2013-08-13 Brian Norrisrun.sh: set Mac OSX DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH
2013-08-13 Brian Norrisdelete README symlink
2013-08-13 Brian NorrisLICENSE: add newline at end of file
2013-07-17 Brian Norristest: insanesync: consolidate lines
2013-07-17 Brian Norristest: insanesync: remove unnecessary casting
2013-07-17 Brian Norristest: insanesync: convert to C++
2013-07-16 Brian Norristest: addr-satcycle: add new address-based sat. cycle...