2018-10-17 bdemskybug
2018-10-17 bdemskyMerge branch 'tuner' of ssh://
2018-10-17 bdemskyedit
2018-10-17 Hamed GorjiaraMerging with Brian's commits ...
2018-10-17 Hamed GorjiaraBug fixes and print statements
2018-10-17 bdemskybug fixes
2018-10-17 bdemskyadd print statement of progress
2018-10-17 bdemskyAdd file to run parser
2018-10-17 bdemskyparse code
2018-10-17 bdemskyadd more data for loading information back
2018-10-17 bdemskySave all data generated by autotuner pass
2018-10-17 bdemskyAdd more code to dump results
2018-10-17 bdemskySome edits...
2018-10-16 Hamed GorjiaraMerge branch 'tuner' of ssh://
2018-10-16 Hamed GorjiaraAdding the new tunable to the print function
2018-10-16 bdemskyFix result file
2018-10-16 bdemskyfix up serialization a bit more
2018-10-15 bdemskyFix tuner issues
2018-10-15 bdemskybug fix
2018-10-15 bdemskyAdd file to generate tuner files and fix tunable usage
2018-10-13 bdemskymore code
2018-10-13 bdemskyAdd competition tuner test file
2018-10-13 bdemskyfix tabbing
2018-10-13 Hamed GorjiaraBoolean Variable Ordering optimizations
2018-10-13 bdemskyedits
2018-10-12 bdemskyedits
2018-10-12 bdemskyedits
2018-10-12 bdemskyedits
2018-10-12 bdemskymore edits
2018-10-12 bdemskytabbing
2018-10-12 bdemskyAdd tuner components
2018-10-12 bdemskyAdd tuner components
2018-10-11 bdemskyAdd binary
2018-10-11 bdemskyMove static tuner into its own class
2018-10-04 Hamed GorjiaraBug fix for serializing Boolean Const ...
2018-10-04 Hamed GorjiaraParser for the tuner's log file
2018-10-04 Hamed GorjiaraAdding a directed search based config for the tuner
2018-10-03 Hamed GorjiaraBug fix for mustHaveValue tuning parameter
2018-10-03 Hamed GorjiaraAdding the learning script
2018-10-02 Hamed GorjiaraMerge scratch with master branch
2018-10-02 Hamed GorjiaraCorrecting the autotuner timeout
2018-10-02 bdemskyFix tabbing
2018-10-02 bdemskyTurn off print statements
2018-10-02 bdemskyFix g++ option
2018-10-02 bdemskyPerformance improvement
2018-09-29 Hamed Gorjiara1)Making naiveencoder and encoding graph use tuner...
2018-09-24 Hamed GorjiaraMerging with branch scratch and cleaning the code
2018-09-22 Hamed GorjiaraBug fix in merge heuristic
2018-09-21 Brian DemskyBug fix in condition to set CIRCUIT encoding
2018-09-21 bdemskyMerge branch 'scratch' of ssh://
2018-09-21 Hamed GorjiaraCommiting my local changes ...
2018-09-20 bdemskybug fix
2018-09-13 Hamed GorjiaraAdding a variable for counting the number of clauses
2018-09-12 Hamed GorjiaraRefactoring ...
2018-09-12 Hamed GorjiaraBug fix for the tuner: missing mustHaveValue constraints
2018-09-07 Hamed GorjiaraFixing the memory bug
2018-09-06 Hamed Gorjiarabug fix for deploy script
2018-09-06 Hamed GorjiaraAdding assertions, info logs, and validation functions...
2018-09-06 Hamed GorjiaraBug fix: overflow in compiler automatic static casting
2018-09-06 Hamed GorjiaraBug fix in encoding subgraph DFS algorithm
2018-08-27 Hamed Gorjiaraafter merge (mostly tabbing issues)
2018-08-17 bdemskyFix tabbing
2018-08-17 bdemskybug fix
2018-08-17 bdemskyMerge branch 'hamed' of ssh://
2018-08-17 bdemskyrevert Hamed's changes to encoding graph
2018-08-17 Hamed GorjiaraSaving the best tuner settings + bug fixes
2018-08-15 Hamed GorjiaraDeploy script ...
2018-08-13 Hamed GorjiaraCleaning up the unnecessary warnings
2018-08-05 Hamed GorjiaraBug fix
2018-08-03 Hamed GorjiaraAdding clone API in pycsolver ...
2018-08-02 bdemskyMerge branch 'hamed' of ssh://
2018-08-02 bdemskyBug was introduced in proxy variable changes
2018-08-02 Hamed GorjiaraMerge branch 'hamed' of ssh://
2018-08-02 Hamed GorjiaraBug fix for printing ...
2018-08-02 bdemskyfix print bug
2018-08-02 bdemskyMerge branch 'hamed' of ssh://
2018-08-02 bdemskybug fix
2018-08-02 Hamed GorjiaraRefactoring ...
2018-08-02 Hamed Gorjiararevealing a new bug
2018-08-01 Hamed GorjiaraMerge branch 'hamed' of ssh://
2018-08-01 Hamed GorjiaraAdding a python API for mustHaveValue abstraction
2018-07-27 bdemskymake range closer to what we'd expect
2018-07-27 Hamed Gorjiarachecking the the variable isn't constant in generating...
2018-07-27 Hamed GorjiaraNow the Tuner decides about creating proxy variables
2018-07-26 Hamed GorjiaraWarning message when value of element is undefined...
2018-07-24 bdemskyedits
2018-07-24 bdemskyremove redundant constraint
2018-07-24 bdemskyadd element optimization pass
2018-07-24 bdemskyremove redundant sets
2018-07-24 Brian Demskyfix sigs
2018-07-24 bdemskyedits
2018-07-24 bdemskymore code
2018-07-23 bdemskyremove redundant domains
2018-07-23 bdemskyadd new class
2018-07-20 bdemskybug fixes
2018-07-19 Hamed GorjiaraMerge branch 'hamed' of ssh://
2018-07-19 Hamed Gorjiaraedit
2018-07-19 Hamed GorjiaraRevert "Having the benchmarks as a new repo"
2018-07-19 bdemskyedit
2018-07-19 Hamed GorjiaraHaving the benchmarks as a new repo