Merging + fixing memory bugs
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2019-09-05 Hamed GorjiaraMerging + fixing memory bugs
2019-08-26 bdemskyfix tabbing
2019-07-01 Hamed GorjiaraFreezing bug fix - Incremental SATTune works for Sypet
2019-06-14 Hamed GorjiaraIncremental solver works and the test case passes
2019-02-22 Hamed GorjiaraMerging with Tuner branch
2018-10-25 Hamed Gorjiaraserializing the best tuners adding
2018-10-23 bdemskybug fix
2018-10-23 Hamed Gorjiarafixing the heuristic for the BinaryIndex anyvalue const...
2018-10-23 bdemskymerge
2018-10-23 bdemskyClean up merge heuristic to do what we said it did
2018-10-23 Hamed GorjiaraBug fix
2018-10-22 Hamed GorjiaraBug fix: Droping the log from the anyvalue heuristic...
2018-10-21 Hamed GorjiaraFixing the anyvalue heuristic for binaryIndex
2018-10-12 bdemskytabbing
2018-10-04 Hamed GorjiaraAdding a directed search based config for the tuner
2018-10-02 Hamed GorjiaraMerge scratch with master branch
2018-09-29 Hamed Gorjiara1)Making naiveencoder and encoding graph use tuner...
2018-09-12 Hamed GorjiaraBug fix for the tuner: missing mustHaveValue constraints
2018-08-27 Hamed Gorjiaraafter merge (mostly tabbing issues)
2018-08-17 bdemskyFix tabbing
2018-07-24 bdemskyedits
2018-07-24 bdemskyremove redundant constraint
2018-07-23 bdemskyremove redundant domains
2018-07-18 bdemskyMerge branch 'hamed' of ssh://
2018-07-18 Hamed GorjiaraMerge branch 'hamed' of ssh://
2018-05-09 Hamed GorjiaraRemoving extra constraints for the unary encoding
2018-05-08 Hamed GorjiaraAdding a new abstraction for elements: must have value
2018-01-23 Hamed GorjiaraResolving conflicts after merging with altgen
2018-01-14 bdemskyEdits
2017-09-20 bdemskyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-09-19 Hamedmerge to branch master
2017-09-19 HamedFixing header bugs
2017-09-11 bdemskyMerge branch 'encoding'
2017-09-11 bdemskyMerge
2017-09-11 bdemskyRemove unimplemented enum
2017-08-29 HamedMerging with branch master and fixing bugs
2017-08-29 bdemskyGet rid of silly macros
2017-08-28 bdemskyMore OO conversion
2017-08-28 bdemskyedits
2017-08-25 bdemskyedits
2017-08-25 bdemskyMerge branch 'hamed' of ssh://
2017-08-25 HamedMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-08-24 bdemskyRename everything