Merge branch 'hamed' of ssh://
[satune.git] / src / Encoders /
2017-08-25 bdemskyMerge branch 'hamed' of ssh://
2017-08-25 bdemskyMore fixes
2017-08-24 bdemskyRename everything
2017-08-24 Hamedremoving true nodes from the OrderGraph
2017-08-22 HamedAdding support for Integer Encoding ...
2017-08-22 HamedAfter merging with master branch ...
2017-08-23 bdemskyFix memory bugs
2017-08-23 bdemskyImplement Partial->Total Conversion
2017-08-23 bdemskyGet rid of redundant code
2017-08-22 bdemskyAdd option to optimize edges in final encoding
2017-08-22 HamedAdd printings ...
2017-08-22 bdemskyMerge branch 'hamed' of ssh://
2017-08-22 bdemskyAdd calls into tuner framework
2017-08-22 HamedFixin some bugs ..
2017-08-21 bdemskyedits
2017-08-21 bdemskyBug fix for pseudoPos edges
2017-08-18 bdemskyFix bug where we assumed sccNum could be used even...
2017-08-18 bdemskyedits
2017-08-18 bdemskyfix logic
2017-08-17 bdemskyTowards a bug fix
2017-08-17 bdemskyMove constraints to set
2017-08-17 bdemskyFix bug and add support for computing transitive closur...
2017-08-17 bdemskyMerge branch 'hamed'
2017-08-17 bdemskyFinish order decompose function
2017-08-17 bdemskyBig Tabbing Change
2017-08-17 bdemskyAdd rewriting support
2017-08-16 bdemskyExtend Must Analysis
2017-08-16 bdemskyGive vector more specific type
2017-08-16 bdemskyJust push status enum into the node...
2017-08-16 bdemskyMore graph analysis
2017-08-15 bdemskybase version
2017-08-15 bdemskyGet rid of OrderEncoder Structure
2017-08-15 bdemskyBuild graph
2017-08-14 bdemskymore edits
2017-08-12 bdemskyGet rid of refs to order in graph
2017-08-09 HamedComputing SCC ...
2017-08-09 HamedBuilding a graph for each order
2017-08-09 HamedBuilding the OrderGraph ...
2017-08-09 bdemskyClean up polarity pass
2017-08-08 HamedJust start working on OrderGraph + memory bug fix for...
2017-08-07 HamedAssigning Polarity and BooleanValue to All the Boolean...
2017-07-31 bdemskyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-07-25 HamedAdding a new testcase for circuit-based equals + bug...
2017-07-25 HamedFixing bugs for Unary encoding ...
2017-07-24 HamedMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-07-24 HamedTesting one-hot encoding + fixing bugs ...
2017-07-19 HamedAdding a logicOp test case + fixing bugs
2017-07-18 HamedMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-07-18 bdemskyMerge branch 'hamed' of ssh://
2017-07-18 bdemskyInclude encoding for values
2017-07-12 HamedBinary value encoding ...
2017-07-12 bdemskyAdd OneHot Encoding
2017-07-12 bdemskyAdd CIRCUIT Encoding for Equals
2017-07-12 HamedMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-07-12 bdemskyTraverse entire AST, but only assign encodings once...
2017-07-12 Brian DemskyMake naive encoding follow AST Tree
2017-07-11 HamedMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-07-11 bdemskyRename some functions and cleanup
2017-07-11 HamedFixing bugs + resolving conflicts
2017-07-11 bdemskyMerge branch 'master' into brian
2017-07-11 bdemskyIt compiles
2017-07-11 bdemskyMerge branch 'hamed' into brian
2017-07-11 bdemskyFix memory allocation error
2017-07-09 bdemskymerge
2017-07-08 HamedFixing more bugs
2017-07-07 HamedFixing more bugs regarding generating constraint variab...
2017-07-05 bdemskyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-07-05 bdemskyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-07-03 HamedAdding table-based implementation of predicates and...
2017-06-29 HamedMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-06-29 bdemskyFix encoding bug and fix misconception of how memory...
2017-06-29 HamedPushing my own branch, do some cleanings ...
2017-06-29 HamedFixing some bugs, using InUseArray, and completing...
2017-06-28 HamedGenerating constraints for BooleanOrder
2017-06-28 HamedFix some bugs, Moving backend codes to SATEncoder
2017-06-27 HamedUsing inline functions instead of macros for accessing...
2017-06-27 HamedMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-06-27 bdemskyAdd comments to code of things Hamed should fix (in...
2017-06-27 HamedBinary encoding for ElementSet and table-based ElementF...
2017-06-24 bdemskyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-06-24 Brian DemskyAdd Order Encoding
2017-06-24 bdemskyFix double free bug in function encoding
2017-06-24 HamedMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-06-24 HamedFixing bug with running the test
2017-06-24 HamedDecideEncoding
2017-06-24 HamedMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-06-24 HamedFixing compile bugs
2017-06-23 HamedResolving Conflicts ... Still there're errors that...
2017-06-23 HamedAdding naive encoding pass. functionEncoding partially...
2017-06-22 bdemskyFix memory errors detected by valgrind and inline functions
2017-06-22 bdemskyInline Encoding Structs into appropriate AST Nodes
2017-06-20 bdemskyFix tabbing
2017-06-20 Hamedfixing elementSet and TablePredicate
2017-06-20 HamedCommit after resolving conflicts
2017-06-20 bdemskyFix warnings, merge, and check my code in
2017-06-20 Hamedcommit after resolving conflict
2017-06-20 Hameddeveloping function struct
2017-06-20 bdemskyedits
2017-06-19 bdemskyChanges
2017-06-19 bdemskyedits